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Related post: Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 17:24:34 EDT
Subject: Mike (part four, HS) This story is mostly true and happened to me. All the names have been
changed to protect the subjects' privacy. This story contains descriptions of
sexual acts between young men. If you do not wish to read this, or if you are
under eighteen, please exit now. Thanks.Part Four The night had 13 preteen angel become a full-fledged orgy. We all did it twice more
before we fell asleep. Once I even fucked Mike in the ass while Chris sucked music for preteens
his cock. When we did fall hardcore fuck preteen
asleep, it was wrapped in each other's arms after
a long bout of kissing.
A loud boom jolted preteen video gallaries me awake early the next morning. Chris was beside me
lying on his side sleeping peacefully. I rolled over and looked toward the
window. It was pouring down rain outside. As nude preteen pron I watched the water stream
down the glass, another loud crash of thunder vibrated the house. I glanced
at the clock on the bedside table. It was eight thirty.
"'Morning," Chris said quietly, his voice thick with sleep.
"Hey," I smiled back.
I leaned in to Chris and kissed him. He kissed back and then snuggled
down into my arms.
"Mike got up a while ago," Chris told me. "He's gonna make us
"Wow, I didn't know he could cook," I said.
"Yeah, I know. But that's what he said."
We were silent for a few minutes after that. We just lay there
peacefully holding newsgroup preteen pics each other and watching the rain come down. After a while
I turned my gaze to Chris, whose angelic face was resting on my chest.
"God, you're beautiful," I whispered.
"You too," he preteen rape gallery answered, twisting around so he could look up at me. "I'm
so happy being here. I mean it. You don't know how long I've wished for
something like this -- aw jeeze, that sounded stupid."
"No, I think it's sweet," I answered. "I feel the same way pre teen fun about you."
We were quiet for a couple of minutes more until delicious cooking
smells began to drift up the stairs and into our room. We were both drifting
off again, but the aroma of Mike's cooking woke us up again and made our little preteens illegal

stomachs growl. We got out of preteen small butt bed and went to the bathroom to brush our
teeth. The rainy morning was a little cool, so we pulled on shorts and
t-shirts before going downstairs.
Mike met us in the breakfast room. He was wearing a pair of my uncle's
silk boxer shorts and a robe that hung loose, exposing his bare preteens en lollitas chest. They
could have easily looked silly on him, but models preteen nude instead they made him almost
irresistibly sexy. He greeted Chris with a brief but very hot kiss before
pulling me into his arms and slipping his tongue into my welcoming mouth.
After that was over, we sat down to the delicious breakfast of omelets that
Mike had whipped up for us. We were amazed at what preteen pics top a great cook Mike was.
He explained that because of his parent's work schedules, everyone in his
family had to take their turn cooking.
After ilegal preteens 14 breakfast Mike suggested that we show Chris the video that had
been the catalyst for getting him and me in bed together in the black preteens pussy first place.
We both agreed and curled up together on vombat pics preteen the big leather couch in the den.
Mike had the remote control and switched the movie on. It was as big a turn
on to Chris as it was to Mike and me. By the virtual models preteens time we reached the scene preteen girls cock where
the main character (the only guy preteen model kacy in the rossian preteen porn sexuality class who hadn't yet swung
both ways) finally goes down on his super-hung friend, Chris was breathing a
little hard. He began to move his hips around a bit while he rubbed and
squeezed the large bulge in the front of his shorts.
"Hey, looks like somebody's getting a little horny," Mike said
teasingly. He reached around and began massaging Chris' crotch.
"Why don't I help you take care of that?" Mike asked, slipping his
fingers up the legs of Chris' shorts and teasing his cock.
Chris said nothing in reply, but arched his pelvis up off the couch.
Mike slid onto his knees on the floor in front of Chris and swiftly pulled
Chris' shorts down to his ankles and then off. I was behind Chris. He was
leaning back against my chest. I slipped my arms around him and slid them
under his shirt, caressing his chest and stomach.
Mike had engulfed Chris' throbbing cock to the root and was slowly and
skillfully sliding it in and out of his wet mouth. preteen hentai gallery Chris' breath was ragged
and he writhed in my arms, thrusting his cock into Mike's throat. I held him
tightly and covered the back of his neck and gallery japanese preteen
shoulders with kisses. The head
of my cock had slipped out of the preteens models index
waistband of my shorts and was rubbing
deliciously against the naked flesh of Chris' gyrating ass. Mike had pulled
his own cock through the fly of my uncle's silk boxer shorts and was sliding
the material over his cock as he jerked himself off.
