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Related post: Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 18:13:36 -0800
From: Joe
Subject: Story: Motel (1) (Adult Encounters) THE MOTELHow did I get pthc tomboy
into this position!? That thought passed through my head
for a moment, but then, the deep thrust into me, brought my eyes back
to the stud over me. Oh shit could this stud fuck!! Oh yeah, that's
the way buddy, pump that big dick in there, ooo, yeah, make me feel
every inch! Just then, to my side in a chair, I heard, "Fuck Greg?
What are trying to do? Force it out his mouth from his ass!!?" There
was a laugh following that and I looked up at the man called Greg as
he smiled down at me and asked, "That what you want bitch? You want
me to fuck this big cock right up into your mouth from this hot pussy
hole of yours fag bitch!?"Right then, I gasped and said, "Do whatever you want big boy! Oh
yeah, fuck me you big dicked stud, fuck me, oooo, so good, so good!!!"Greg laughed and lunged into me again, lifting my ass off the bed
higher as he drove his powerful shaft in pthc rapidshare
and out of me. He wasn't a
pretty man, rugged, pthc fick clips dark hair, massive chest, lots of hair on it, a
bit of a paunch, but his cock! Ooo, yeah, that was so good, so big
and hard and I had it all in me, oh yeah, all in me!! He looked to
his side and said, "Shit Jack, I think this bitch wants to be fucked
even more!!" My body arched as he said pthc art anime this and drove his cock into
me to the hilt, grinding his crotch into my spread crotch. dark collections pthc
I squeezed
on his cock, loving the feel of fullness it gave me, the heat, the
hardness, the power pthc imgbbs dreamwiz bbs
of it inside me!!The man Jack, who had been sitting in the chair naked, sipping pthc bbs index a beer,
had fucked me just before Greg had climbed on. His cock was still
semihard as he stood up and walked over to the two of us on the bed.
He knelt on the edge pthc julia and grasped my head by the hair and jerked my
mouth over to his cock and asked, gallery of pthc
"That what you want Joey honey!?
You want to be fucked more baby!!?" I never got a chance to really
answer as he pthc kdz
shoved that cock of his into my mouth and began to jerk
my head as he laughed and Greg fucked into me.You're probably wondering what's going on, other than the obvious of
me getting dicked at both ends. Well, my name's Joey and I'm a male
slut. Not that every one knows that mind you, but here, now, pthc pedo girl naked in this
motel room, I'm a slut and getting what I crave and moan for, hard
cock, deep in my ass pussy and in my jap pthc hungry mouth. In fact, for the
past four days, other than twice going out to dinner, and one being
taken out to the lawn area behind the motel with five big studs, I've
been in this bed and serving cock.It all started about six days ago. I was heading out of L.A. for a job
interview in Amarillo, Texas, of all places. free picture pthc Yeah, Amarillo, but hey,
it would have been a job, that was all I cared about. I drove onto the
freeway from my house in the young forum nude pthc canyons of 100 toplist pthc L.A. and knew that my car pthc forum girls
not in the best of shape. The hot sun in the desert didn't help it
much as it boiled over a few times, but I continued on the interstate
and drove into Arizona. I got to some place just east of Flagstaff
and though it was only three in the afternoon, decided to stop at a
motel and cool off. pthc image collections I found one, checked pthc 13yrs in and went into the room
assigned me and got into my swimming briefs.I don't remember the place's name, just that it had air conditioning
and a pool. As I stood in the room, looking out at the pool, I was
hungry to get cool. I grabbed a towel from the rack in the bathroom
and looked at myself in the long mirror there. Not too bad for a guy
of 28, a little lean, blonde hair still making me look younger. My
chest, not hairy, a few wisps of dark hair around my nipples, a little
around my innie button, and the briefs, well, I loved those sexy red
things. They hugged my butt so nicely and I turned to wiggle it as I
stood there in front of the mirror. I knew it got a lot of attention
when I wore them, but right then, the only attention I really wanted
was a nice cool swim!I cupped my cock and balls, not a big basket, but six inches uncut was
o.k. I liked bigger dicks, but then, small ones are nice too, wink,
wink! I laughed at myself as I turned off the light and grabbed the
