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Related post: Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2004 13:18:35 -0400
From: rye encoke
Subject: Mark-and-Rye-38Okay the usual stuff that nobody reads. This is a gay story with
lots of gay sex. If you aren't supposed to be here, leave. The
work is mine and unless you ask you can't post it anywhere else.
I have no clue if any member of Westlife is gay, so this is all
my fantasy. Email me at to tell me what
you like or hate.The author wishes to acknowledge and thank the archivist for
Nifty for allowing this story to be published here.Authors Notes: Sorry for the delay, but here is the next
chapter. Hope you enjoy it.DEDICATION: To my Davey and to Glenn. Love ya both, always.- Stwawbewwy Sampoo and Mossmellows -Everyone was sitting around the large campsite chatting. It was
getting dark now and the campfire that Ed had built was casting
shadows on the nearby bus and the trees. Spooky was sitting on
Nick's lap, his head on Nick's chest and softly stroking Nick's
neck. Nick went between adoring Corey to adoring Spooky.Shane looked at Bryan and saw the jealous look he was shooting
Nick."Don't my love," Shane said softly."Don't what?" Bryan asked without looking away."Don't feel bad about love. Spooky has so much love to give and
just because he is giving some to Nick doesn't mean he loves you
less. You are still his favourite Unca Bwyan. Would you want me
to be jealous because dark angel preteens
he loves you more?" Shane asked.Bryan turned to Shane his eyes wide and watery, "He loves you too.
Don't be mad.""Oh our Bry boy. I'm not mad at all. See how easy it is to get
confused. I love Spooky and he loves me. But he does love you
more. It doesn't make me love him less or love you less. You are
such a silly boy sometimes. I just didn't want you to hold it
against Nick that Spooky is spending time with him. It would be
like me being upset with Rye because you show him love," Shane
pulled Bryan to him and rocked him.Shane, who was sitting on a blanket they had spread on the ground,
pulled Bryan down to lay his head on his legs. Shane looked up to
see Nick looking at the two of them while Spooky talked to him and
gestured at Bryan. Shane smiled as he realized that Spooky was
fixing things. He watched as Nick finally stood, cradling Spooky
in his arms and came and sat on the blanket."Someone is here to talk to you Bry boy," Shane said softly as
Bryan raised his head and looked at Nick."I'm not stealing Spooky from you," Nick said softly."I know. I'm sorry but I just felt jealous," Bryan said."I will forever be grateful to you for giving me my number one
fan. And even though I am Unca Nick now, someday I will become
Uncle Nick. You will forever be Unca Bwyan," Nick said.Bryan swallowed around the lump in his throat as Spooky climbed
into his lap and kissed his cheek."I have lots of love Unca Bwyan, you can shawe me wight?" Spooky
asked.Bryan nodded and held onto Spooky then reached out and pulled
Nick into a hug."I'm sorry guys. I am just ready for this tour to end I guess.
I need to just rest with the people I preteens who model love and relax. Sorry
Spooky for making you feel bad. You are allowed to love Nick
and be with him. You know what? Before we go to bed tonight
you will need a shower. I bet Uncle Nick would help you with
that," Bryan said.Nick looked panicked but Spooky was gleeful."Yay. Unca Mawk has stwawbewwy sampoo. I can wash youw haiw,"
Spooky clapped and Nick had to give in."Okay then Spooky but only if Bryan joins us cuz he is about to
get really dirty and will need a shower as well," Nick grinned
evilly at Bryan.Because Bryan had been holding Spooky he wasn't quick enough and
he soon found himself with a shirt full of dirt. Spooky cheered
gleefully and took a handful of dirt and rubbed it in Nick's hair
who was pinning Bryan down. By this time Shane had cleared off
the blanket to avoid getting filthy."Unca Nick thewe is sand on the beach and we can thwow him in,"
Spooky cried gleefully.Nick grabbed Bryan and hefted him over his shoulder, much to the
surprise of Bryan who didn't realize how strong Nick was. Bryan,
now into the game and enjoying entertaining Spooky, pretended to
put up a fight. Spooky was jumping and screaming with delight as
the two men hit the beach and Nick dumped Bryan into the wet sand.