After a few minutes Chris began to buck even harder. We knew he was
getting close.
"Oh--Oh god! I'm gonna cum, Mike!" Chris moaned. "You're makin' me
cum, only preteen man!"
I strained forward and pulled Chris' face to the side, slipping my
tongue into his mouth. He let out a stifled cry and kissed preteen thumbnail bbs
me back hard as
his hot cum preteen girl raped gushed into Mike's mouth and down his throat. I ameature preteen models glanced down
just in time to see Mike's czech preteen pics
cock twitch and spill its load onto the carpet.
We were all excited almost to the point of hyperventilating. My chest was
wet with sweat and sticking to Chris' back. I hadn't cum, but really didn't
care. The experience had been extremely hot anyway.
After a while we all went upstairs and took a long, leisurely shower
together, taking plenty of time for making out. The rain continued falling
all shocking virgins preteen morning, so we amused ourselves by showing Chris all the things we'd
discovered in the house.
One by one our parents called to make sure we were surviving the storm
okay. They all had the preteen bound model same things to say: what to do if the lights went
out, not go out into the lightning, etc. We each assured them that we were
fine and got off the phone as quickly as possible. We laughed about their
concern, but their phone calls had a strange effect on us. We were suddenly
thrust out of our fantasy world of glorious independence ton incest preteen and preteen swimsuit bikini back into
reality. preteen beauty tgp
And the fact that Mike and Chris would be going home the next
morning was beginning to loom before us.
We finally settled in on the soft carpet of the screening room floor.
We'd each gotten a preteen model gina beer out of the fridge in what I guess was an unspoken
desire to calm our anxieties. We started out talking about small stuff: what
plans we had for the rest of the summer, what cars we hoped to drive when we
finally got rusia preteens our licenses. pedo preteen boy It didn't take us long to get around to what we
really wanted to talk about.
We all realized how unrealistic it was to expect to be lovers after we
went home. We would seldom have chances to be alone together for any length
of time. And the thought of being discovered by our parents or our peers
terrified us all. This was 1987, after all, and our rather small suburban
community was no place for teenagers to be openly gay without great best web preteens risks to
their safety. We all wanted to be brave enough to make being together
possible, but none of us were.
As we talked we all snuggled in together until we preteen nn guide were all three resting
in a sort of embrace. Chris was being the most realistic and well spoken of
our trio. Mike seemed angry and frustrated at preteen supermodel pictures
the world. He downed his beer
in great gulping swallows and blinked back the tears that I noticed
occasionally gathered in his eyes. I myself felt like bawling when I thought
of being apart from my two beautiful young men, but I held it in. I was
afraid that if I cried, Mike would preteen dee desi crack, and Mike reduced to tears was
something I couldn't bear to underage elwebbs preteens see.
Just when we preteen list boys had gotten to the point of talking ourselves into a
profound silence that threatened to drown out the joy we had felt for the
past two days, a great bolt of lightning cracked only a few miles from the
house. The glass in the windows vibrated with the force of the blast. We
all preteens nymphets pictures looked up to see the sheets of rain begin to pound against the house with
renewed strength.
Rising, we went to the windows and attempted to look out. The rain had
become a thick curtain preteen underwear videos that obscured almost everything from our view. I
suggested that we go out to the poolroom and watch the storm from there.
The poolroom walls were made up of a series of picture windows and
French preteen forbidden models
doors interrupted only in one corner by the passage into the main
house. click preteens pics The room was illuminated by a series of small, yet ostentatious
crystal chandeliers. They tinkled slightly with each clap of thunder. The
air had gone shockingly cold for July and steam slowly rose off the surface
of the water. We walked separately and slowly around the room peering out at
the gray wash that the world had become.
With a deafening explosion, the room was for an instant flooded with
blinding white light as a bolt of lightning struck less than a mile away.
The chandeliers flickered for a moment and then went out. We were plunged
into the ashen gloom of the storm, the thunder crashing outside and the
crystals clinking overhead drowning out preteen bbs galleries our own heavy breathing.
I was about to usher us all back into the house when Mike unexpectedly
turned away from the window and dove headfirst into the steaming water.
Chris and I watched silently as he swam to the large inflatable raft drifting
in the center of the deep end. Mike preteen hot pants
swung himself onto the raft with some
effort and paused a moment before beckoning for us to join him. Without
speaking we dove in and pulled preteen pthc video ourselves onto the raft as quickly as we
could. Chris was the first aboard.
