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Related post: Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 17:59:44 -0500
From: Drake
Subject: Moot PointMoot Pointby Drake Hunter"Fag.""Breeder.""It's people like you who go around whining about special rights that makes
it so difficult.""It's not about special rights: it's about equal rights and the whole due
process thing. It's about being civil, and the application of civil rights
to everyone.""You've got this licked, Bobby.""I hope so `cause I've been working on it for almost six weeks now," Bobby
replied.Trent nodded his head."Seriously, I really owe you big time for helping me get ready.""No sweat, bro, and you don't owe me. I just want to see you rip Alicia a
new one where she can stick her head," Trent responded with a malicious
grin."Not gonna be easy," Bobby mumbled."Dude, give me a break," Trent told him sternly. "Everyone's been dying to
see you two go at it. Ever since you got me into this debate club, I've
been thinking `bout stuff I never thought I would.""And you were the one who bitched when I suggested it.""Hey! A guy can change his mind!""But not his sexuality!" Bobby said in a low tone."Not like I haven't tried with you!" Trent rejoined darkly.Bobby was about to say something rude, but he caught the glint in Trent's
eyes. Of all of Bobby's friends, Trent had had the hardest time adjusting
his thinking after Bobby came out. There were moments when it looked as
though the friendship would fail, and yet Bobby always knew there was a
trump card in his deck. Trent may have bristled at the news Bobby was gay,
but he could not deny the young man was an excellent goalie. In the end, it
was their shared fanatical horny kds love of hockey that kept the relationship
afloat. Trent was the only person who was allowed to make even joking
insults at Bobby without fear of total retaliation. Even then there was a
significant degree of jabs and punches at one another. Everyone around them
tended to get out of the way when the two engaged in pseudo-battles. For
almost a year and half, Trent would not touch Bobby. Yet Bobby kds lo small pussies had
persistently worked on and against his best friend's entrenched thinking.
It had taken two years, their sophomore and junior years of high school,
but they were once again in the same ptsc pic kds position as they had been most of
their lives. Whether on or off the ice, Bobby and Trent were one another's
strongest allies. 12yo kds No one came between them."Do me a favor," Trent said in a whisper, "don't let up on her, and make
Alicia eat all the crap she's been dishing out. It's her turn.""Trust me: I plan on it," Bobby said through clenched teeth.Alicia Dover was a popular girl. She was co-captain of the cheerleading
squad. She was a superb academic. She was already considering herself
valedictorian of the class. Alicia Dover was also a staunch homophobe.
Where once she and Bobby had been at least civil and polite to one another,
it all changed when Bobby gave up the pretense and admitted his sexuality
to himself and others. From that moment forward, Alicia had become his
biggest detractor. She made no effort to be considerate and understanding,
and she let everyone know her opinion. Bobby had struggled against the
daily gossip and verbal assaults Alicia generated. She worked actively
against him at every turn. Bobby thought about her, the tactics she would
use in the confrontation, and remembered how he became involved in the
debate club."You're crazy, Jessica!" Bobby blurted loudly shortly before the previous
school year had ended.Jessica Mankowski looked at him coolly with unflinching eyes. Trent
Nordsen, Tammy Leverling and Mike Cousins looked elsewhere. Bobby was left
on his own while sitting at table filled with friends during the lunch
period. He stared back at Jessica."Well, I can see how your current plan of saying `Whatever' and `Duh' is
working perfectly," Jessica remarked dryly. "Maybe next year you can add `I
don't know' and `Sure' to the repertoire.""He's a hockey player, Jess. What else do you expect him to say?" Trent
ventured forth with a question. It seemed perfectly reasonable."I expect him to fight being treated like garbage. Sheesh, Trent! He'd
never take that on the ice," Jessica rejoined smartly."Not the same thing, girl," Tammy mumbled."Got that right," Mike concurred."What's wrong with sticking up for himself? Huh? Since when does that bitch
get to say who's on top and who isn't?"Trent snorted, and then tried to bury it in his hands when Jessica shot him
a sour look."You need to take her on where she least expects it.""Jessica!" Bobby huffed. "The debate club? Damn, I'd never hear the end of
it from the guys!""You don't hear the end of it, and that's part of the problem," Jessica's
voice sliced through his complaint. "Bobby, you'll kds global logistics canada knock the crap out of
somebody in a game... any game, but you won't stick up for yourself when
people are messing with your personal business. I don't get it! What's the
difference?"Bobby was forced to sit and think about that. It was, he conceded
privately, a valid point. However, her suggestion that he join the debate
club the next school year seemed ludicrous. Bobby was further forced to
admit he was not a great student. Joining the debate club would only add to
his schoolwork, and he had to struggle to complete the basics for his
classes. It simply was kds fucked not a logical option. Bobby shook his head while
pondered."Look, Bobby, tiny kds porn she's been riding you since last year. No one would really
care one way or the other `bout you being gay, but Alicia keeps stirring it
up. And don't even pretend like you don't care `cause I know you do. We all
know!"Bobby glanced around at his friends. Even Trent was silently nodding his
head a little. Bobby had hoped the others would have bought into his act
that the comments made by a select few hussyfan pussy in the school had no affect on
him. They did not, and it did. Part of the general student body opinion was
fashioned by a self-selected, self-serving group of individuals who thought
it was their duty to shape public opinion. Bobby loathed those people and
prayed daily that perhaps one of them might be foolish enough to strap on
some ice skates and meet him face-to-face on his territory. No one ever
did. His deep yearning to even the score went unrequited, but he was not
certain Jessica's proposal was sound. He simply did not believe he had the
intellectual wherewithal to effectively face Alicia Dover on her territory,
and yet that was precisely what Jessica was suggesting."Bobby, you won't be alone," Jessica said as if reading his thoughts. "Matt
Higgins, Jason Brinker and Sue Westfall are in the club with me. They like
you, and you know they do. They'll back you up all the way and give you as
much help as they can."Bobby felt his stomach jump. He chuby kds saw Trent looking askance at him, and he
knew why. Trent knew why as well. Some four months before, Bobby had
admitted to Trent that he had a crush on Jason Brinker, even though Jason
was decidedly heterosexual. That fact did nothing to dispel what Bobby
felt. Trent privately teased him on occasion, but eventually refrained from
the taunts when he realized how difficult it was for Bobby. Admitting he
was gay was easy compared to finding someone in whom he could invest his
emotions. Bobby was a jock. He acted like one. He thought like one. He
desperately wished one of the other school athletes would come out of the
closet so he would not shy cuties kds
feel as alone. There were other gay students in the
school. Bobby had made friends with a number of them, yet not one sparked
his interest in the same manner as Jason Brinker. Even getting close to
Jason made Bobby feel all giddy and stupid. Thus, Bobby could not imagine
placing himself in close proximity to Jason and not acting like a complete