The three of them played at the shore as the sun set till they
were covered in sand and soaking wet."That was fun," Nick laughed as he rested on the sand, Spooky
beside him with Bryan on the other side of Spooky."Yeah it was. Now we really do need a shower," Bryan said then
sat up, "Don't worry Nick this is actually nice."Nick nodded and scooped up the giggling little boy. They trooped
back to the fire where everyone had to virgin preteen boy comment on how dirty they
were."Come on preteen girls chinese
huwwy up pictures preteen vagina
I am cold," Spooky said with chattering teeth.They tried to brush off as much sand as they could so they wouldn't
track it through the bus then made their way into the bathroom."Wow this is an incredible bus. raped preteen girls
How did you get it?" Nick asked."Angel bought it for us," Bryan said as he quickly stripped down.Nick looked at Bryan's dick with appreciation, "Nice,""Come on Spooky I'll get you undressed while Nick puts his tongue
back in his mouth," Bryan giggled."You'we funny Unca Bwyan. Look Unca Nick's penis is hawd," Spooky
said."Yep it is. But that's okay. Remember how Uncle Shane's got hard
last night. See mine is getting hard now too," Bryan said and
sure enough he was almost completely full."I'm cold," Spooky said suddenly."Okay Spooky let's get in," Bryan climbed in and sat down as
before, "Get in facing me and put your legs up here Nick," Bryan
patted his upper legs.Nick obeyed Bryan and soon they were all three sitting in the tub,
Spooky in between the two men. Bryan gave the wand to Nick who
wet Spooky down and rubbed his body a bit to warm him up. Spooky
then wet both the men down."Here Nick you wash Spooky," Bryan handed the shower gel to Nick.Nick smiled and began to wash the boy. Spooky basked in the
attention he was getting."You have to wash my fowe skin please." Spooky instructed and Nick
looked alarmed and looked to Bryan for help."It's fine," Bryan said simply."It get's hawd when you touch it but that's natuwal," Spooky said
as preteen putas
Nick gently moved the boys foreskin illegal bbs preteen and washed him, trembling
a bit when the boy did indeed get hard."Okay Spooky you're washed now," Bryan said."You wash each othew now," Spooky said."I don't know." Nick said at the same time Bryan said, "Okay."Bryan took hold of Nick's legs and pulled him close as Spooky
went to stand behind him. Nick's dick, now hard again, was only
inches from Bryan's."You wash my back while Nick washes my front then you can do
Nick's back while I do his front," Bryan said."Yay," Spooky cheered as he began to use the sponge on Bryan's
back.Bryan handed a sponge to Nick who looked at it like it was a
grenade."Nick come on it's the same as with Mark and Rye. Just friends
helping each other out and sharing their love with vaginas de preteens their nephew,"
Bryan said and moved Nick's hand to his chest.Nick smiled shyly and tried to ignore his raging hard on as he
began to wash Bryan."Be careful of the nipples, they are still sensitive," Bryan said
and Nick nodded. Bryan realized Nick was working on instinct here
and needed a distraction."Hey Spooky let's sing a song. Let's practice what you are gonna
sing with Uncle Nick," Bryan said."I only know some wowds," Spooky said."I I can start," Nick stuttered a bit, an indication boys preteen links of his
nervousness."Yay. Don't fowget to wash Unca Bwyan's penis. My daddy says
if you leave sand thewe ow in youw bum it will make it itch,"
Spooky instructed."Oh God," preteen porno xxx Nick's hand pulled away only to have Bryan firmly bring
it back and place it on his erection. Nick, with trembling hands,
washed Bryan's very hard dick making sure to get any sand around
the head or his balls."Wash my legs now Nick," Bryan instructed and began to sing the
song and was quickly joined by Spooky and Nick.Finally Nick was done washing Bryan and breathed a sigh of relief."Hey come on it wasn't that bad," Bryan joked and Nick laughed as
well, "Now I preteen underwear anime
get to put my hands all over the famous Nick Carter,""Wait, me and Corey are together," Nick said suddenly feeling
uncomfortable.Bryan smiled, "I know buddy. I was just joking. But one of these
days you and your boy are gonna spend a night with me and my boys
like you did with Rye and Mark. Just because you have a boyfriend
doesn't mean we can't be loving to each other. I promise not to
make you cum tonight though,""What's cum?" Spooky asked. The two men had briefly forgotten
the boy was there."Get outta this one bud," Nick smiled evilly.Bryan began to wash Nick as Spooky washed Nick's back."Cum is a word that means semen. It's what daddy's give to
mommies to make babies with. sweetest preteen model You know how you rub your penis
and it feels nice? Well if you rub it for a long time then you
will cum, that means semen will spurt out. That only happens
when you get older," Bryan said as he rinsed Nick's chest off
and smiled at the stunned look on Nick's face."Oh. So you don't want Unca Nick to give you a baby then," Spooky
stated.Nick chuckled a bit and waited for Bryan to answer."Remember honey how I said that only mommies and daddies can have
babies. Well every man's body is made so that they could have
babies if they wanted. Now me and Uncles Shane and Nicky and
Uncle Nick and Corey we could all have babies if we loved a woman.
But we love another boy. So when we rub penises and kiss it feels
really nice and our bodies think we want to make a baby so we cum.