keys to the room and headed outside. The heat hit me immediately as I
strolled across to the area where the pool was located. Except for
one man lying on a lounge chair with a paper over his face, the place
was empty. I surveyed the motel child porn yo pthc area and realized there wasn't too
much traffic at that time of day. I put the towel on a chair and then,
walked over and slowly walked into the water by the steps. With the
crazy heat on my body, the water almost felt cold and I shivered a
little.I got lola boy pthc
into the water further and then, slid in all the way, and made a
slow lazy stroke over to the far end and back again. xxx pthc incest
By the time I
got back to young pthc illegal bbs the steps, I felt so much better and just sat on the lower
run, keeping the water up to my neck. Just then, I looked over to
where the man had been sitting and he was looking at me. He wasn't
too exciting, about 40, brown hair, a little bearded but not much. His
body wasn't something to write home about, but, it was a nice looking
one. Had that look of a guy that had been into sports when he was
younger and was lucky enough not to have gone to fat. I smiled at him
and he sat up, ranchi pthc ranchi pthc and sat at the end of the lounge chair.I got a quick look between his legs, a place on men that I love to
look at, and there vicky pthc picture was a pleasant enough bulge in them. I looked up
at his real pthc schoolgirls face and he smiled and leaned over, pthc indexes
with his elbows on his
knees and asked, "That feel better?" I said, "Oh man, been on the road
since nine and this feels fantastic!!" He nodded and asked, "You
staying here at the motel?" I said, "Yeah, just got in. The heat was
getting pthc gallery sex
to me." As I said this, I stood up and moved to turn away
from him and walk up the steps to pthc veronika the top edge. When I turned around
and sat down, the look on his face was priceless! He had seen my ass,
oh yeah, and he may not be gay, but he liked what he pthc model ring saw!I leaned back on my elbows and spread my legs and petersburg pthc torrent
watched as his eyes
darted to between my legs and back up to my face. Oh, he was
interested alright! We chatted for a bit and as we did, I moved to
lie on the edge of the pool on my belly. I knew I was being slutty, a
bit wanton, but I didn't pthc kids under age
care, I felt so good right then, I would have
gone naked if I could. His name was John and he was a salesman, go
figure. I told him about the job I was going to, and as I did, he
stood up, holding his towel in front of his body as he walked over to
where I was. He sat down right near my head and lazily put his feet
in the water and I smiled up at him.Just then, he was looking down my back and said, "Looks like you get
into the sun a bit, though I don't see a tan line." Strange way to
talk to someone you don't even know, right? I smiled and slid my hand
down to the waistband of the briefs and lowered them off my right butt
cheek a bit and said, "I usually wear a thong when I sunbathe." I
heard an intake of breath and looked back at him and could see a nice
mound in his trunks. I held the briefs off my cheek and said, "If I
could, I'd just as soon go naked, but I don't think they'd like that
too much around here." John chuckled and said, "You can go naked if
you want for all I care."As he said this, he spread his legs and I got a good look at the mound
in his crotch. I unconsciously licked my lips and said, keyword pthc "You want me
to take these off John?" I looked up to his face as he blushed a
little and his breath was a bit ragged as he said, "I think I'd like
to see you without them on." I smiled at him and looked around and
said, "You let me know if anyone comes around, o.k.?" He nodded and I
lifted up onto my elbow and reached back and slid the briefs down and
then, worked them down to my knees and laid back down. I looked up at
him and asked, "That better!?" His eyes were locked on my ass and I
knew my cute little bubble butt was getting him excited.I don't know why I did it, but just elweb pthc bbs rompl then, I lifted my hips and wiggled
my butt and heard another deep intake of breath. I looked up at John
and he licked his lips and I said, "You know, I don't mind showing off
my ass a bit. Guess I'm just a bit of an exhibitionist." He smiled
and winked and said, "You can exhibit it for me all you want Joey." I
leaned forward and put my hand on his thigh, feeling the muscles
twitch under my hand and said, "Would you like to see it all John?"