dolt or appearing like an idiot. Moreover, he did not want Jason to get the
impression he was being hit upon. That could only lead to more problems."Trent... hussyfan pics join with him!" Jessica said in desperation."Bite me!" Trent grumbled. "I ain't hooking up with no geek fest with you
or Bobby no matter what it comes down to!"Bobby felt a bit stung by the statement. Trent had taken a long time in
coming to understand that Bobby was no different before he stated he was
gay than afterward. People suddenly knew one item more about him, and it
had not changed him. However, once Trent had reconciled himself with the
information, he returned to being a fiercely loyal friend. Hence, Bobby
wondered at the reluctance to lend assistance."Jess, what the foo makes you think I'm gonna sign up when he doesn't want
to? You're tripping bad!"Jessica did not appear persuaded by the argument. This was her territory,
and she knew the rules of the game to perfection. Bobby flinched when she
cast her gaze directly at him."Would you join if Trent did?""Um..." he said and carried out the last consonant. "Maybe... I guess.""Dude, you're dogging me!" Trent barked.That was how it got started, and it did not end there. Bobby thought back
to the summer, and the near daily arguments sponsored by Jessica. Somewhere
along the way she convinced both Tammy and Mike it was a sensible
plan. Bobby and Trent resisted as long as they could with stubborn
defiance. Bobby could not determine if Trent has slipped at some point or
if Jessica had figured it out on her own, but she played an end-game around
him. Three weeks before the school years started, Jason Brinker called. It
was civil and simple conversation wherein Jason encouraged Bobby to join
the debate club. Bobby was underground kds pussy
relieved it was a telephone conversation because
he was veritably melting with lust on the other end of the receiver. With
such enticement tossed his way, and the seeming sincere appeal of Jason,
Bobby relented. Trent almost flayed Bobby when the turn around came. The
deal was consecrated with a battle royale of backyard football. They nearly
beat one another into a bloody pulp, but it proved to Trent that Bobby was
serious. Despite their usual method of making joint decisions, Bobby knew
better than to admit why he had changed his mind.Thus, Robert Arnor and Trent Nordsen found themselves in the unlikely
position of signing up for the debate club. Jessica, Sue, Jason and hussyfan tgp Matt
accepted them warmly, and the six formed their own little circle. Alicia
Dover and her cadre of friends scoffed and scorned the arrival of Bobby and
Trent in the midst of the academic extra-circular activity."I didn't think you were smart enough to know where to find the room if
there wasn't any ice involved," Alicia told Bobby during the first official
meeting of the debate club. "I think you've been hit in the head with one
too many pucks, Bobby."She said his name like she was talking to a child. Bobby felt his face
twist into a snarl. The desire underground free kds movies
to crosscheck alt kds chld her into the wall ambled
through him. He was certain the idea violated some rule or regulation in
the club. Bobby knew debate was not a contact sport. There was a part of
his mind that hoped there might be a change in the rules."Nice come back," Alicia droned as she wandered back to her gaggle of
snickering friends."Ignore it," Matt Higgins advised him."Save it for a debate," Jessica needlessly, but concernedly, added.Bobby felt naked without his pads, skates and stick. He could block a high
velocity shot aimed straight for his face without even thinking twice. It
was instinct for him. He was never afraid kds pics under 14yo
on the ice. The debate club was
an entirely different field of play. Bobby did not know the rules. He did
know what he could say that would not draw the condescension and ire of
others. He needed his friends, especially Jessica whom he wanted to
strangle at that moment, to show him how the game was played."Just be cool, Arnor, and you'll get your chance," Jason said quietly from
the seat behind Bobby.Bobby felt his knees turn to jelly. He heard Trent snicker. A longing to
hit Jessica in the side of the head with a book filled his mind. He also
felt compelled to jam an elbow in Trent's ribs. The absurdity of a hockey
player joining the debate club washed over him. Bobby shook his head at the
unlikely set of circumstances. He proudly considered himself a great
meathead goalie capable of taking on the wildest slap shots. Bobby felt no
fear when he was on the ice. It was his domain. He lived and breathed the
game even during the off-season. While other kids would turn to the sun,
swimming and sailing during the summer, Bobby haunted the local ice
rink. He was not alone. When school resumed in the fall he rarely boasted a
full tan, but he was in excellent shape and ready for another year of
hockey. Until that fall and the start of his senior year, Robert Arnor
nearly defined himself exclusively through hockey. Now, his self-perception
was being challenged as he sat in the classroom after the regular school
day ended waiting face an opponent who possessed formidable skills. Bobby
was nervous.It took some time before the desire to beat Jessica senseless finally
abated to a tolerable level. Jason, Matt and Sue played an integral role in
the education of Robert Arnor and Trent Nordsen. The three newer friends
kept him from loosing his temper and making an ass out of himself in the
club. When the session arrived where they would select their agenda, as
well as outlining the competition topic agenda, Bobby had to depend on the
others. Both he and Trent were perplexed about the issues that would be
tackled. He felt out of his kds rompl depth. He was out of his league, and Trent was
in the same position with him. Trent, for his part, wanted to kill Bobby
for yielding to Jessica's prodding. However, they each sat like frightened
rabbits when the open topic agenda was being decided."Robby?" Ms. Lauren said his name as a question.For reasons he could not discern, the woman consistently chose to call him
by a different variant of his name. He had even corrected her on a few
occasions, and it did nothing to alter her preferred form of address. Bobby
stared at Ms. Lauren."Do you have any issues or topics you would like to debate this year?" She
asked patiently."I, ah... um, hadn't thought about it much," he replied."No surprise there," Alicia mumbled from her corner.Ms. Lauren shot the young woman a threatening look."Well, if you do think of something, you can let me know before the next
meeting," Ms. Lauren told him with compassion while providing a clean
escape route."Jason? Do you have any issues you want to take on?""Yeah, except I want it to be an open question," Jason stated confidently.Bobby was jealous of the easy manner and solid delivery of Jason. It also
made his stomach float."Do you want rights on first assignment?" The club advisor queried."Nope.""Good. We didn't have an open question last year. This will make it more
interesting," Ms. Lauren commented in a pleased fashion. "So, what's the
topic?"There was a brief pause while Jason fumbled with a piece of paper. He
cleared his throat, sat up straight in his seat, and paused again."For consideration," Jason said in a calm baritone. "Does the advancement
of gay rights equate to a call for special rights?"The room was silent. Bobby gulped. Any feeling of longing he held for Jason
was replaced with an urge to head butt the young man. He refrained for a
multitude of reasons."Excellent question, Mr. Brinker," Ms. Lauren causally commented. "Since
this is an open topic, we need consensus from the club before it can be
added to the agenda. A simple majority will carry the question. All those
in favor of adding the topic, please signify by raising your hands."Bobby was paralyzed. He heard a rustling spread throughout the