We just clean it up after with a towel," Bryan explained"Oh okay. What's cum look like?" Spooky asked."It sorta looks like vanilla milkshake," Bryan said."Does it taste like nilla milkshake?" Spooky asked."No not really. Just like every boy is different, every boy's
cum tastes different. When you meet your boyfriend you will
learn what it tastes like but not before," Bryan answered."We should wash our haiw now and our bums," Spooky said, content
with the answers his Unca Bwyan had given him."Okay little buddy. I think me and Bryan should do our own hair
to make sure we get all the sand out okay?" Nick said."Awwww, I wanted to wash your haiw," Spooky pouted."How about tomorrow, you can shower with Uncle Nick and Uncle
Corey and wash both of their hair," Bryan suggested."Yay okay," Spooky said and clapped his hands.The two men stood and washed their hair thoroughly then Bryan
picked up Spooky and held him while Nick washed his hair. While
Bryan held onto the boy Nick made sure to get all the sand out
from between Spooky's bum cheeks. Spooky insisted on making sure
that he got to wash both Nick and Bryan's bums."How come you have haiw on youw bum Unca Nick?" Spooky asked as
he ran a soapy hand between Nick's cheeks.Nick had by now lost his embarrasment, "Most men do. As you get
bigger you start to get hair in lots of places. Under your arms,
on your chest, above your penis, on your legs and on your bum.""But Unca Bwyan doesn't have any there. And on his tessicles
either," Spooky argued."Not all men get hair in the same places is all. We are all
different remember," Bryan said."All done," Spooky announced as he finished cleaning Nick."Okay let's get changed and get ready. We will put you in your
pj's buddy for now and you can change once we are in the sleeping
bags okay?" Bryan said."Yeah okay. We can still sleep naked though even if we awe
outside wight?" Spooky asked."Sure," Bryan agreed as he dried the little boy off then handed
him to Nick.They walked to Bryan's room to find that Ed and Jay's stuff was
already there along with Alex and Carl's stuff. Bryan handed
Spooky's pajama's to Nick who dressed gif pre teen
the boy with many hugs,
kisses and tickles thrown in for good measure. Soon all three
were back out by the fire."MOSSMELLOWS!" Spooky cried and ran to Corey who was roasting
marshmallows."Hey little guy, you smell good," Corey said as he hugged the
little boy to him tightly and kissed his neck."Unca Nick too. We all washed togethew. ls preteens bbs
top preteen website Unca Bwyan made sure
to wash Unca Nick all ovew to get all the sand gone. I washed
his bum so he won't be itchy," Spooky said happily.Corey looked over at the two men with a raised eyebrow and a smile."You can wipe that smile off Fuzzy, tomorrow Spooky is sharing our
shower and washing us both then sleeping with us. He sleeps naked
by the way," Nick said and chuckled at the embarrassed look on
Corey's face."Did you know if you wub penises you can make cum, but boys don't
make babies so you wipe it up with a towel?" Spooky asked Corey
very seriously."Yes, yes I did know that," Corey answered with that deer caught
in the mouth fucked preteen headlights look."Oh," Spooky sounded dejected, "Did you know that it looks like
nilla milkshake but doesn't taste like it?""No I never heard that before. Thanks for telling me that Spooky,"
Corey said."That's okay. I ask Unca Bwyan about stuff and he always tells
me. He could tell you if you asked. Can I have that one? I like
them on fiwe," Spooky pointed to the marshmallow that had now
caught fire. Corey blew the flames out and blew on it a bit to
let it cool down before handing it to the little boy."Jesus Bryan you are fucking amazing," Nick said as he turned to
Bryan who was suddenly enveloped in the arms of Shane and Nicky."Isn't he. He is going to make an incredible father when the time
comes," Shane said."You will Bryan, you really will. Your kid is going to be the
luckiest kid alive," Nick said with sincerity."So you two have fun in the shower? That must have been quite the
conversation," Nicky said."Oh my God you have no idea. But Bryan just answered everything
calmly and explained it all so well. When Spooky insisted we
wash each other I just about flipped and ran but Bryan helped me
through it all. I am so happy I came here to meet Spooky and you
guys. I hope that we can get together like you said Bryan, to
cuddle and stuff, that would mean so much to me and Corey," Nick
said then he hugged Bryan and left to fill Spooky with marshmallows."You never cease to amaze me our love," Nicky said softly into
Bryan's ear."Nor me. Let's leave Spooky here with everyone and go use our
bed for a bit," Shane suggested."What? Really?" Bryan asked."Yes our boy. Let us make love to you for a bit," Nicky said.Bryan nodded and ran to the bus to prepare himself yahoo preteen pussy while Nicky
and Shane went to Nick and Corey and said they were gonna be
inside with Bryan for an hour and to keep an eye on Spooky.
Everyone around the fire smiled trailer preteens sex as the two men climbed on the
bus, knowing what was going on.As Bryan was slowly and tenderly made love to, out by the fire
Nick and Corey talked and played and fussed over Spooky while
Mark and Rye sat nearby and held each other. Matt and Andy had
pulled a blanket out and were sitting on it with Billy and Jesse.