"Come here," Mike said to him, his voice husky and barely above a
Chris leaned forward and was immediately pulled into a deep, wet kiss.
I was right behind Chris and without hesitation curled in beside Mile,
wrapping my arms around him and kissing his neck and shoulder as my hips
ground into his flank. Our cocks were all instantly hard and throbbing. We
fondled and groped each other with furious abandon, our lust galvanized by
the storm and our preteen fuck picture
own frustration.
Mike turned on his side and began to kiss me. preteen nudist pix Our hands slid over each
other's chest and faces. Chris had twisted himself around and was
alternately stroking and sucking first Mike's then my cock. topless black preteens His genitalia
dangled within our reach and we groped at them and leaned forward to lick his
balls whenever we broke from our kiss. After a bit, Chris reached around and
began to slide his long wet middle finger in and out of my asshole, stroking
my prostate, while he sucked my cock deep into his throat. The sensation was
electric and a few moments of it was all I could take before, young preteen strip
with a howl, I
erupted all of my morning's buildup of cum into Chris' mouth. He continued
sucking until I was squirming and moaning, my cock having become almost raw
with erotic sensation.
Chris carefully crawled up and bent in to join our kiss. Mike and I
extended our tongues, the tips licking at each other. Chris extended his
tongue to join us. As our tongues met, a stream of my cum that Chris had
held in his masturbate a preteen mouth began to run out onto our faces and into our mouths. I was
shocked, but savored the salty flavor of my own sperm.
My fingers were wrapped around Mike's thick cock, and I was barely
aware preteen dark angels of it's becoming harder in my pumping fist until he began to moan
loudly and thrust powerfully into my side. The raft dipped and water washed
over us with each pre teen hotness
thrust as Mike shot his load over my thigh and onto my bush
and stomach. Some of it splattered against Chris' cock and legs as Mike
trembled and shook.
We continued writhing against each other furiously while twisting around
dangerously on the raft. Mike crawled on top of us and thrust his topless preteens model still-hard
cock against my groin, and then I was on top, sliding Chris' cock down my
throat while Mike fingered my ass. As we bucked in the strobe-light
illumination of the lightning, more water swept onto the raft, periodically
blinding us or filling our mouths and causing us to cough and sputter before
diving back onto a cock or into a kiss.
Finally my face was pressed sideways against the raft, the water
lapping against me while Chris held me in a tight embrace and thrust his
throbbing cock against the supple flesh of my ass cheeks and covered my back
with licks and kisses. Mike lay flat against my front and held my face pedo photos preteen
both hands and kissed me deeply in what felt like ukraine women preteen slow motion. I had just
become dimly aware of the fact that tears were streaming down russians preteen child Mike's face
when Chris rose up and with a long groan covered both of our flanks in his
cum. He collapsed down between us and we all three lay silent for minutes,
panting with exhaustion.
It was angry and defiant love we had made, full of frustration and rage
against our place in the world. It was our preteen porn galerie last day together and we weren't
going give preteens modeling boys it up without a fight. preteens school grils

I fell into a light sleep while preteen index directory still on the raft preteen nyloned galleries and awoke in horror
after rolling off into the water. I clawed my way to the surface and hauled
myself onto the side of the pool. Mike and Chris rushed to my aid as I
coughed up a lung-full of water onto the floor.
The storm let up a bit but did not cease dumping rain on us all
afternoon. nude preteens baby
For lack of anything else to do, we all took a long nap together
on the large master bed. It was a deliciously dreamy experience to slip in
and out of sleep in the cool grayness of the storm-lit room, curled up naked
and unashamed with my two wonderful friends.
That night we raided the kitchen and with Mike's help, prepared a clumsy
feast. We filled the dining latina free preteen
room with candles and spread the long table with
linens. The classical music station was cranked up. Finally, we opened a
bottle of wine and enjoyed it as well as our immature palates could manage.
We didn't dress for dinner, however, and dining nude asian preteens sex
in the opulent,
candle-lit room made us feel very decadent indeed. The wine and the food
restored our spirits. We talked and laughed all through the meal and even
got up and danced a couple of times. It was beautiful.
We were rapidly preteen nudist natural
growing tired, however. But we desperately wanted to be
together one more time before the night was over. Mike had slipped under the
table and was playfully sucking my cock while I sat in my chair. He was
talking dirty to me between licks, and I was doing my best to match him. I
said that what I preteen paradise vombat really wanted to do was to throw him down on top of the
table and fuck his brains out.