classroom. His head did not swivel around kds video
to see who was voting."Good. Those who oppose adding the issue please raise your hand,"
Ms. Lauren commanded the class.Bobby heard more movement, and again he did not budge."Abstentions?" The woman inquired.Jessica had explained the term to him, and Bobby felt his arm raise of its
own volition. He could not detect any other sound. The act made him feel
strangely isolated."Very well," Ms. Lauren said and smiled at the class. "By a vote of twelve
in favor, six opposed and two abstentions, the topic is affirmed and added
to the agenda."Bobby sat mute throughout the rest of the meeting. He could not begin to
formulate a logical explanation of why Jason Brinker, of all people, had
proposed the topic. Moreover, the sizable majority dumbfounded him. When
the meeting adjourned for the afternoon, Jessica and Matt confronted Bobby."Why did you abstain?" Jessica asked him accusingly."I wasn't alone." Bobby muttered his response."Trent doesn't count!"Trent, who was standing behind Matt, next to Sue and Jason, glanced at
something else further down the hall."Actually, it was probably a good idea that he did," Sue stated
quietly. "It makes him appear neutral on the issue.""And he gets the right of reply if he thinks the topic is personally
defaming or slanderous... especially during a debate," Jason added with a
nod of approval.Bobby could barely keep himself from dissolving into a slobbering
mess. Jason Brinker was complimenting him. Jason's deliciously deep, brown
eyes held Bobby's for a few moments, and then he smiled. Bobby felt a
powerful surge gush through him. Trent was grinning his private, taunting
smile that was designed to irritate Bobby. It worked."I didn't know what else to do," Bobby grunted out a rationale, trying to
hide the real reason for his discomfiture."It showed," Jessica mumbled."That's not fair, Jess," Matt said, annoyance tainting his words. "Bobby's
never done this before. Give him a break. Besides, he followed the rules,
and it was good call for him. If you don't know: abstain. Remember?"There were murmurs of agreement. Jessica narrowed her eyes and glared at
the floor. Bobby could not guess what she had expected of him, or Trent for
that matter. He began to plot dragging her out on the ice when winter came,
slapping some gear on her, and watching kds illegal Jessica try to make sense of the
game without explanation. The thought calmed him."Are you going to take the question, Bobby?" Matt inquired when the awkward
silence had lasted too long."I... um, I don't know. Probably not," Bobby replied and looked kds illegal pic away.He heard Jessica grind her teeth."I don't know," he repeated quickly. "Let me think about it for a while."Later that afternoon, after depositing a rather surly Jessica at her home,
Bobby and Trent drove in quiet for a while. Trent seemed to be
concentrating more on his driving than usual, and he had not even sworn
once during the ride. Bobby stared out the front window. He knew a
three-man push when he saw it, and he was certain Jessica had engineered
the entire event in the debate club. It struck him as odd that Jason
Brinker would be a willing accomplice. Matt Higgins appeared to be part of
the plot since he had been the first to venture the question as to whether
Bobby was going to debate the question. Bobby was not alone in thinking
about the circumstances of the afternoon."She dogged you, bro," Trent mumbled."Really? What gave it away?" Bobby asked sarcastically."Brinker," his friend said flatly. "Just like she used him to get you to
join.""Man, Trent...""Don't bullshit me, Bobby," Trent snapped at him. "You think I'm the only
who knows how you feel about Jason?"Bobby creased his eyebrows in agitation. Was nothing secret? Next he
wondered if he was that transparent. If that were the case, then even Jason
would know what he was feeling and thinking half the time. Bobby felt a bit
humiliated."He's not gay," Trent piped up."Yeah, kds sex chinese
I know.""But I think he does like you... as a friend."It was small consolation for Bobby."So, ah, you gonna take on the debate?" Trent asked the one outstanding,
unanswered question.Bobby did not answer. He was still thinking, and he thought less of the
idea the more he thought about it. However, he could not find a graceful
way to select his preferred option."Well?" His friend barked after several long seconds."Would you?" Bobby retaliated."I'm not gay!""What difference does that make?""All the difference," Trent said sharply. "I know it, everyone else knows
it, and so do you. Why'd you think Jason tossed it out there?""'Cause I thought he wanted to debate it," Bobby replied unconvincingly."He probably will if you don't, but I kind of get the idea they're waiting
to see if you'll pull up to the blue line.""God! Trent! Why'd I do this whole debate thing?""'Cause you were thinking with your dick."It was one point he could not refute. Bobby decided it was time to be
honest."I don't know how she did it," he said quietly, "but she got Jason to call
me over the summer.""I'll hold her while you gut punch her a couple of times!"Bobby laughed. Trent snickered dangerously. There was a sense he was not
entirely joking. Bobby brushed it anal kds
aside."So, like, would you do it if you were me?" Bobby returned to his original
counter-question."Bobby, listen... you're one mean-ass goalie. I mean you can take it and
dish it out like nobody's business... I guess maybe you should. Dover's been
high sticking you for a long time, and maybe it's time you showed her
you're not a punk," his friend stated cautiously.Trent knew him 12 yo kds sex
too well, Bobby thought. His friend has used the right
combination of hockey lingo and a challenge to his sense of pride. Trent
was casting it as type of game Bobby could understand. The analogy of
Alicia Dover high sticking him was most effective.I, um... I'll do it if, ah, you help me," Bobby stammered out the condition."Christ! Ain't it bad `nough you got me into this stupid debate thing?""Trent, come on. You can't be saying you wouldn't like to crush Dover
against the boards, are you?"Bobby had calculated Trent's reaction, and formulated a corresponding
response. Trent has laid the groundwork, and Bobby was doing nothing more
than following the path. He waited for an answer."You're a dick," Trent grumbled.Bobby took it as an affirmative answer.It was not until the end of the week before Bobby committed himself to
decision. He had to test Trent first to see if his friend was actually
going to lend assistance. Neither one of them let any of their friends in
on the decision. He was not certain why, but Bobby felt this was something
he had to complete small kds on his own. He also did not want Jessica needling him,
although she did when he would not relent and announce his decision. The
longer he listened to Jessica, the more he tried to figure out her reasons
for putting so much pressure on him. It did not seem entirely logical to
him. Before he could take the time to drill Jessica for information, Bobby
had to build up the nerve to speak with Ms. Lauren. He chose Friday, the
day after the last official club bi-weekly meeting, and the lunch hour as
the appointed time."Ms. Lauren?" Bobby said while standing outside her classroom door. The
woman was eating alone and looking over papers. He felt as if he was
intruding."Hi, Robby," she said while looking up. "Need something?""Um... kind of, I think."Ms. Lauren waved a hand as an invitation for Bobby to enter to the room. He
walked to her desk. She stared at him patiently. He studied her lunch."I, ah, was kind of, you know, thinking `bout the debate club and all,"
Bobby began tentatively."You're not thinking about dropping out?" She queried."Nah, nothing like that. Besides, Jessica would beat me down pretty hard if