He blushed and stammered, "Uh, well now, I don't know about that kind
of thing. uh, you, see, well, I..." His voice trailed off as I
squeezed his thigh and said, "We could go to my room, if you want to
that is. I mean, nobody need ever know but us two!"He looked down at me and I blow job pedo pthc saw him blush a little, as he stammered,
"Uh, well, I've, uh, never done, any, well, with a guy before!!" I
stroked his hairy thigh and moved my hand up to the edge of the leg of
his trunk and said, "I have stud and you look like the kind of man
that I'd love to do!" I slid my hand under the leg of his trunks and
he gasped as he felt my hand slide in and grab his hard shaft. I
squeezed it and said, "I can show you a real good time stud! I like
to please men and you look so good and I know I can please this!!" I
squeezed his shaft as I said this and I could see the light in his
eyes, he was liking this, oh shit, and he wanted what I was offering!In a soft voice he asked, "How about right now Joey!?" I squeezed his
shaft and slid my hand out of his trunks and raised up on my knees and
pulled the briefs up and said, as I patted my own bulge, "Ooo, I'd
like that John! I think I'd like that a lot!" I stood up and walked
over to my towel and draped it in front of me and looked over my
shoulder and said, "I'm in 26 stud!" I walked away from him, knowing
he'd follow as I walked across to my room. I went inside and left the
door open as I slid the briefs off and tossed the towel to the side
and then, lay on my belly on the bed.It wasn't long, maybe two minutes and I heard the door close and the
room darken as he pulled the drapes. I heard him say, "Damn, you look
real hot lying there like that!" I lifted my left leg and looked at
him, sandra pthc 2007 exposing my crack index pramool pthc to him and said, "And you look hot standing
there stud! Though, I'd rather see you without the trunks pthc photo snuff
on. Why
don't you take them off!?" He smiled then, and stood there, his hands
on his hips as he thrust his hips forward and said, "Maybe you'd like
to take them off of me!" I smiled and licked my lips and slid around
on the bed and then, off of it and knelt on all fours as I crawled
over to him, his eyes boring into mine.I got in front of him and slid my hands up his hairy legs and looked
up at him, a smile on my face pthc code word
as I pressed my lips to the bulge in the
trunks. I kissed that bulge and then, undid the snap on the trunks,
then the bbs russian amateur pthc
zipper and then, pulled them down to let them fall to his
feet. His cock jumped up and almost hit me on the face as I stared at
it. I looked up at him and slid my tongue out and licked at the big
red head and said, "Hmmmm, tasty!" He chuckled and watched as I slid
my mouth around the head of his cock and child pthc rompl
then, I looked up at him as I
swirled my tongue on galleries pthc pics his cockhead. He groaned and said, "Shit, I
can't believe this is happening!" I pulled off his cock and said, "I
do and I want it to happen pthc mirc stud!!"I drove my mouth down on his cock till his cock bush was crushing kiddy porn kds pthc my
face and my lips were tight around the base of his hard shaft. He
grasped my head with both hands and said, "Oh shit, you hungry
mother fucking cocksucker!!" I moaned in pleasure topkd pthc at his words as I
used my tongue on the underside of his hard shaft, letting his cock
head feel the moan in my throat. In and out he plunged my mouth down
on his cock. It felt good, it tasted good and I stroked his hairy
thighs and hot ass cheeks, letting him know I was enjoying the way he
was fucking japan sex pthc my mouth.Suddenly, he jerked my head back and looked down at me. He said, "I
want your ass Joey!?" I smiled up at him and snaked my tongue out at
the head of his cock and said, "Ooo, such a hot man! I bet you'd fuck
my little pussy real good for me! Right stud?" He pulled my face
into his crotch, rubbing his cock and balls over my face and laughed,
saying, "You bet baby! I'll take you to heaven!" With that, he
pushed me back and said, "On the bed cocksucker!!" I smiled and got up
on the bed and reached over to the nightstand and got my trusty tube
of KY and handed it to me, and said, "You might want to use this stud!