"Oh man, that would be hot!" Chris said, surprising me a bit.
"Yeah, it would be," Mike teen preteen tpg
agreed from between my legs.
"Okay, why not?" I decided. My cock gave a twitch.
All of us wanted to be on the bottom at least for a little bit. I
headed for the downstairs bathroom; Mike and Chris went to the upstairs
baths. After I'd cleaned up, I went to the foyer to wait for the others.
Mike was coming down the stairs as I entered the room. He had the bottle of
lube in his hand.
"Hey baby," he said with a broad smile as we met on the bottom step.
"Hi," I smiled back as I leaned in to kiss him.
I was still a bit tipsy from the wine, and it was easy for Mike to childporn preteens gay pull
me down with him onto the wide, carpeted stairs. ls magic preteen
We lay there languidly
kissing and stroking each other until Chris emerged from his bathroom and
came down to join us. He was about to stoop down to where we were. Suddenly
he straightened up and went to one of the windows that flanked the front door.
"The rain has stopped!" he exclaimed.
He opened the front door and went out as we followed after him. The
rain had stopped, probably an hour or two before, I guessed from the way
everything was drying. We'd been so wrapped up in dinner that we hadn't
noticed. The clouds had broken revealing a breathtakingly bright star-filled
sky. The temperature had risen back to normal, and the air was sultry but
"God, it feels good to be outside!" Chris exclaimed.
"Yeah, it sure does," I agreed. We'd been trapped in the house all day
and it was wonderful to get some fresh air.
Mike came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I held his
arms and squeezed them. He kissed me on the neck.
"Don't worry," he said. "We'll see each other again."
"Yeah, I know," I nylons for preteens answered. "It just won't be like this."
Chris came up and wrapped his arms around both of us and held us for a
moment. Then he lifted his head and kissed me slowly on the mouth. Mike
leaned his head over my shoulder and kissed Chris as well.
"You preteen dark top
know what? Chris whispered. "Let's just do it right here,
"Yeah, that'd be nice," Mike answered.
I thought for a moment.
"Let's do it." japan preteen pic
Chris smiled his beautiful smile at me and slowly dropped to his knees.
My cock was already hard and slid quickly into his eager mouth. I preteen new models sighed as
Mike began caressing my torso and kissing my neck. A soft breeze was lifting
up out of the valley and swept deliciously over our naked bodies. I let my
knees relax and sank slowly down onto the wet grass, taking Mike with me. We
lay on the ground and kissed for a long time. Our skin quickly became slick
from the rain left on the ground. Little smears of green and brown began to
appear on our flesh, although we didn't care.
I rolled Mike onto his back and spread his ass-cheeks wide, exposing his
puckered, pink hole. I greedily dove in and began to lick and real drunk preteens
probe the
clean little knot with my tongue. Mike groaned and thrust himself back into
me. Chris giggled a bit and leaned down and began to rim me as well.
"Come on, man," Mike preteen boys sex
said, handing my the lube, "stick it in."
I popped open the bottle and squeezed some onto my hand. I quickly
spread it over my cock and rubbed it into Mike's crack. He sighed as I
massaged his hole and began to rub the head of my cock against it.
Meanwhile, Chris had loosened me up enough to insert his middle finger. I
moaned and clenched my ass muscles, which caused me to thrust forward and pop
the head of my cock through Mike's sphincter. Mike gasped and preteenies naked girls cried out, but
pushed himself back onto my cock. At asian naked preteens
the same time, Chris preteen nudist films
had slicked
himself up and began slowly sliding his cock into my euro preteen pussy tight hole. Gently we
eased into each other until shemale preteen gallery finally we were all the way in. We paused for a
moment to catch our breath.
"Mike," I panted, "Chris' in me, too."
"Really?" Mike gasped in reply. "Oh cool! How is it, Chris?"
"Oh, god!" preteenie bbs Chris moaned in reply. "Oh god, it's so good! So goddamn
"Umm, so now what do we do?" I panted.
We all laughed at that. Slowly we began our fucking motions. It took
a few minutes, but eventually we worked out our rhythm. My hard cock sliding
in and out of Mike's clenching ass while Chris pounded my prostate with his
own penis was probably the most amazing sensation I've ever experienced. I
began to moan very loudly. I tried to stifle myself nice preteen tits until I realized that
there was no one around for miles to hear us. I began to shout with joy at
the pleasure I was experiencing. Mike and Chris were making a lot of noise
too. Our cries of ecstasy echoed defiantly across the fields.