I even tried," he admitted with a grin."Ms. Mankowski can be quite forceful," Ms. Lauren rejoined slyly."You're telling me?" Bobby asked with a roll of his eyes."Well, since we know you're staying in the club, what is it that you need,
Robby?""Bobby," he told her for the umpteenth time, "and... I was kind of
thinking... It's like hockey!"Ms. Lauren stared at him in bewilderment."See, it's like being in nude illegal fuck kds the crease, you know. You got all these guys
charging at you, busting butt to slam one around you. Forward and two
wingmen circling `round, sliding the puck between `em, just waiting for you
to get porno free gallery kds psyched out and do something stupid, and it's like...""Robby! Robby! What does hockey have to do with this?" Ms. Lauren inquired
when the young man failed to reach any significant point."I, um, see... I'm used to baby hard sex kds guarding, you know? I'm a goalie," Bobby rambled
on a bit more."I know that, and the point is?""The point... is... I guess it's like being a goalie... I think.""What is like being a goalie?" The woman asked with a touch of
exasperation."This whole debate thing," he answered."How?""You know... the question... the debate!""Which one?" Ms. Lauren queried pointedly. "We've got five competition
questions and eight club questions. Which one, Robby?""You know... the one Jason brought up," he naturist kds
said quietly. "That one.""And?" She questioned slowly."I, ah... um, well, I think, you know, maybe I should, like, you know, take
a kds russian side on it," he struggled to say and sound coherent.Ms. Lauren continued to gaze at him with questioning eyes."The, ah, side that's like, you know, not saying it's special rights or
anything like that... you know... for gay people," he rambled hussyfan two asian kids along."So you're opposed to the supposition in the question?" Ms. Lauren asked
more formally."If you're saying I'm against it, then, ah, yeah... I guess.""You don't sound entirely convinced."Bobby shrugged and looked at her."Robby, do you hold a strong opinion on the question?" She pressed on."I sort of have to, you know," Bobby replied circumspectly."No, Robby, you don't have to. No one has to hold a specific opinion on
anything simply because of a group affiliation," she told him
slowly. "Robby, part of the goal of the debate club, forensics, is to make
us think about issues in a broader context. If the question becomes to
personal, then we are unable to apply logical arguments either for or
against. I kds pics under 15yo
don't want you to take a position just because you feel your
personal circumstances are compelling.""What's the point then if we don't have something riding on it?" He
challenged. "I mean... look, I don't go into a hockey game thinking I'm just
practicing. I go in to win. I want to win, and it is personal. It's the
reason why I do it most of the time.""I can appreciate the similarities you are trying to infer, but a debate is
not exactly like a hockey game. The skills are different. There are a
number of subtle tricks a person can use to, um... throw you off your
game. If they know you have a personal stake in the question, then whoever
you're debating is going to try and get to you on a personal level.""And some guy taking a slap shot at your head isn't any different,
Ms. Lauren?"Student and teacher looked at one another for a moment. Bobby realized he
was debating with her. They had, he understood, established a premise that
debate and hockey were too dissimilar to be an effective comparison. Bobby
disagreed with Ms. Lauren's position. He thought there were a number of
good similarities."Are you telling me you want to challenge Jason's question because it is
personal?" She asked quietly.Bobby did not respond immediately. There were a number of reasons why he
thought he should debate the question, but the truly personal one had been
proffered by Trent: people would assume he was incapable of effectively
taking a stance and defending the position because it was personal. He
inhaled slowly."Every question is personal, Ms. Lauren. Doesn't matter what it is... even
when I don't understand it: it's always personal," he told her in an oddly
disconnected voice. "Yeah, I want to debate against it `cause it's wrong. I
gotta cover the net on this one, and I'm doing it for me."Ms. Lauren nodded her head a few times, and then said, "All right, I'll
write you in speaking con on the question.""Okay... good," Bobby stated, and it was in an effort to be convincing that
he was doing the right thing."I'll let the class know we have one spot filled."Bobby walked out of the room wondering if he had been duped into accepting
the debate. Jessica had pressured him into joining the club, with the
unconfirmed assistance of Jason Brinker, and then by Jason Brinker raising
the topic for debate. The only aspect about which he seemed certain was
that Trent would help him. Trent was just as unwilling as he, yet it
appeared they were destined to tackle the task together. As Bobby wandered
the hallways and avoiding the lunchroom, being none to keen to face even
more pressure, as he thought about what elweb topkds
lay ahead. It would not be easy for
hockey player to go up against a skilled debater, and it did not matter if
Alicia Dover was his opponent or not. Even Trent could probably trounce
him, he thought. Bobby tried to steer clear of his friends so he could mull
over his predicament. However, an inadvertent meeting with Tammy Leverling
forced him to spill out the truth."At least Jessica will be happy," Tammy told him after he confessed to what
he done during lunch."And that's supposed to make me happy?" Bobby asked drolly."Sheesh, Bobby, you know she's only trying help you.""Some help," he muttered.The round-faced young woman stared at him with a hard glint in her
eyes. Tammy was very mild mannered by all accounts. Yet those who had seen
her get angry knew not to push Tammy too far. She was charming and sweet,
in Bobby's estimation, and a wonderful friend, but she had limits. Jessica
and Trent were the only recipients of her ire as far as he knew, and what
he saw was not pretty. Tammy could be bluntly honest and tart-tongued when
her hackles were raised. She had verbally eviscerated Jessica and Trent the
previous school year, and neither seemed too predisposed to bring out that
side of Tammy again. Bobby was glad hussyfan porn
it had not been him, but at that moment
he sensed it could be his turn."Tammy... it's not that. I know what she's trying to do, and maybe she's
right, but, you know, I don't think this is something I need to be
pushing. If you know what I mean," he followed up quickly."Bobby, I listened to how hard you fought to stay on the hockey team, and I
can't see how this is any different," she rejoined quietly."I'd kill to play hockey!""But not for your own dignity in the halls?"Bobby looked away from her. The statement had not been delivered in
frustration or rancor, but carried instead a sense of pity. Bobby hated
being pitied. He never asked for it on the ice during practice or a game,
and he did not want his friends doling it out to him either."You can be the nicest guy in the world, Bobby, but no one is going to give
you any respect unless you demand it... and are willing to fight for
it. That's what Jess has been trying to tell you for over a year," Tammy
continued in the same gentle voice. "Can I tell you something?""Sure," Bobby said quietly."When you came out, and I know you didn't want to, I thought it was the
bravest thing I'd ever seen you do. Then you kept on playing hockey with
all those guys calling you names and taking cheap shots at you. You made
Trent think different about you, and that's saying something," Tammy listed
his accomplishments with a shared sense of pride."Yeah.""That's why I don't get why you don't want to do this. Even if you don't go
up against Alicia, she'll still have to hear what you say... and so will
everyone else. Bobby, this is your chance to make people think