It'll make it so much better!" He chuckled as he took the tube and I
leaned over onto my elbows, my ass up and wiggling as I looked back at
him.He lubed his cock and then, slid his slimy fingers along my crack and
said, "Never fucked a guy before Joey! I hope I can give you what you
want!?" I smiled and wiggled my ass and pressed against his fingers
and said, "You got what I want lubed already honey! Come on John,
fuck my boy cunt, make me your hot little bitch cunt stud!!!" John
smiled broadly and moved onto the bed behind me and I felt his hand
grasp my hip. Then, as he guided the head of his cock to me, his hand
slid up my back and held me by one shoulder. I moaned pthc kid movies
as I felt the
head of his cock spread my tight sphincter, glad that it was always
tight for a man.Then, he was easing into me. He was hesitant, but nn pants pthc as pthc lotitas he felt the hot,
tight wetness of my ass chute, he slid all the way in with a loud "aw
shit!" I clamped my butt muscles on that hard shaft as he leaned over
me and then, he began to fuck me. I moaned in pleasure and began to
work my ass back like the slutty whore I am, working my ass in circles
and back and forth as he plunged into me again and again. He lay on
my back as his hips plunged his cock into my hot love tunnel and I
could feel us both sweating even in the air conditioned room.I moaned in pleasure and said, "Oh John, oh yeah, give me that big
dick stud! Ooo, do it stud, fuck my bitch cunt, fill me stud, fill
me!!" It was sort of funny, cause at that point it was like something
happened to him. He lifted off my back and clasped me tightly by the
shoulders and said, "So, you want me to fuck your bitch hole! Do you
fuck bitch!? You like being a little fag whore for a man bitch, do
you, do you!?" I moaned and lifted my head and said, "Yes, yes, I am
a whore bitch stud! Use that cunt John, yeah stud, use me honey, make
me know what pthc lol bbs
I am!!" He chuckled and his thrusts into me began to be
long and sex movie picture pthc
hard. Each time he drove in there was the sound of hot
sweaty skin slapping against sweaty skin and I loved it and stretched
out my arms, luxuriating in the wild hot fuck I was getting.Just then, pthc pics pedo he pulled out of me completely and flipped me over onto my
back. I stared up at him as he moved in between my legs, grasping my
ankles to put my legs over his shoulders. He drove back into me, my
body arching up at him as I gasped, "Awww John! Yes, yes, fuck me
stud, fuck perestoika pthc me! Give me that big hard dick stud, fuck my pussy John,
fuck me!!!" I writhed on the bed, not thinking about anything but the
hot hard dick being shoved into pthc pedo pic galleries me over and over. John leaned over me
and spit on my face and said, "Yeah, take my dick you fucking little
whore! pthc proibida new Feel it baby, feel it deep, uh, deep, uh, and hard cunt!!"I groaned in pleasure as his hard shaft slid into me time and again.
