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Related post: Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 01:50:39 EDT
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Mob's Bath Boy 6 I tried to read the magazine I had bought but my mind kept going
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swimsuit and headed to the pool. I figured if I took some laps in the pool
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The pool was almost empty as I started swimming back and forth. A
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catch my breath the two moved closer and wanted to know if I was interested
in having a little fun with them. I started to take them up on their offer
but noticed the man and the young boy as they entered the pool area. They
were headed toward Uncle Joe's room. I told the two men that if they were
around later to ask me then. I told them I had an appointment I had to go
to but would probably be free later on.
They seemed a little mad but said they would try to catch me later
as young porno
they moved to the other pool. I climbed Gay young kids
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The old man seemed to calm down as I pulled my swimsuit off and
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I slowly pushed his head
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I noticed his throat tighten as he started to gag, but he did as I
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The boy's eyes got large as he realized the man was controlling the
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It was almost too much for me to take. All I wanted to do was force youngest angels mpg my
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I kept watching the man so I could warn the boy when he was about
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The man rammed his cock forward as his cum started flowing. The
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deep as I could. The boy moaned but I couldn't tell if it was from
pleasure or pain.
As his asshole relaxed I was able to slide my tongue around inside.
I noticed the man was rubbing the boy's head as his little ass spread even
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I started sliding my finger in and out of his asshole as his little
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like he was about to cum, I pulled my fingers out and forced his hands off
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The boy opened his eyes and we could tell he didn't want to stop.
I asked the old man if he wanted to be the boy's first. He started to move
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As he started jerking himself I pushed my cock into his ass. youngest porn pics
There was
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His asshole was hot and tight. I knew if I wasn't careful my turn
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The old man thanked me for the help in breaking the boy in and
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day while he attended to business. He said he would pay me to look after
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The man told me that I didn't have to worry about the boy trying to
leave because his father had talked to him and told him he could not come
home until his debt was settled. The old man looked over at the boy to
make sure he was asleep and then told me that he didn't know if the boy's
father would ever settle his debt. He said the man was a drunk and wasn't
much of a father to the boy and the boy's mother had left him years ago.
He said that the boy had probably had more good food in the last few days
with him than he had the last few years with his father.
We got to talking and I told him what had happened to my father and
how I had come to work in the bathhouse. He told me he knew my Uncle Joe
as I called him and would talk to him about the boy. I asked him if it was
all right if I took the boy home with me sort of as friends sleeping over
at each others house. I told him I would make up a story for my mother
since she didn't know what I really did at the bathhouse. The old man said
that was fine with him, but to let him know or at least leave a note with
the front desk so he wouldn't come looking for him and he not be here.
We decided to go to the sauna and work up a good sweat while we let
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about what had been happening around town when we entered but the
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were playing with themselves. They pulled the towel off of themselves and
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They all seemed to be looking at me and the man I was with asked if
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My ass had gotten hot and sweaty and wanted some attention of its own.
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I felt a dirty young girls lot of pressure at my young naged angel
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my asshole began to squeeze and release his cock as I went through my
orgasm. When it stopped he started pumping with all his might. I was glad
someone was sitting in front of me to keep me from being pounded into the
wooden bench.
I was able to place my head on the inside of the man's legs and let
the man at my ass do all the work. I had the cock in my mouth and as the
man fucked my ass he was forcing the other cock into my mouth and I would
then push my head off of it as he pulled his cock almost out. We had
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The guy with the long cock moved behind me but I told him to wait.
I got up and placed some of the towels on the bench as I lay down on my
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The men helped me up and all but carried me to the showers. I
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but instead of using my
body they matched up and were servicing each other. I was getting horny
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When I entered the room the old too young pussy man was finishing getting dressed
as kids young pussys the young boy was still sleeping on the table. He had been covered by
some towels, which reminded me that I had better get a fresh supply. I
told the man that I was going to take the boy home with me and see if he
could spend the night with me, but we would be back early in the morning.
The man handed me some money and said there was enough there to feed the
two of us plus chunky young pussy some extra for me for helping with the boy.
The man left and I took a pile of dirty towels to the laundry for
exchange. When I returned the boy was just beginning to wake up. He
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he filled me in on what a drunk
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said that if he got sex young video one meal a day he felt lucky. I told him that as long
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I told him that he could go home with me but I was Egg foo young not sure if he
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I told him that the man who had brought him here had made
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promised not to run away. He laughed and said he surely didn't want to
leave. He said he had it better with the old man than he did at home.
I told him that while he was around the bathhouse there would be
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told him we needed to get some used clothes so he wouldn't stick out from
the other children in our building, plus my mother would want to know why
he was wearing new clothes.
We started to leave the building when the man at the desk called
out to me. He handed me several envelopes that the men I had been with had
left. I started opening them as we walked along the street. There was at
least ten dollars in each of the envelopes and a couple young portal tgp had even young nudist russian more. The
boy with me just stared at the money as I stuffed most free young tits of it in my pocket.