Matt holding Jesse while Billy held Andy. Ed, Jay, Carl and Alex
sat preteen lol models on chairs and talked softly amongst themselves. Simon and
Cleo had decided on a stroll by the lake and Kian and Jill had
accompanied them.- Spookin' Spooky -The boys had finished making love, Shane and Nicky showering Bryan
with their love. They left their room to find Ed, Jay, Carl and
Alex in the lounge."Sorry," Nicky blushed."For what?" Alex asked."For taking so long," Nicky said."Don't be silly. You were showing your wonderful man your love
for him. It's still pretty early any ways so it's no big deal
at all. You guys wanta hang out with us for a bit before we
turn in or you gonna go save Nick and Corey from the mossmellow
monster?" Alex preteen animation nude
laughed.Everyone laughed, "We'll go grab Spooky I think. Have a good
night guys, we changed the bedding and there is a clean set on
top of the dresser if you need to change it tomorrow," Shane
smiled and kissed Ed then Jay.Byran kissed Alex and Carl followed by Nicky kissing the two men."You guys are in wonderful loving hands tonight, remember, xxx preteens hardcore it's
all about the love," Nicky said to Carl and Alex who both nodded
happily.The boys left and found that the only ones still out where Nick,
Corey, Mark, Rye and Spooky."Everyone off to their beds for the night?" Bryan asked."Unca Bwyan, whewe did you eurotic preteen pictures
go. I made smowes fow you," Spooky
said."I was inside with Uncle Shane and Uncle Nicky. We were telling
each other how much we love each other and we knew you were okay
with gay preteen tgps Uncle Nick and Uncle Corey," Bryan said as he scooped the
boy into his arms."Whewe you kissing and stuff?" Spooky asked as he shoved a piece
of s'more into Bryan's mouth."A little bit yep. preteen russian forum How many of those have you had?" Bryan asked."Lots!" Spooky preteen videos porno exclaimed happily."He's never gonna sleep with all the marshmallow and chocolate
in him," Mark said evilly."He's actually only had about 3 s'mores and maybe 6 marshmallows,"
Corey said."Had enough for tonight Spooky honey?" Bryan asked. He felt Shane
and Nicky come up on either side free youngest preteens of him."Yeah can we tell ghost stowies?" Spooky sexy preteen schoolgirl
asked."Maybe a few. Let's give everyone kisses goodnight," Bryan
said. He walked over to Nick and Corey and holding the preteen party models
almost upside down, a giggling Spooky kissed Nick and Corey
goodnight."Seeya later Spooky, love ya," Nick said."Have a fun night Spooky, love ya little guy," Corey said."Night Unca Nick, night Unca Cowey, love you," Spooky giggled.Bryan then threw the boy backwards over his shoulder holding on
to his ankles and headed over to Mark and Rye for kisses."Night Unca Wye," Spooky said as he kissed Rye."Night Unca Mawk," Spooky said as he got his kiss from Mark."Night Spooky, love you," the two men said.Spooky was then carted off under Bryan's arm and into the tent."Did you go pee Spooky?" Nicky asked."Yes," Spooky answered as he stripped out of his clothes.Someone had set up the tent for the boys, several large comforters
and pads had been laid across the floor. The fluffy sleepy bags
were doubles and were simply opened and laid down with some
comforters on top of them so the zippers wouldn't be uncomfortable."This is almost better than the bed," Shane said as he snuggled
onto the blankets."You have to sleep naked Unca Sane," Spooky said and stomped his
little foot."I japanese preteen cuties
know Spooky, I just don't feel like getting undressed, I'm so
tired," Shane gave a very theatrical yawn and could barely hide
his grin."But you said we could tell ghost stowies," Spooky wailed."If I didn't have to undress I might have the energy to tell a
story," Shane said and yawned again.Spooky got the idea right away and pounced on Shane and began to
fiddle with Shane's pants."I assfucking preteens think Uncle Shane needs to be tickled," Bryan said evilly and
Shane had a moment to protest before his hands were grabbed by
Bryan and his feet by Nicky."Yay, I will tickle Unca Sane," the little boy cheered as he
wriggled his fingers on Shane's belly. Shane began to porno preteens video giggle
at the little boy's efforts. Shane was actually ticklish but
only under his arms."Try under his arms Spooky, that is where he is really ticklish,"
Nicky grinned."Nicky!" Shane said actually shocked that they would give this
away.Spooky laughed gleefully and sat his little bottom on Shane's
belly and dug his fingers into Shane's armpits causing Shane to
burst into loud laughter, his preteens latin model body twisting and boucing from the
assault. The boys only let it go for a minute or so."I think that's enough for now honey, I think he still needs some
belly farts then help getting undressed," Bryan said.Spooky giggled gleefully and turned around and lifted up Shane's
shirt and blew noisily on Shane's belly. What was funny and had
Bryan and Nicky in near hysterics was that when he had turned
around it had placed his little bum almost on Shane's face."I think Spooky needs a raspberry as well," Bryan said to Shane
who looked suddenly scared. preteen under 14 Bryan rolled his eyes and leaned
down and blew a raspberry on Spooky's bottom. The little boy
squealed and jumped up laughing."Belly fawts," Spooky screamed and tossed himself into Bryan's
arms who subdued a struggling Nicky, God preteen ukraine sex what adults will do for
kids, and then held Spooky over Nicky so Spooky could blow noisily
on Nicky's tummy.Nicky laughed gleefully, it really did tickle, then grabbed Spooky
and held him close."Okay let's get into bed," Nicky sighed as he kissed Spooky's neck.Soon everyone was undressed, with lots of help from Spooky, and
lying there in the dim light. The boys told scary stories but
were sure to make them not too scary. Whoever's turn it was to
tell a story pulled Spooky to lay on their chest while they did.