He would shove in all the way a few times pthc photo gallery
and just grind it inside me,as I worked my ass muscles to please that big hard dick. He seemed to
like that a lot and leaned down pthc sex jpeg and began to kiss and pthc dd suck at my
nipples and I moaned and slid my legs around his waist and held onto
him. I began to hump my ass up to meet that delicious cock fucking me
as he sucked and bit and nipped at my tits. Then, he lifted up off of
my chest as he shoved into me all the way, his head going back a bit.He shouted, "Take it Joey! Yeah, take it you hot, tight little fucking
man whore!! Yeah, take my cream bitch, take it all!!" I almost
screamed out in pleasure as I felt this cock explode inside pthc girls proibida me. I
squeezed down on it and released, doing this again and again till he
stopped cumming and fell on top of me, covering me with his body. We
lay together like pthc adult chat line that for a bit, till I felt his cock soften and he
eased it out of me. He rolled off of me and lay on his side next to
me and I looked up at him. I asked, "How was it stud!?"He smiled and said, "Never knew it would feel that good Joey! top bbs pthc
you sure get into having a dick in you!" I chuckled and slid my hand
down to his sticky cock and stroked it with my finger and said, "I
love having dick in me John!" He chuckled and rolled over onto his
back. I moved board pthc book
over and got in between his legs and he lifted up a bit
and asked, "Now what are you rape pthc site going to do!?" I smiled and licked my
lips and said, "A good whore always takes care of the meat that
pleases" He watched as I licked in against his balls and lapped at
some of the drops of cum that were on them. As I did, I could see his
cock hardening a bit.I lifted up and used my lips and tongue to lift the big dickhead and
slid my lips around it. Then, I slid lower on it, tasting his cum
and my ass juices on it as I sucked eagerly, cleaning that big dick pthc hussyfan turkteen
the mess. He put his hands behind his head and just watched as I
continued to suck on his cock. I let it fall from my mouth and traced
the underside with my tongue down to his balls. He spread his legs
wider and I pushed my hands under his ass and lifted his hips. He
asked, "Are you going to do what I think you're going to do?" I lifted
up and said, "I want to. Do you want me to stop!?"He shook his head and then, with a smile, pulled his legs back and
spread his ass cheeks. He said, "Go for it bitch! Suck my shit hole!"
I chuckled and said, "Ooo, love a man that talks dirty to me!" I dove
for his hole, swiping my tongue up and down it and then, around his
hole. His crack was sweaty, but that only added to my enjoyment as I
circled his hole with my lips and began to toy with the tight muscle.
He groaned and said, "Shit, oh man, no guy has ever done that! Oh
shit, yeah, suck that hole Joey! Come on you little whore cunt, work
that sweet mouth, suck that hole!"I pressed my face in harder to his hole and did just that, dipping my
tongue in and out of his hole as he squirmed under me. I slid my hand
up along his thigh and grasped his cock. It was harder than I thought
it could be and was oozing pre cum like crazy. I wiped some on my hand
and applied it to his hole and then, licked it off of it. Then, I
lifted up, sucked at his balls for a moment and then, pulled that big
dick down to my mouth. He lowered his legs over my shoulders and
grasped my head, saying, "Aw shit, yeah! Suck my cock Joey, suck it
baby, suck it all!!"He worked his cock in and out of my mouth, using his hands to guide
me expertly up and down on it. I loved it and stroked his wrists and
arms, wanting him to know I was enjoying what I was doing. Then, he
rolled me pthc dark thumbnails over onto my back and got astraddle my chest, never taking
his cock from my mouth. He grasped my wrists and pulled my arms up
over my head and then, began to fuck my mouth. I moaned in pleasure as
that big hard dick slid into my mouth and throat each time, his balls
slapping my chin. I wanted to hold onto to him, but, with my hands
held over my head, I just submitted to him and reveled in doing it,
sucking in with my cheeks and letting my tongue work on his cock.He groaned a few times and plunged in all the way a couple times. Each
time, free pics pthc
crushing my face into his hairy bush as he stuffed my throat and
mouth fully. I worked my lips and tongue and hummed on his cock each
time he did this, and that seemed to excite him too. Then, he was
fucking my mouth for all he was worth. In and out, back and forth,
that hard shaft speared between my lips and I loved it! Then, his
hands on my wrists seemed to squeeze harder as he shouted, "Oh shit,
yeah, take it you sweet mouthed cocksucking whore bitch fag boy! Take
it Joey, take my cream man! Oh, awwwww, oh shit!!!!" With that, he
shoved his cock fully into my throat, shooting his cream into my
stomach.I moaned and he pulled back and flooded pthc 11 yars old my free pthc galleries legal mouth with the rest of his
load and I swallowed it eagerly, tasting his cum for the first time.