differently... like you did with Trent.""I guess," Bobby mumbled."Don't guess: just do it. And do it good! You don't think you can, but
you're wrong. Think of it like a game. Hold `em back and guard your goal.""Net," he corrected her."Whatever," Tammy grumbled at him. "You get what I'm saying?"He did. The disconnect between what he was willing to do to play hockey and
what he was unwilling to do for himself in his daily life was becoming
clearer each time he talked to another person. Bobby had fought hard to
retain his place on the team. He beat back anyone who even tried to tell
him to leave. Letting himself become unhinged during practice and games had
proved the point to some people, regardless of the number of times he sat
in the penalty box or was benched by the coach for an excessive use of
force. Bobby's junior year had been not as punishing as his sophomore year,
and already a few of his teammates were talking to him about the upcoming
senior season. Bobby had, through brute force and iron will, bludgeoned a
niche for himself on the team. He was respected by most of his teammates
for his sheer guts and tenacity. What mattered most to Bobby, far and above
what his teammates actually thought of him, was that he was going to play
first-string as the starting goalie. The thoughts were plaguing him long
after he and Tammy ended their chat and went to the final class of the
day. One notion hit him as he trundled out the parking after school, in
search of either Trent or Mike Cousins."What about after the season?" Bobby inquired in a whisper.Robert Arnor decided debating could be handled in the same fashion as
hockey. He had to hit hard and fast, and refuse to let up regardless of
whatever was thrown at him. When Miss Lauren announced his decision to the
club, there was a simultaneous gasp girl sex kds and sigh. Bobby could not tell who was
relieved or who was surprised. No one volunteered that afternoon to speak
in favor of the question, and he was certain whoever would was going to
make the decision in private as he had done. Bobby was not given the chance
to worry about who he would face. Jessica, Sue, Jason and Matt, along with
a plainly disgruntled Trent, offered to lend him whatever assistance he
needed. The thought of spending time alone with Jason Brinker made Bobby's
head spin. It did not matter if Jason was heterosexual: just being near him
was good enough for Bobby. Thus, the great push to turn Robert Arnor into a
debater commenced. Jessica and Trent naturally took to playing the devil's
advocate role. Sue and Matt were Bobby's primary debate coaches, and Jason
was his research assistant. Mike and Tammy also lent a hand whenever they
could. It turned out to be a team effort, and Bobby was going to be playing
the point man."Past legal precedent does hold up well under current attitudes," Jason
said in the public library one evening. The five others sitting with him,
pouring over books, looked up. "Seriously. You read the old sodomy laws,
and their laughable. Who cares what two consenting adults are doing with
each other?""A lot of people care," Sue told him flatly. "I'll give you there have been
a few serious advancements, but there's a lot of backlash going on right
now. Bobby, what do you think of same-sex marriages?"Bobby lifted his eyes in surprise. He glanced around. Jason, Jessica,
Trent, Matt and Sue were waiting for him to reply. A funny feeling rose up
in his stomach, and it forced him to look down."Never, ah, really thought about it, um, you know, like before or
anything," he mangled his response. "Never?" Jessica asked him incredulously.Bobby shook his head to confirm the question."Why kds babytop
not?" Trent inquired with too much interest. Bobby instantly became
suspicious."Who're you thinking `bout marrying?" He answered with a question."At least I get to think about who, but what do you do?"Trent had met him head on."Nothing."His five friends were looking at him with a series of mixed
reactions. Bobby let his eyes drift back down to the page he was attempting
to decipher. The language was too confusing for him to understand all at
once."You've ever been on a date?" Sue cautiously inquired.Bobby swung his head from side to side."Then how do you know you're even gay?" Jason asked bluntly."Who do you dream about when you're alone?" Bobby queried without looking
up."Good point," Trent grunted."You ever... you know... ever think about... girls... like that?" Matt
stuttered.Bobby swung his head from side to side once more. His eyes remained fixed
on the page, although they were not taking in the words. An awkward,
creeping sensation was crawling up his spine. He did not like the direction
the conversation was taking."It's gotta be biological in nature," Jessica suddenly said very
loudly. "Can't be anything else.""If it is, then gay people are covered. Even though it's never been
explicitly stated," Jason said thoughtfully, "the Civil Rights movement of
the nineteen-fifties and sixties laid the framework for anti-discrimination
laws regarding genetic traits. It's against the law to discriminate because
of a condition that's outside the control of the individual. The ADA is all
over that!""What's that?" Trent asked."American's with Disabilities Act.""No way," Matt piped up. "The last thing we'd want to do is equate
homosexuality with retardation or other physical deformities. The object is
to say that being gay is top dark kds part of the natural human condition, not some
abnormality.""Totally!" Sue svens kds portal concurred."The only problem is there's no real scientific evidence saying a gay
person was genetically designed that way," Jessica countered."It was... what?" Matt mumbled and grabbed a book from the table. "'72 or
'73 when the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality as a
mental disorder."Bobby listened as his friends dove headlong into the issues surrounding
homosexuality. He felt as if he were being dissected in some bizarre
experiment. All the talk made him feel like a thing and not a person. A
piece of his humanity was being stripped away as his life was bandied about
with scientific curiosity. It was making Bobby angry."What?" Trent asked and nudged him with an elbow."It's like I'm in a zoo, and you're all poking and prodding at me," he
replied in a low tone."Bobby, no, it's not like that," Sue immediately rebutted, but her voice
was compassionate. "We have to look at the issues. I know it seems kind
of... sterile to be talking about it like this, but...""But this is my life you're talking about," Bobby cut her off. "This is
what I live every day. It's not some subject for me to debate: it's my
life. How would you feel if you were sitting with a bunch of gay people and
they were talking about how you felt about people like topkds russian
you're doing to me?"Silence dropped over them."What's your take on it, Bobby?" Jason inquired quietly."Why do people get their panties all bunched up over this? Huh? What does
my personal life have to do with anyone else's?""People have strong opinions about this. You do know that?" Jessica asked
him coolly."Look, reverse the situation for a second. What if gay people were the
majority? How would you feel if people were always saying you should be
treated like... like... a disease or something? That what you are is wrong,
and you deserve to get treated like shit? What would that do to you?"Bobby audibly snapped his mouth closed with his last question. He tried not
to glare, but he could not help it. Each face he looked upon was a mask of
seriousness. These people, he suddenly realized, were taking what he said
with gravity. Bobby had turned the tables. The academic subject for others
suddenly became less of a mental form of gymnastics."That's pretty good," Trent whispered."Yeah, it is," Matt agreed."One problem," Jessica added.Everyone waited."The hypothetical nature russian kds porn of the argument does nothing to answer the