Finally it was time to sleep."Okay that's it for the night, let's try to get some sleep," Bryan
said."I have to go pee pee now Unca Bwyan," Spooky said."Okay come on," Bryan said."Can I pee in the bushes?" Spooky asked hopefully."Sure come on." Bryan slipped on his runners and picked Spooky up.
They went to the edge of the camp in front of the bushes and Bryan
set the naked little boy down so he was standing on his runners
and held on to his shoulders."Thanks Unca Bwyan, I love you," Spooky said as he thoroughly wet
the surrounding foliage a happy smile on his face."I love you too Spooky," Bryan said, his voice thick nonude shocking preteens
with emotion.Once back in the tent Bryan settled in between Shane and Nicky and
pulled Spooky to lay on top of him. Very quickly all four were
sound asleep.- The Carter Lad and the MTV Star -"Damn I wish we had a camera," Nick said as he and Corey stood in
their sleep pants looking out the window at Bryan, stark naked,
letting Spooky stand on his runners to pee."Got it," Mark said as he took several pictures with the digital
camera."Ready for bed boys?" Rye asked and got nods all around.They had stayed up and just chatted with the others for awhile
inside. Nick was obviously feeling nervous and needed some more
time to just get himself prepared.Mark took Nick by the hand and pulled him to the bedroom. Rye
and Corey followed closely behind. As Rye closed the bedroom
door Mark turned and pulled Nick into a gentle hug."Can you teach us more? You showed us how to cuddle as friends
but now we are boyfriends and..." Nick came to a stop."Of course my friend. Tonight you two are going to be very
intimate and you are going to make each other cum. Let's get
undressed," Mark said."Whoa, we are going to cum?" Corey said.Rye took Corey into his arms and nuzzled his neck, "You are going
to make each other cum, maybe a few times, and it is going to be
wonderful. You are going to share your love with each other for
the first time as lovers and you are going to have two friends who
care about you with you to share it."Rye kissed Corey's neck and reached inside Corey's pants to undo
the tie and let them drop. Mark and Rye directed the two onto
the bed facing each other then lay down behind them, Mark behind
Nick and Rye behind Corey."Move your hand and softly stroke your love's cheek," Mark
whispered to Nick softly and Nick obeyed.After a few moments Rye whispered to Corey, "Take your love's hand
and kiss his fingers."Corey obeyed."Now you are going to do everything you did before when you
cuddled with your love, but this time you are going to use your
mouth," Mark whispered to Nick.Nick's eyes glazed over at the thought of touching Corey. He
gently moved Corey so that he was lying on his back."I love you Corey. Is this alright with you?" Nick asked."Yes my Dragon. And when you are finished I get to do it to you."
Corey smiled."You aren't going to be having any oral or anal sex tonight, but
you will make each other cum. When you are ready Corey, don't
hold back, just let it go," Rye said.Nick moved a bit so that he was at Corey's feet."I love your feet Fuzzy, they are so cute. I hope you don't
think it's gross but I want to kiss your toes. Is that okay?"
Nick asked."Yeah. You do whatever you want," Corey said then moaned as Nick
gently began to place kisses on the top of Corey's feet."Your lover loves you Corey, all of you. He is going to taste
your body all over tonight. Does what he is doing feel good?"
Rye asked softly to Corey."Oh yeah it feels so nice. He told me he loves my toes," Corey
breathed."I do Corey. They are perfect," Nick said and began to gently nip
and suck on Corey's toes causing Corey to breathe heavily and make
little sounds of pleasure."Oh Nick that feels so goooooooood," Corey said as he came onto
his belly."Oh Corey did I do that to you?" Nick asked in amazement at seeing
his lover cum."You did that to him Nick. We aren't going to do oral tonight but
do you want to taste your lover's cum?" Mark asked.Nick's eyes opened wide and he looked a little scared but nodded.
He moved up and placed his head above Corey's glistening belly
and stared at the cum."You don't have to Nick. This is all pretty new for us and we
can learn to do it later," Corey said.Nick looked into Corey's eyes and saw the love there and then,
never letting his eyes leave Corey's, he bent forward and lapped
up Corey's cum and swallowed."It's not bad. It kinda tastes nice and it is from Corey and
that makes it special," Nick said as he began to clean off
Corey's belly with his tongue."No underage preteen thongs sucking tonight but you could lick off the little bit on the
end of his penis," Mark whispered to Nick who immediately did so.