He continued to hold my arms up, as I nursed on his slowing cream and
then, he pulled his cock out of my mouth. He leaned in then, pressing
my face into his spit damp cock and rubbing it all over my face as he
leaned over me. He let my hands loose and sat back on my chest as pthc usenet
stared up at him from between his legs. I smiled and said, "Hmm, I
was right John, pthc method get your cock does taste good!!" He chuckled and reached
down and rubbed the head of his cock against my cheeks and asked, "You
really like being a whore don't you Joey!?"I smiled and licked out at the moving cock and said, "I do John,
especially when y pthc
I'm with a stud like you!" He put his hand on my
forehead and held my head back as he teased my lips with his dickhead
and said, "Sure its just cause I got a big dick? Or is it just cause
I got one!?" I smiled and licked out at his dickhead and said, "Both
stud, both! pthc download vid Hmm, still tasty!" He chuckled and let my head loose and
slid his cock slowly into my mouth. When he had almost all of it in,
he said, "You know, I've let faggots suck my dick before, but your
mouth is a lot better!" I moaned on his cock and sucked in with my
cheeks and he hissed a little.He pushed the rest into my mouth, pressing my nose into his bush as I
worked my tongue on the bottom side of the mouth filling cock. Then,
he pulled it out and asked, "You want it extreme pthc forum some more baby? I think I
could fuck one more load into pthc mclt your sweet free young pthc ass, if you want it?" I slid
my hands up to his ass and said, "I'd love it stud! I like the way you
fuck!" He chuckled and slid back a bit on my belly and then, lifted
up. He said, "Roll over Joey." I rolled over onto my belly and lifted
my ass up and he slapped it and said, "Eager little cunt, aren't you?"
I wiggled my butt and said, "For you stud, you bet!!"He slid his hand down banned pthc movies
over my butt cheeks and said, "You sure got one
pretty little ass here Joey. Bet you've had lots of studs playing
with it." I moaned as I felt his hand pthc vicky virginz ygold slide to my crack and one finger
flick across my cum oozing hole. He slid it in and then, pulled it
out, then, slid it in, then out. I moaned in pleasure and he added
another, jamming them in hard each time. I lifted up to my hands and
knees and shoved my ass back, kidz cp pthc
spreading myself eagerly for him as he
worked the fingers in and out of me. Then, he slapped my ass and
asked, "Got to have it, don't you bitch boy!?"I gasped, "Yes, please, oh please John, put it in me, please!!" He
chuckled and slapped my ass harder and I jumped and then, he did it
again. As he did, he added a third finger and worked them in and out.
He said, "Yeah, you want me to put my dick in this hot pussy of yours,
don't you cocksucker!? Want me to fuck you like the little cunt whore
you are, don't you bitch!?" I moaned and lowered my head between my
arms and thrust my ass back as I gasped, "Yes, yes, pthc forum filefactory fuck me John, oh
please, I want it so bad stud! Fuck me John, please, please fuck me!!"
He continued slapping my ass and I felt my butt cheeks getting hotter,
as he worked the fingers in and out at the same pthc uploader bigp time.Then, he jerked the fingers out, grasped my hips hard and drove his
cock up into me all the way in one thrust. My little vicky pthc pic head flew up and I
gasped, "Yes, yes, oh John, in me stud, in me!!!! Oooo, yeah, so good,
so good!!" He began to plow my ass and I could tell it was going to
be a one long slow fuck. I enjoyed it wildly, as he fucked me on my
hands and knees, over onto my side and then, moved off the bed and
held me buddhist bbs pthc
down on my belly as he shoved in and out of me. Then, he
pulled out and moved to a chair and said, virtual pthc kd "Come here and get on my
dick bitch!" I walked over to him and spread my legs wide over his
crotch and eased my ass down fully onto his cock.I slid my hands around his neck and he said, "Ride it bitch boy! Ride
that big dick! Show me you love servicing a man's cock, whore!!" I
moaned as I rode my ass up and down on his hard shaft. At one point I
could see us in the mirror over the dresser and the sight was making
me even hotter. There notta pthc
I was, spread over his crotch, my ass humping
up and down as I held onto his neck and shoulders. Then, he thrust up
into me, and my head flew back and then, he did it again, then, again.
Each time, I shivered and shook as the stud's cock shot up into me.