question of whether gay people are asking for special rights.""What's so special about asking just to be left alone and being treated
decently? It's what everyone else expects. Isn't it?" Bobby jumped on her
statements."I think we have a debater," Sue muttered and smiled."Master... debater," Trent followed up quickly.Bobby punched him in the arm while the other broke out laughing. As Trent
rubbed his bicep, the mood around the table shifted. Bobby could sense
it. The question was no longer personal for only him: it has been expanded
to encompass all of them. The damn broke, and the studying took on a
fevered pitch. Over the course of the next week, they began to build their
arguments. Matt top linkz kds elwebb and Sue rehearsed with Bobby. Trent and Jessica were
merciless in tearing apart whatever he said. Bobby got very irate on
several occasions, and he was warned that was exactly what the other side
would do. The weekend came and went. Bobby was up to his armpits in books
and papers. His parents, brother and sisters were agog. The family had been
uneasy with Bobby's declaration of his sexuality, but they were learning to
adjust their thinking. They watched him as he struggled to define the
question for the debate club. At the same time, Bobby was unaware that he
was also defining himself. School resumed, and with it came the first of
the bi-weekly debate club meetings. Bobby's head was stuffed full of facts
and arguments that he almost missed an important segment of the meeting."All right," Ms. Lauren said and called them to order. "Today Pat and
Denise are going to debate the question about restructuring post-driver
education laws."Pat Weimer and Denise Neilson shifted in their seats."Before they begin, I need the three people who signed up to speak
supporting the gay rights question to decide which one of them is going to
actually do the presentation," Ms. Lauren explained. "We've already got the
person speaking against, so we've got to decide who will be debating with
Robby.""Bobby," Bobby mumbled.Ms. Lauren ignored him as she walked to the back of the room. One boy and
two girls had stood, Alicia Dover among them, and formed a small knot
around a desk. Ms. Lauren joined them. A steady stream of hissing whispers
issued from the group, but it was unintelligible to Bobby. He had to wait
along with the rest of the class for the final announcement. A few minutes
later, Ms. Lauren turned around and surveyed the class."Alicia Dover will be debating the question with Robby," she told the
assembled."No surprise there," Jessica said dourly.Bobby had dared to glance up during the announcement and saw the smug
expression on Alicia's face. He swallowed hard against the tumult of
emotions the look espoused in him. Bobby's hockey instincts took over, and
he toyed with the idea of slashing her in the knee with his goalie
stick. However, he was quite certain he would not be allowed to brandish
his preferred weapon during the debate. Sue and Matt had been wrestling
with Bobby to keep his emotions in check lest he hand the advantage to his
opponent. Over the course of time the group was studying the question, they
resorted with greater frequency to sport analogies, hockey in particular,
to help Bobby gain some perspective on what he would encounter. It did
wonders for Bobby. The concepts were easier for him to grasp. Trent was
having a grand time doing everything in his power to antagonize Bobby. It
was during one session that the name-calling began."Fag!" Trent said bluntly during lunchtime training period."WHAT?" Bobby roared and jumped to his feet while curling his fingers into
a fist."I said," Trent replied calmly, "fag!"Bobby could feel his cheeks heating up."Least you're not gonna breed mutant children like he is," Mike Cousins
retorted as he pulled on Bobby's sleeve to hold him back."Hey!" Trent grunted with ire. "This is part of getting him ready!""I don't think Dover is going to resort to insulting him, Trent," Jessica
chimed in. "Against the rules, if you'd care to read them."Trent crossed his arms and sat back in the chair."And Mike kds naturist
is right: you is gonna have some butt-ugly rug rats when you get
around to it," she added snidely.The tete-de-tete over personal insults began between Bobby and Trent. It
became a private joke for them, even though many others found it
reprehensible. In a unique fashion, pdo kds porn it let Bobby know Trent was truly his
friend. Trent had asked for latitude, and he received it. In return, Bobby
was assured of Trent's loyalty. Few understood the mechanics of the
relationship, yet it worked for the two. The odd name game they enjoyed
with one another had a proven benefit: Bobby learned to listen to an
insult, analyze it, and then pick it apart. It robbed the name-caller of
the fun of watching someone get angry. It was a valuable lesson, and Bobby
began to use it regularly with those who still thought it worthwhile to
personally insult him. Few people were willing to stand around and listen
while Bobby methodically and slowly dismembered the insult. There were a
couple of occasions when he bored himself nearly to death, but the ploy was
effective. He was beginning to appreciate some of the side benefits of
belonging to the debate club.The next club meeting revealed the timetable for the various debates. Bobby
was given two more weeks to prepare, and with the three already behind him,
he was starting to believe he would actually stand a chance against Alicia
Dover. The group helped him prepare, while he did what he could to help
with their debates, and they came to depend on one another. It was a odd
mix of friends for Bobby, especially since he could not quite get over his
feelings about Jason Brinker. He tried to suppress it, but there were times
when he caught himself staring at Jason and daydreaming. Jason, for his
part, did not seem overtly bothered by the attention. Bobby realized Jason
was being polite, and he privately vowed to monitor his behavior when
around his much needed friend. Jessica, Sue and Matt were also
invaluable. Trent took on the role of the hardheaded driving force. Bobby
had learned to deflect Trent's insults so deftly that it was no longer part
of their training. Tammy and Mike, when they were of the mind, would sit in
to watch the performances. Their presence proved fortuitous."I was thinking," Mike said one evening when everyone was gathered at the
Arnor residence. "Most of the stuff I hear people complain about has a lot
to do with religion. What if Alicia goes off on some bible-thumping spree?"Matt looked at Jessica. Sue glanced at Tammy. Bobby, Trent and Jason
exchanged looks. That aspect had been completely overlooked. Mike stared at
all of them."Come on! You know she's gonna bring it up!" Mike chastised the group."She will," Jessica growled. "The so-called Judeo-Christian foundation of
the country.""Separation of church and state," Matt countered."It's not tgp porn kds codified," Sue reminded him. "It was an afterthought by
Jefferson.""Traditional family values is used to gloss over that anyway," Tammy
mentioned absent-mindedly."First Amendment," Jason stated and looked around. "If she brings up
religion, we have that to fall back on.""Can I use your computer, Bobby?" Mike asked quickly."Sure," Bobby consented, but his mind was turning over the implications of
the new twist in the debate.The group talked quietly about how Bobby should approach the religious
question. It was a tricky problem because, whether he intended it kds posing in underwear
or not,
he could end up being insulting to everyone listening to him. No one
believed dismissing religion would do him any service. All of them thought
Alicia Dover was bound to make it part of the issue, and it could be a
potent weapon. Jessica, Jason and Sue were applying the best part of their
minds to the situation when Mike came bounding back into the family, where