Nick smiled brightly as Corey moaned deeply and his cock jumped."Another time my love. Now let me move up a bit and worship your
beautiful legs," Nick said then kissed Corey deeply.Eventually they switched places and Corey did to Nick what Nick
had done to him. Finally they fell into a slumber, all four
men holding each other.- Bad Men -Soon the night was quiet as everyone was asleep. It was around
2 in the morning when out in the tent Spooky suddenly sat straight
up causing Bryan to wake up."Bad men. Bad men are coming to huwt us. They stawted the fiwe
and they want to huwt us," Spooky said, and was very agitated.Time stood still as Spooky's proclamation hit Bryan."Shane, Nicky get up, hurry," Bryan said with fear."What is it Bry boy," Nicky asked sleepily."Spooky says bad men are coming. The ones that burned down the
arena are here and they want to hurt us," Bryan said. Both Nicky
and Shane sat up in fear."Where are they?" Nicky asked."At the woad, they awe coming," Spooky said tearfully."I'll run to the other bus preteens nudist guestbook and get everyone back here. Someone
go tell Ed," Shane said as he took off into the night still naked.In no time everyone was outside the main bus looking at Ed."Okay security around the bus, everyone else inside. Jay you are
inside in case they get in. Someone call the police. Spooky
sweetie, do the bad men have guns?" Ed asked. He was very calm,
almost eerily calm."Yes," Spooky said and began to cry."Hey now little guy no tears yet okay. Do you know how many there
are? Can you count them?" Ed asked.Spooky turned from Ed and looked back into the darkness then
turned back, "Thewe are lots of them. Some of them awe policemen,"Ed looked shaken at this."Blue what do we do?" Jay asked."The main bus is safe against gunfire. Everything is reinforced
and the glass is bulletproof," Rye said."If they try to set it on fire?" Matt asked."Fuel tank is sealed, tires are solid rubber. The thing is
almost a tank," Rye said."Can we just drive it right out?" Jay asked."I think so unless they have blocked the road," Rye said and
turned to Spooky, "Is the road from here to the highway clear
or is it blocked?"Spooky once again looked into the trees, "They awe putting twees
on the woad. Thewe are good policemen coming now but they awe faw
away."Someone had obviously already contacted the police, probably Jill,
Rye thought."Okay we just have to hold out for a bit. Do we all get on the
bus Ed?" Rye asked.Ed looked around at the people who were depending on him for
safety. He nodded once and everyone clambered onto the bus.
Once inside they quickly stripped off the beds and placed
mattresses across the big picture window just in case. Ed,
Matt and Jay quickly ran to the other busses to get fire
extinguishers and when Ed returned he had a large bag and
quickly handed out guns to Simon, Cleo, Carl and Alex, keeping
one for himself."Now we wait and hope the real police get here soon," Ed said
calmly as he looked out the front window."Can I cwy now?" Spooky asked, already in tears.Bryan and Nick held him and let the boy cry.Minutes passed preteen sexy goddess
like hours until Ed suddenly hissed."They're here," Ed said.Ed watched as the group of about 20 men entered the clearing.
He saw that none of them openly wore police uniforms but he
noted that the handguns several of them had were standard police
issue."20 men, all armed with preteen underage nymphs handguns," Ed said into the bus and heard
Jay talk on a cell phone relaying the information to the police
operator.On another cell phone Jill was speaking to Liam who was with the
rest of security in a hotel in preteen supermodels top the city."Fuck!" Jill swore as she disconnected."What?" Ed asked, wanting as much information as he could get."The news just broke. The fire was arson and a right wing
religious group set it, trying to cleanse the city of the faggot
infestation. Their main supporter is the city councillman who
runs this campground. We've been set up," Jill relayed."And?" Ed asked."I guess someone found out, a wife or someone and told the police.
The councillman is in jail along with about a dozen others.