I handed him a couple of dollars and told him that he could keep it incase
he got hungry. He thanked me for the money and quickly pushed it into his
There was and old thrift type store just a block away that my
mother had often used for some of our clothes. We walked in and the old
man behind the counter asked if he could help. I told him that my friend
had just moved to town and his luggage had been lost and he needed some
clothes. He said that was too bad but he was sure he had plenty of clothes
to fit him. He told us to move to the back where the dressing room was and
have him take off his shirt and pants so he could see the size.
We stepped into the small room that had a little bench and he
removed his shirt and handed it to the old man. He looked for a label but
couldn't find one, then told us that he could use it to measure against the
other shirts. He left calling back to ask if we wanted a button down shirt
or pull over. I told him to bring a couple of each.
He returned with four shirts and had the boy try one on. It fit
fine younger girl sex
so I told him we would take all four. The old man told the boy to
take his pants off so he could use them to go by. He then noticed that
they were a little short young russian schoolgirls and it would probably be young sex hentay easier to use a measuring
tape. He reached just outside the room and when he turned around the boy
had dropped his pants before he remembered he had not underwear on.
The old man grinned and said it looked like he needed some briefs
as well unless he didn't wear them. I told him he needed some if he was
going to stay at japanese pics young my house. Didn't want him to walk around my room with his
peter sticking out. nonnude galleries young The old man giggled as he told him to step up on the
bench so he didn't have to bend over. He had him raise his shirt as he
wrapped the tape around his waist. I noticed the man's hands seemed to rub
against the boy's ass more than was necessary.
He took the measurement around his waist and then said he had to
take an inseam measurement. He placed the tape on the boy's ankle and then
pulled it up toward his balls. amateur young moviesmovies He waited until his hand was in contact
with the boy's ball before he told him to hold them out of the way. african young nudes He
said he was through but didn't remove his hand as the boy let his balls
fall back on top of the man's hand. As the man stood up he let his hand
run up the boy's balls and slide against his cock.
The old man said he would be right back with some pants and
underwear. The boy looked at me and said he thought the old man wanted to
play with him. I grinned and told him I noticed it too. I asked him if he
wanted to let him. He said he might but wasn't sure. I told him to stay
there that I young nn top had to look around for something for myself. As I passed the
old man I told him Will young mp3
I had to go around the corner to the general store to
pick up something but would be back to pay for the boy's clothes.
The old man told me that the boy would be fine until I returned,
and he would be sure to take care of him while I was gone.
I took my time as I looked over the candy before buying a bag full
to take home. As I entered the store the little bell that hung over the
door let out its warning sound. I heard some noise in the back but took my
time going back there. Just before I got to the dressing room the old man
came out and said the boy was getting dressed and wanted to know how many
pairs of pants we wanted to buy. I told him that he needed a pair of pants
for each shirt.
The old man said he had found some underwear in great condition and
had put them with the other things. As he was telling me this and
gathering up all the things he would not look at me. He took out a piece
of paper and started scratching some numbers on it and then told me that
the clothes came to three dollars, and he had thrown in a pair of good
looking shoes as well. I paid the man just as the boy stepped out of the
dressing room in one suit of his new clothes. He looked even better than
he had before we bought his clothes.
The man reached under the counter and placed all the clothes in a
small old duffle bag and told us we could keep the bag. We young babies porno started out the
door and the old man told us to be sure and come by and see him when we
weren't busy. As we got out on the street I looked at the boy and it
dawned on me that I young porn adolescent
didn't even know his name. I asked him what people
called him and he said mostly Charlie.
I looked at him and asked him if the old man had done anything to
him. He turned red and said yes. I waited for him to tell me but it was
apparent he wasn't going to. I finally told him to tell me what the old
man had done to him. Charlie said that the old man had come back into the
room and said he needed to check a measurement. This time he didn't ask me
to help move my balls but grabbed them and gently bounced them as he
pretended to measure my leg.
Charlie said that after a few seconds his cock started to grow and
the old man sucked it in his mouth. Charlie said he let the man do what he
wanted but when the old younger thumbnails man pulled his mouth off of his cock, he pulled his
teeth out and sucked my cock back inside his mouth. He said the man
started chewing on his cock as he sucked young jap teens it. Charlie said the hard gums
munching on his cock felt great and that he had just shot his load in the
man's mouth when the bell sounded.
We had made it to my building as we started in. I introduced
Charlie to the sitter and my brother and sister. My mother hadn't made it
home yet but was due any minute. We went to the room that my younger
brother and I shared as we waited. We looked out the window and noticed
the bullies were at it on the street below. They were chasing the younger
and weaker boys around taking whatever they happen to have. young tender nude We were
laughing as we watched one real fat boy trying to catch some of the younger
boys. The younger boys would stay just out of his reach and then run when
he got close. He never did catch one of them.
I heard the door open as I told Charlie to follow youngboys are naked me. I introduced
Charlie and asked if it was all right for him to spend the night with us.
I filled her in on the story we had agreed on and said that he was a
brother to one of the older boys that worked in the laundry of the
bathhouse. thick young girls
She bought the story and said it would be ok if he stayed, but
wanted to know if his parents knew he was staying. I told her that we had
asked them first and told them if we were not back by dark that it was ok
with her. I told them where we lived and what apartment.