they were sprawled out, grinning wickedly. He held out several sheets of
paper toward Bobby. Bobby took them, and started to read. Within moments,
he was chuckling."Where'd you get this?" He asked his friend in grateful awe."I saw it a couple of months ago. It's been floating around the `Net for a
while. Besides, I think that doctor lady is a total skank `ho," Mike
informed him cheerfully.It only took a few seconds before everyone was gathered around Bobby
reading over his shoulder or whatever angle they could manage. Soon, they
were all laughing. Mike Cousins had found a powerful source for
counter-arguments. Jason warned Bobby not to make a mockery of religion,
but to use the information as a means to show that some modes of biblical
law application were completely outdated. Bobby took Jason's advice to
heart. He would simply present the new evidence without any humor or
levity. Even with the facetious element removed, the facts were compelling.Trent was relentless in his self-appointed role. Bobby could not explain
why, but there was something very personal at stake for Trent. Had he not
known his friend as well as he did, Bobby would have begun to question
Trent's heterosexual assertions. As the second to last week before the
debate wore away, the motivation became clear. Trent detested Alicia Dover
more than any other person alive. It took careful wheedling on Bobby's
part, but he learned that Trent and Alicia had dated briefly. Their breakup
was, from what could be learned, amicable. However, the remnants of their
friendship decayed rapidly when Trent did not immediately side with Alicia
against Bobby when the truth was revealed. Bobby understood without needing
to ask that a good portion of Trent's early hostility had centered on the
incident. It made the friendship dearer for him: Trent had personally
suffered to remain his friend. Trent's loyalty, albeit antagonistic at
times, had never truly wavered. It had russian kds nudes been put to the test, and hussyfan galleries Bobby had
emerged the victor. New fuel was added to his desire to lay waste to
whatever arguments Alicia Dover had planned. Bobby was no longer fighting
for himself: he was engaged in a battle for all of those who had remained
true to him. He was beginning to understand why Jessica had pushed him to
join the debate club.As mentally tired as he was from the constant studying, both for the club
and for his regular schoolwork, Bobby could not sleep the night before the
debate was to commence. He tossed and turned in his bed for several hours
before he got up and wandered into the kitchen. After fetching a glass of
milk, he sat at the kitchen table staring out the window into the
darkness. Even when the milk was gone, Bobby continued to look out into a
world shrouded in shadow. There came a point when his mind disgorged itself
of what had been keeping him awake: Bobby was nervous and afraid of failing
his friends. They had put so much effort into preparing for this moment
that he was a bit panicky about making mistakes; yet he knew he would. It
was destined to happen since he was venturing into a sport he did not fully
understand. Bobby felt real doubt nudging aside all the facts crammed into
his head. He was considering returning to bed when the floor creaked behind
him. He turned and saw his father walking toward."Everything all right?" His father asked."Just nervous `bout tomorrow," Bobby admitted."I'd think with all you've done over the last couple of weeks you'd be more
than ready.""Dad, I never done this before... and I really don't know what I'm doing,"
he said, making another confession."Then why'd you even get involved?" His father questioned as he sat down at
the table.Bobby looked across the table. He thought of a thousand excuses he could
give his father, yet the seemed entirely too weak to stand up to
scrutiny. The time spent with friends both old and new had changed his
reasons. There was only one now, and it was not easily explained."I could tell you Jess made me do it," Bobby said quietly."She got it started, but..." his father replied and trailed off, leaving the
query unspoken."But it's different now. It's like I never really thought about what it all
meant... to me or anyone else. This whole sexuality thing, it's weird.""It was a little strange for us.""It still is, dad.""Maybe," his father rejoined with a nod of his head. "All the years I
watched you grow up, playing hockey... it was a father's dream.""So, I let you down?" Bobby inquired darkly."No, I wouldn't say that. Bobby, it just seemed so... unimaginable to me,
and to the rest of the family. There was nothing about you at all, even
when you were young, that hinted you might be gay. You were all boy...""I still am!""I'm not criticizing you, son," his father told him with an edge in his
voice. "You were a model kid. Heather, Jimmy and Teresa look up to you. You
never really caused any problems, and you so damn good out on the ice. When
you told us... it was like it came out of nowhere.""I didn't act gay, so you thought I wasn't?" He questioned, but with more
respect."That's one way to look at it.""What's the other way?"His father sat back in the chair and sighed. Bobby thought thumb kds he looked older
and very tired. The past two years had been a strain on the entire
family. It was never an outright battle, but the undercurrents had been
extremely tense. Some conversations were completely avoided. Any talk of
marriage or grandchildren had evaporated, at least in front of him. Bobby
felt excluded from the family at times, but there was no single incident he
could point to prove it. It was simply a subconscious awareness. He stared
at his father wondering what the man honestly thought."A parent hopes and dreams for the best for their children, and then one
small thing comes along and changes the rules," his father said
quietly. "Suddenly it's a different playing field. I didn't understand the
rules. Hell, I didn't even understand the game.""It's not a game, dad: it's my life," Bobby muttered."I know that, and that's where being a parent has limitations. I can't tell
you how to act or behave. I can't give you any hints or instructions on
what you're going to face. I'm just as lost as you are, and it's a hard
spot to be in, Bobby. Half the time I'm scared to death for you, and the
other times... I'm mad at God `cause of what happened."Bobby sat up, felt his face hardening, and spoke sternly, "Do you realize
you just said God made a mistake with me? Do you know what that says about
how you think about me? Am I that much of a disappointment to you that you
have to blame God?""No, and I think we could both do without the patronizing attitude," his
father called him up short. "Bobby, we still love you...""You don't have to. There's no law or rule that says you do.""Don't think you're giving me any alternatives," the man responded crossly
and leaned forward. "Yes, it's been hard, pretty damn hard sometimes, but I
never once stopped loving you. Neither did your mother. Do you know how
powerless we feel most of the time with you?"Bobby narrowed his eyes. This was a new revelation about his parents he
never considered. He sat mute and waited to hear more."It's not too different from how you feel with this whole debate club," his
father continued in a calmer tone. "Bobby, we didn't have any frame of
reference. We didn't know what to expect with you, and we felt so damn
helpless. We watched what you went through in hockey... and I've got to say
I was very proud of you. You didn't give up. You're a fighter, and it made
me feel even more useless. You took on that battle with such determination,
and there was nothing I could to help you. You were on your own... and that
got to me.""Why didn't you tell me this before?" Bobby asked in a hurt voice. "Why
couldn't we sit down and just talk. You and mom... everybody acted hussyfan board pussy like it