Then, as he thrust up into me hard again, I knew I was going to cum!I looked into his eyes and said, "Oh shit John, I'm gonna cum stud!
Ooo, yes, do that again, oh John, yes, yes, I'm soo close, so, uh, oh
shit, here it cums stud! Here, uh, awwwwww, it cumsssss!!" I gasped
out as my childtop pthc cock shot between us up onto his hairy chest. He pushed his
cock up into me even harder and his cockhead pressed against my
prostate as he said, "Yeah, cum you little whore bastard! Shoot it
bitch, shoot that hot cream cunt! Yeah, yeah, yeah!!" ls chrissy pthc gallery
I guess my ass
spasming too much on his cock inside me was more than he could take,
cause, just then, he grasped me, pulling me down even harder on his
hard shaft.His head flew back and he shouted, "Awwwww shit!!!!!!" And I felt his
cum shooting up into me again. I clamped my already tight ass chute on
his cock, milking his cum into me, as my own shot again up onto his
chest and belly. I slumped against him, my head lying against his
shoulder as he held me close, as our combined orgasm eased pthc free bbs porn
off. I
lifted my head and saw that his eyes were closed and I leaned down and
licked at my cum through the hairs on his chest. He stirred a little
and watched me as I licked and sucked at the cum streaks on his hairy
chest and down over his belly. I slid to my knees between his and slid
my mouth onto his cock, cleaning it and licking at his balls to get it
all. Then, I lay my head in against his thigh and looked up at him and
said, "Wow, you are one wild fuck John!!"He smiled and stroked my face and said, "You're one hot fuck baby!
Shit, if I'd known fucking sweet ass like yours was gonna be so much
fun, I'd have done it before!" I kissed his inner thigh and said,
"Thank you sir. I love to please a man!" He laughed and ruffled my
hair and then, got up off the bed. I lay there for a moment as he went
over to pick up his trunks. I asked, "Would you like to take a shower
John?" He turned and looked at me for a moment and smiled and said,
"Sure. Come on." I got off the bed and walked over to him and we went
into the little bathroom. I got the watered adjusted and he leaned
against my back and pthc bbs kds gallery
played laura zimmer pthc with my tits till we went in pthc doujin
under the
spray.I got the soap and began to wash his body and he just leaned back and
enjoyed what I was doing. He asked, "You always wash the man that
fucked you Joey!?" I smiled and leaned in and licked at his nipple and
said, "Sometimes. Sometimes, they wash me or do some other bbs pthc childfuck things with
me." He asked, "Oh? And by that, what other things, do you mean?" I
smiled and said, "Well, I don't want to embarrass you or make you feel
uncomfortable." He chuckled and said, "Its a little late to be
embarrassed, don't you think? I mean, shit, my cock has been inside
both your mouth and your ass baby! Now, tell me. What other things?"
I said, as I slid to my knees in front of him, soaping 130 160 foto pthc up his legs,
"Well, some guys like to make me kneel in the shower as they piss on
me. Or some have pissed on me and then made pthckids me drink their piss, or
pissed up inside my ass."He asked, frowning a little, "You like that sort of thing?" I said as
I pressed my face against his cock, "With some men. I've been made to
do it a few times, but mostly, I do it if the guy is hot and I like
the man!" He slid his hand over his soap covered chest and lifted his
semi hard cock and asked, "Think I'm hot enough for you!?" I put my
hands on the front of his thighs and leaned back and said, "If you
want to do it John, yeah, you're hot enough for me!" He frowned for a
moment and then said, "Kneel for me then!" I scooted back a bit and
knelt with my legs spread wide and sitting on my ankles. I put my
hands behind my back and looked up at him and opened my mouth.I watched as he stroked his cock a bit and then, his body relaxed and
then, the stream shot from the head of his cock and hit me in the
belly. I smiled up at him as he aimed the pissing cock a little
higher and then, he was pissing on my face. I opened my mouth wide and
let him piss in it, before he aimed the stream over my head and face.
I kept my eyes closed, but shivered in excitement as he pissed on me.