That's how the police knew so quick. But about half of those
guys out there are cops," Jill finished."This is so fucked up," Nicky said into the darkness of the bus."Kian get back there with the rest," Ed said as Kian crawled up
beside him."In a minute. I am getting every fucking face out there on video,"
Kian said as he raised up a bit and began to record."Good idea. Keep it up as long as you can," Ed nodded, impressed
at the young man's thinking."You inside the bus. We are here as God's hand. God is merciful
and if you give yourselves up we promise to be quick and merciful,"
a voice yelled to the bus.Ed snorted but felt the tension level in the bus rise dramatically."Stay calm everyone, we are gonna be fine, the police are on their
way," Ed said."Good policemen are hewe now but they have to move twees,"
Spooky's voice was heard."Good boy Spooky," Rye's voice said.There was sudden gun fire and everyone heard the bullets hit the
bus then more hit the window. There was some loud discussion
outside the bus."Guess God didn't tell them they would need armor piercing
bullets," Rye said trying for humor but failing in the danger
of the situation.The bus began to rock as the men outside started to pound on the
doors and windows trying to get in."Burn it," they heard a voice say and Spooky began to cry again."We're safe Spooky they can't burn this bus," Rye said."How close are the good policemen Spooky?" Shane asked trying to
get the boy's mind off of fire."Almost hewe. They heawd the guns and awe all awound us now
getting close," Spooky said."Good they are surrounding them we are gonna be okay," Ed said
reassuringly.Suddenly bright flames surrounded the bus as preteen pics movie
the men outside tried
to set the bus on fire. Spooky whimpered and clung tightly to
Bryan. Bryan was suddenly filled preteen cp links with rage as he held the boy to
him."When this is over Rye, I want you to destroy every single one of
those that did this, I want preteen innocent virgin them to wish they were dead," the
venom in Bryan's voice was startling and frightening."Hate breeds hate Bryan. When this is over we take the high
ground knowing that what they are is wrong. That is how we
destroy them and those like them. Is the way you are feeling
now the way you want Spooky to grow up? Is that how you want
him to think of you?" Corey's voice said.Bryan was quiet for a long time and it wasn't until Spooky's hand
stroked his face that he let his hatred for these men go and he
answered, "No it isn't. We will do the right thing."The flames had gone now and the men outside were upset at not
being able to accomplish what they thought would be an easy murder.Suddenly there were bright lights and a loud voice."Drop your weapons and put your hands on your heads. This is the
police and you are surrounded.""Good policemen are hewe," Spooky cried happily.There was a sudden short round of gunfire as a couple of the men
decided to fight it out but they were quickly taken down and the
rest gave up almost immediately afterwards. Kian had not stopped
filming any of it and got the whole thing. Soon the preteen naturalist pussy
men were in
handcuffs and on the ground, automatic weapons trained on them.
A man in a bulletproof vest and helmet approached the bus."Hello in the bus. We have secured the area and you are safe to
come out," the man said."Spooky are there any bad men out there that aren't caught? Is
it safe to go out?" Ed asked.Spooky stood up and slowly turned around in a circle then smiled
happily, "All the bad men awe caught. Two awe dead and one good
policeman is huwt in his awm."Ed nodded, "We are coming out. The first five of us are security
and we are armed. We will come out with our hands nudest preteen girls up and our
weapons tucked into the front of our pants.""Understood," the police officer said back.Ed and the others secured their weapons as Ed opened the door
and walked out to be immediately cuffed and his weapon taken.
All five of the bodyguards were cuffed and the automatic
weapons of the SWAT team were trained on them.Shane was the first off the bus after the group of bodyguards,
"Why the fuck are they in handcuffs? They are our protectors."
Shane was screaming at the nearest police officers.Jay quickly went to Shane, "It's standard procedure Boyo. To make
sure that no accidents happen. That's why Ed announced it before
they came out. As soon as everyone is off the bus and safe they
will be released.""That's right sir. Believe me it's for everyone's safety. We
understand how traumatic this all is and they will be released
in just a few minutes," the young officer said.Soon everyone was off the bus and the bus was searched. Then the
five bodyguards who had been cuffed were released. People were
being separated and questioned. Kian played with his camera and
quickly made a second disk of the nights events and pocketed the
original. He silently thanked Rye for spending so much and
getting the expensive camera's.The night seemed to drag on forever as the statements were taken,
prisoners transported. The media had begun to arrive and though
they were being stopped at the road the news helicopters overhead
were noisy.Rye had real preteen nonnude
finally had enough and found the lead detective."I need the name and number of the mayor," Rye said in full 'I
own half the world' authority. The poor detective didn't know
what hit him and he gave over the information before he even
realized he had done it.About ten minutes later the skies cleared of helicopters and the
chief of police had instructed the detectives to leave for the
night. There were still going to preteens naked underage be armed officers patrolling
the immediate area but they would be nearly invisible."God it's good to be in love with a man with power," Mark said as
he took Rye into his arms then began to sob.Soon the entire group was on the bus and either crying themself
or consoling someone who was crying."Okay all this little porn preteen has been....God there is no word for it...but let's
try to get some rest before tomorrow. We can decide tomorrow what
we are going to do about the concert and the rest of tour," Rye
said.Everyone nodded and Jill, Shane and Mark went to grab bedding.