"Okay," Mike gasped, "okay, we've gotta switch now. I've gotta get my
cock inside one of you guys."
"Chris hasn't been fucked yet," I pointed out.
"Yeah, oh please, Mike, fuck me!" Chris pleaded, sliding his cock out
of me.
"Okay, baby, anything you want," Mike answered, pulling away from me.
Mike crawled around to Chris and pushed him gently onto his back.
Taking the bottle of lube, he slicked up Chris' ass and began sliding his
index finger in and out of it. Chris groaned and gasped as his hole was
invaded for the first time. Mike murmured soothingly for Chris to relax as
he slowly pushed his cock into him. I knelt by Chris and kissed him while I
stroked his cock.
Finally Mike was all the way in. Chris had drawn his knees up to his
shoulders and was practically screaming cuttest preteens com with pleasure. I held Mike around
his waist and slid my cock back inside him, and we took up our rhythm again.
"Mike!" I shuttered.
"Yeah?" He panted back.
"Mike, I love you!" I shouted
"I love you too, baby!" he answered.
"I love you, Matt!" Chris added.
We all shouted our love for each other. Our cries, mingling with our
noises of passion, bounced off the house and rang in our ears until with a
massive groan, Chris heaved and shot a rocket of cum that splattered against
his chin. I was desperately trying to hold steady as my own cock emptied
wave after wave of cum into Mike. Tears were dripping from Mike's eyes again
as his body trembled and shook from his own massive orgasm.
They both left early the next morning, with as short and painless a
goodbye cutest nude preteens
as we could manage. As we knew would happen, our relationship pretty
much ended then. Both of them came back to visit me on two separate
afternoons before my aunt and preteen bbs elweb uncle came back from vacation, but only for a
few hours. Over the weeks and months, we met whenever we could, but it was
difficult to find enough privacy to make love. We found a secluded area of
the woods behind my preteen fucked house, but the galloping autumn winds soon stopped us
from going there.
When school started, I was preteen vlad models of course huge preteens tits further isolated from Mike and
Chris because we attended different schools. preteen models links We managed one weekend together
when my parents were out of town and my sister was staying with a friend, but
otherwise never saw each other.
Apparently Chris and Mike got together with greater success, but
something else came along to mess that up. Mike, who had always hung with a
rough crowd as school, began taking heavy drugs, and quickly became a serious
addict. He wanted nothing more to do with his old friends, and barely
managed not to be expelled.
Several years later I ran into both of them, but not at the same time.
I saw Mike in a department store the summer after preteen modeling art
a graduated from high
school. I didn't recognize him at first. He'd gained a lot of weight. His
eyes were glazed and narrowed to slits; heavy dark circles hung below them.
His hair looked greasy and there was at least a day's growth of stubble on
his face. His speech was slow and preteen youngest porn
thick. I managed to glean from our
awkward conversation that he'd been held back a couple of times and still had
two years of high school left.
Then he leaned in close to me and whispered that he had something to ask
me. His breath was sour with alcohol. He asked me if I wanted to go to the
men's preteen angels fuck room and have a quick fuck. I declined and told him I had to go, and
left quickly. It was the saddest reunion I'd ever had.
Chris I saw a few years later at a classic car show that was being held
in the downtown area of the town where I attended college. He was proudly
showing a beautiful mid-70s' Corvette that he had restored. He embraced me
with glee when he saw me. He told me about the vintage auto business that he
had opened after he graduated from college. He introduced me to his lover
who was a very charming and handsome young man. I couldn't have been happier
for him.
These days I'm trying to scrape together a living as an artist and have
a wonderful lover of my own that I've been with for years. For a long time
after my fiery affair with Mike and Chris, older preteen pussy I almost wished the whole thing
had never happened. It was such a fairy tale, and fell apart so quickly.
And I do think that maybe it kept me from exploring a few sexual
opportunities that I might have enjoyed. But now at a distance of twelve
years, I'm able to look back on those few passionate days with wonder. It's
hard for me to believe that they even happened. I think that from it I
learned that even the most passionate love affairs die without enough courage
to make them work, and that some aren't meant to work. Now I have the
courage to preteens index
fight for my happiness with my lover, and I'm very thankful to
Mike and Chris for helping me get here.
Thanks again for the amazing amount of great feedback I've been getting
about this latino preteen pic
story! I'm so glad you've enjoying it. It's been a wonderful
experience for me to relive these old memories and share them with rusian preteen flash all of
you. Once again, if you'd like to write to me, my e-mail address is

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