Then, as his stream seemed to lesson, I aimed my mouth at it and
followed it back to his cock. I slid my mouth onto it, closing my lips
around the big head as I swallowed more of his piss. His hands
clasped my head and he said, "Oh shit, oh man, never thought I'd be
doing something like this with anyone baby! Oh man, wow!!"I continued to swallow his piss till it stopped coming and then, slid
my mouth all the way down on his pthc pix cock and swiped my tongue all over
it. He held my head into his bush as I sucked on the full length of
his shaft and then, he held my head and began to slowly fuck my mouth.
He began to pick up speed and before I knew it, his cock was spewing
another load into my mouth. When he finished, he slumped back against
the shower wall and stared down at me as I licked at his cock. He
said, "Shit, I haven't cum this many times since I was a kid! I think
I'm drained Joey!" I licked his dick along the underside and kissed
his balls and said, "I'm glad John, these balls of yours, not to
mention this sweet dick, sure gave me what I love!"He chuckled and we got up and finished the shower. Afterward, he got
dressed and said, "Uh, I have a business meeting to go to and wont be
back till a little later. Uh, you feel like getting together again!?"
I was sitting on the bed watching him put his trunks on and rolled
over onto my belly and asked, "You mean, you want some more of my
sweet little pussy stud!?" He came over to the bed and slapped my ass
and then, inserted a finger into me and jerked and asked, "What do you
think bitch!!?" I moaned and wiggled my ass and squeezed my hole on
his finger and said, "I'll leave the door open for you stud!!"He held his finger in me a moment and then asked, "What if I bring
back a friend, or maybe two? Would that bother you!?" I rolled a
little to my side and smiled at him and licked my lips and said, "Hmm,
a little party with the motel slut huh!? Well, honey, you bring them
here and Joey pthc rape fuck
will let them play all they want!!" He jerked his
finger out of my hole and shoved it in my mouth. As I sucked on his
finger, he chuckled and said, "Well, then, you better make sure these
two laura pthc british pussies are ready for some action cunt! Cause, if I know those
guys, you're gonna get fucked royally!!" I moaned on his finger and he
pulled it out and said, "Ooo, sounds like I'm gonna be in heaven
then!"John laughed and then, slapped my ass and said, "See you later
bitch!!" I giggled and said, "You say the nicest things stud!!" I
watched as he left and then, got up and put my briefs back on. I
smiled and thought shit, 'one day out of L.A. pthc imgbbs free and I've had one cock
already and a few more offered, hmmm, sounds like I'm gonna be a bit
busy!' I strolled back out to the pool and got in it and just lolled
around for a while. The motel began to fill up a little and I got out
of the water and lay on one of the lounge chairs for a while.But, back to reality, kds pedo pthc as just then, Greg slammed that big hard mancock
deep up inside me. My memories drained away as I luxuriated in the
feel of that big hard shaft spewing another load of man cream to my
male cunt! My body arched up and my ass pressed down harder against
his crotch as he power punched his dick inside me, filling me with his
cum. The sight of what Greg was doing to me, must have pushed Jack
over the edge. japanese pthc bbs
My head pulled back between his powerful thighs, my
mouth stuffed with his hard cock, had him squeezing my head with his
thighs as his cock shot down into my belly. Feeding me another load of
man cum, as I swallowed and sucked eagerly.Greg laughed and pulled out and said, "Well, looks like we filled the
bitch good this time ole buddy!" Jack pulled out of my teen pthc fotos mouth and
squatted over my gasping mouth and held my head between his thighs as
he said, free video sex pthc
"Yeah, sure did buddy! And, after we have another beer, I
plan on doing it some more! Think you're up for it Greg!?" Greg
shoved two fingers up into my spread hole, and, as I gasped, said,
"You bet guy! Don't want to waste a sweet hot boy pussy like this
bitch has!!" They both laughed as I lay there and watched them open
up two more beers. I didn't care, I just stared at their manly bodies
and cocks, knowing, I was going to get them again, ooo, oh yeah!!!
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