was something we couldn't discuss. Why?""What could we say that wouldn't give you the wrong impression?" The man
asked, but did not wait for an answer. "At the worst you would have felt
abandoned, like we gave up on you. At the best... you'd think we were
bigots... because we didn't understand. We tried, Bobby! Your mother and I
talk about it all the time...""But you could've talked to me!""That was probably our worst mistake. We listened to you and Trent argue
about you, and we didn't want it to come to that with us. I just didn't
want your life to become one endless argument," his father said, and sorrow
tainted his voice. "I'm actually jealous about Trent: he knows you like I
don't. We made mistakes, Bobby. Your mother and I made some very poor
choices about what to do with and for you. I could sit here all night
apologizing, but it wouldn't change the past. We both know that.""So this is how it's gonna be? We're kds porn pix just gonna be strangers until I go
away?" Bobby inquired, and the hurt rang loudly in his voice."No," the man said in the same tone. "Not if I can help it. Watching you
and your friends struggle with this debate, watching them treat you like
they do... it made us feel kds porn topsites pretty small. Those kids really like you, and it
doesn't matter to them that you're gay. They see it as being just a part of
who you are... and that's what the rest of have to learn. We're trying,
Bobby. After seeing everything Trent and Jessica...and the others are
willing to do for you, your family knows what we have to do now."Bobby was doubtful. It was etched across his face."We are going to try, Bobby, and you're going to have to help us. We never
gave up on you. Maybe it didn't show, but we didn't. Please, don't give up
on us. This is something we have to do together... as a family. It won't
work if you back out."Bobby's eyebrows drew together."If you're angry, I can't blame you. You..." and his father paused for a
moment. "You never flaunted it. You didn't make a show out of it. You're
the same child we've always known. It blinded us, Bobby. We let one small
thing get in the way... and we couldn't see around it. Bobby, do you know
what had the most impact on us?""No," he answered quietly."The education we go from listening in on you and your friends. You showed
us where to start, and you didn't even know it. Son, I've been awfully
proud watching you play hockey, but I think I'm more proud of what you're
doing now."Bobby watched his father's mouth turn into a small smile."Jessica bullied you into doing this, I know she did," his father said and
smiled more. "We all know what she's like, and you're damn lucky to have
her as a friend. Your mother, me, your brother and even your sisters
benefited from you knowing her. We heard. We listened. It's going to
change. It won't happen overnight, but it is going to change. I promise you
that, son.""I hope so," Bobby murmured."You won't believe it until you see it, and I understand that. Just
remember to give us one more chance. If you don't, then nothing will
change... and I don't think you want that any more than we do."Bobby nodded his head. He did want the situation to change. High school
would end for him in less than a year, but his family would continue for
the rest of his life. It troubled him to think he would gradually drift
away from them. Bobby did not want that to happen. They were his family
and, if his father was speaking truly, there was hope."You have an important day tomorrow," hussyfan free pics sex galleries babyshivid his father stated and stood up. "Try
to get some sleep.""Yeah, in a little bit," Bobby replied.He watched his father walked around the table and aim for the
hallway. Before the man could fully depart from the room, Bobby's mind
sprang into action. There was one item left to say."Dad," he called out softly. His father stopped and turned around. "Dad...
thanks. I, um... I think we need to talk more often... like this. You know?""I really know that now, Bobby. We will, and it'll get kds naked better."His father smiled one last time, turned, and disappeared into the dark
corridor. Bobby sat at the table. It was not relief that coursed through
him, but a sense a threshold had been crossed. He and his father had
talked. It was significant for all the directness it lacked. Yet it was a
start, and Bobby counted it as win. The discourse with his father robbed
made the impending debate seem less frightening. He had never considered
the fact he was afraid kds world nude to talk with his family. Jessica's persistence had
paid off more than she realized, and he could not wait to tell her. In the
end, he was glad he had resisted the countless urges to pummel Jessica with
a book. Bobby got up from his seat, placed the glass in the sink, turned
off the lights, and went in search of whatever sleep he could find. The
butterflies in his stomach reminded him of the nights before a big game. As
he wandered back to his room, he acknowledged he was about to hussyfan porno engage in one
of the most important games of his young life.Bobby awoke the next morning feeling fuzzy. The world seemed a bit surreal
to him. His mind constantly fended off the doubts that had assailed him the
night before. He was thrown off guard when his father, dressed for work,
entered the kitchen. Without a warning or a word, his father leaned over
and kissed Bobby on the forehead. The present members of the family watched
the small display with what amounted to curiosity. Jimmy, his brother,
glanced back and forth between them. Bobby shrugged, but he was grinning.
Bobby thought about the act of his father on and off throughout the day. It
made the day a bit more bizarre, but it was a good distraction. Lunchtime
with his friends was a subdued affair. They drilled him quietly over every
detail of the arguments he would make. Trent was armed with a stack of note
cards in a box as though it was made of gold. Written on each was a
reference to a specific point. It was Trent's job to feed Bobby the cards
during the debate. He would listen to the opposing side, and select the
best bits of information at their disposal. Bobby would then arrange his
rebuttals and statements accordingly. By the end of lunch, his mind felt
mushy. He made a kds blog nude valiant but vain attempt to forget about what was looming
closer with each passing second."Just be cool, and do what you've been training to do," Trent told him
after the remark about trying to change Bobby's sexuality while sitting in
the classroom waiting for Ms. Lauren to appear.The club was quieter, tenser, that day than during previous meetings. It
was no secret Bobby had been working diligently, along with his friends, to
prepare for the debate. As a group, they had decided to ignore Alicia Dover
and whatever preparations she made. The goal was to seize the argument and
force her to debate against the facts. Bobby was attempting to draw
diagrams in his head, similar to hockey plays, which would help him achieve
the desired results. His stomach was bucking with each thought. He had
never been that queasy before a game, even when the team had reached the
regional finals."Block the net. Close the gap. Knees together. Stick down. Glove
ready. Watch for the wrist flick," he mumbled to himself."Hook her ankle," Trent muttered, and then snickered."If she starts to win, check her against the board!" Bobby instructed his
friend.Trent's laughter boomed throughout the room. Ms. Lauren, who had entered
during Bobby's quiet litany, glanced over at them and smiled
encouragingly. She then surveyed the class. Bobby did as well. Several of
the club members were still watching Trent and him. Bobby put on his game
face, and smiled in a menacing fashion. A few people turned and whispered
hurriedly to Alicia Dover. She looked at Bobby. He repeated the smile. Her
face remained fro

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