She told us to go into my room and play while she got young nnude dinner ready.
We ran back into my room and started watching the action on the street
below. The first thing we noticed was that the fat boy had managed to get
his hands on one of the younger boys. He had hit him on the arm as he
pulled him along with him. We watched wondering what he was going to do to
the young boy. The other boys would grab the boys and make them give them
what money they had, and when they didn't have any they would get punched
real hard in the stomach until the boys would curl up in pain on the
The fat boy pulled his victim around behind a little building that
was right below my window. On the ground you could not see who was behind
the building unless you went behind it. We watched as the fat boy hit the
other one on the arm hard enough for us to hear it. He then told the boy
to give him his money. When the boy said he had none the fat boy told him
he would have to pay him in a different young horny teens way. He pushed the little boy down
on his knees and grabbed his hair in his hands. We watched as he made the
boy unzip his pants and then suck his cock.
After a few seconds the fat boy was forcing the kids face into his
groin as he fucked the little boys mouth. We could tell when the fat boy
came because the little boy started gagging. The fat boy slapped the boy
across his face and told him to clean it all off. The little boy did and
then zipped the fat boy's pants up before he was pushed to the ground and
told that if he didn't have any money to give the fat boy he would have to
suck his cock. The fat boy said as long as he got money or a blowjob from
the boy he wouldn't tell anyone that the boy liked to suck cock. The fat
boy walked off as the little boy got up and dusted himself off.
We watched as the little boy returned to the main street where his
friends gathered around him and were asking what the boy had done to him,
but we couldn't tell if he had told the truth or not. We both figured he
My mother called for us to come and eat. We sat down and enjoyed
the meal that my mother had quickly prepared. I didn't think it was
anything special but Charlie really dug into it. My mother noticed his
appetite and asked if his mother cooked much for young angel fucking them. Charlie glanced at
me and said his mother had to work and they usually had sandwiches because
she was too tired to cook in the afternoon. My mother didn't want to pry
so she changed the subject After dinner we went back into my room and watched the action on
the streets below. The age of the kids on the streets had changed. The
younger kids had been called home as the teenagers and older best young tgp
kids, mostly
boys were young erection pix wondering around the streets. There were a few girls that were
usually surrounded by several boys. We noticed that some of the older boys
were passing around a bottle of some sort and taking drinks from it. We
watched as the fat boy that we had seen earlier moved up to one of the
groups of boys and tried to get a drink.
One of the older boys moved back behind the building and was
relieving himself when the fat boy came up and asked for a drink from the
bottle. The older boy turned around with his cock still sticking out of
his pants. He grabbed the fat boy and we could hear him say he had
something he could drink on. He forced the fat boy to his knees and
proceeded to do to the fat boy what the fat boy had done to the young shaved vaginas
younger boy
earlier. He heard the older boy grunt when he came. He then held the fat
boy's head against him as he ground his cock into his mouth. We heard sweet young sex the
older boy tell him that he was to come back in an hour and young incest galleries he might want
him to suck him off again.
We moved away from the window and started getting ready for bed.
Charlie and very young mpg I both stripped to our briefs and crawled into bed together.
Charlie kept rubbing against me and wanting amateur young porn to play but I told him we would
have to wait until my little brother was asleep. My brother didn't take
long to fall asleep so we lay there talking about the men in the bathhouse.
We talked about the size of each man but didn't use any words my little
brother might know or pick up.
I noticed my little brother was asleep so I young teen shower
reached over and
started jerking on Charlie's cock. He returned the favor as we played young porn ukraine
each other until we both had cum. I told Charlie that we couldn't do
anything else so we snuggled against each other and dozed off.
We woke to the smell of breakfast cooking, as we both had to
relieve our hard cocks. While we were peeing my little brother came
running in pulling his pants down. He said if we didn't move he would pee
all over us. I pushed Charlie to the side as the three of us emptied our
bladders. I noticed my little brother taking a good look at the different
size cocks and watched as they all three seemed to deflate as we continued
to pee. He had seen my cock hard before just as he was looking now and had
never abused asian young
said anything about it.
We dressed and made it to the kitchen where my mother had breakfast
waiting on us. We settled in as she said her goodbyes and left for work.
I told Charlie that we picture young nude
would have to wait on the sitter, but she would
probably be here within thirty minutes. Charlie was to busy eating to
really hear what I was telling him. We had finished and I placed the
dishes in the sink when the knock came young rape movies
on the door. I opened the door and
said hello to the sitter as I told Charlie we could leave now. I tossed my
brother and sister a couple pieces of candy and told them to mind the
sitter or there would be no more candy.
Charlie and I had made it almost off of my block when the fat boy
we had seen the day before stepped out in front of us. He told fine young cannibals
us that if
we didn't give him our money that he was going to beat the two of us. I
looked at Charlie and told the fat boy that if he didn't want it being told
around the block that he had the little boy's suck his cock or that he had
to suck off the older boys, that he would move and let us by. The boy's
face turned red as he stepped aside and Charlie and I walked past him.
When we were out of hearing range we both started laughing.
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