Nobody wanted to be alone tonight.Kian stood and went to Corey and handed him a disk."That's the whole thing, right up to the point Ed and the others
were uncuffed. You are going to broadcast that tomorrow. I know
we are taking the high road and not destroy those bastards but
there is no way I am not letting the world know about this," Kian
said.Corey nodded and took the disk, "My crew will be here tomorrow,
they may even already be here in the hotel. This will be broadcast
first thing in the morning,"Soon nymphet girls preteen everyone was asleep except for the bodyguards who still sat
vigil. The night seemed to last forever but nobody felt rested
when they awoke.- And A Child Shall Lead Them -It was just past dawn. Nick and Corey were holding Bryan who had
been holding Spooky. However Spooky had needed the bathroom and
he now flung himself onto the trio."It's mowning. We get to sing tonight," Spooky was excited and
acting like nothing had happened and in his mind it was all over.Bryan grabbed the little boy and blew on his tummy making the boy
squeal with delight. The laughter was contagious and the gloom
lifted from the bus as everyone began to smile."So I guess we are singing tonight," Rye stated and saw everyone
nod."Oh Oh!" Spooky said and sat up, "Mommy,"A cell phone rang and Jill picked it up."Hiya Eleanor. Umm, we're fine why?""Let me talk!" Spooky said excitedly. Jill shook her head no."No Jill. Let him talk," Bryan nodded his head emphatically with
a big smile.Jill handed the phone to the little boy."Hi Mommy. Guess what? Bad men buwned down the concewt yestewday.
Did you know? Then I had mossmellows with Nick Cawter and I am
gonna sing with him tonight. Last night some bad policemen came
and shot at us and twied to buwn the bus cuz Unca Wye loves Unca
Mawk. Then good funlumpkinsable preteens
policemen came and wescued us and sot the bad men.
Thewe was helicoptews in the sky and policemen watching us all
night. And Nick's boyfwend Cowwie is gonna be on the news cuz
Unca Keen made a video. Unca Wye's bus didn't even buwn. Pwetty
cool huh?" Spooky said in an excited rush and those in the bus
couldn't help but smile at his rendition of events."NO! I am not coming home yet. Unca Nick is gonna sing with me
tonight and tomowwow." the boy shouted and stomped his little foot."All the bad men are awwested now and two died," Spooky said."Yeah that helped," Nick rolled his eyes."I have to stay cuz Unca Bwyan and the Westboys need me. I need
to love them," Spooky finally said and Bryan choked back a sob."You made Unca Bwyan cwy now. I have to go," Spooky said and
hung up on his mother and dropped the phone before climbing into
Bryan's lap.The cell phone rang again almost immediately. Jill picked it up
and began to talk to her sister as she headed for the quiet room
at the back of the bus."Okay Ed, let's get this thing moving to the hotel with the rest
of security and Liam. Corey's crew should be there sometime today
as well," extreme preteen hentai Rye said.Ed nodded and left to talk to the police to arrange an escort
while the drivers of the busses who had stayed with the group
that night went to their respective busses.Soon the busses were on the move to the city. Jill had still not
come out of the back."Yay!" Spooky said suddenly and hugged Bryan tightly."Your mom said you can stay?" Corey guessed and the little boy
nodded.Jill came out and saw the happy smiles, "Looks like it's no news
to anyone out here, but Spooky is staying as planned. It was him
saying that we top50 preteens model
needed him, and Marg and Johann pretty much saying
the same thing at the other end, that finally decided her."- Special Bulletin -"Hey Joe. Okay I have a video and the complete story of a murder
attempt on Westlife last night. We need this picked up by all
the major networks so how fast can you get them hooked up to us?"
Corey asked over the phone."No it's not gonna be exclusive it's gonna go out to every station.
This is not a tool for ratings. If you don't hook us up I will
not give it to you at all and will go right to CNN. You have half
an hour," Corey hung erotic preteen pichures up and muttered 'asshole'.Everyone watched the tv's they had wheeled into one room and
smiled as they saw the announcements start to go up.--This just in. We will be going live to Corey James from MTV
who apparently was with the band Westlife last night when an
attempt was made on the lives of the band members. Details
are sketchy at the moment but stay tuned to CNN on the hour for
this breaking story.--"Okay guys. We gonna do interviews or will erotica pre teen
I just break it down
and run the video?" Corey asked. He had purposely left it late
to discuss how it would be done so that the emotion would come
through."I will make a brief statement only. The boys will not be filmed
or speak at this point," Rye said.Corey nodded.He picked up his cell as it rang and spoke to someone briefly then
hung up again."Okay about 15 minutes. Let's go to the room with the camera's,"
Corey said and the group followed. Bryan, Nicky, Shane and Spooky
stayed behind with Andy and Jay.....Soon...."Good morning I am Corey James with a breaking story. Just the
night before last the arena that was to host a Westlife concert
was burned to the ground. Initially it was thought to be an
accident. It has since come to light that a group of extremists
calling themselves the Hand of God, a so called Christian right
wing organization funded by several prominent Republicans, set
the fire intentionally. The reason? In their own hate filled
words "to destroy the faggot infestation". That's right they
did it to stop Westlife and Angel from performing because of the
recent revelation of Mark and Angel's relationship.But the story doesn't end here. These people who claim to be
Christians set up the group to be murdered. A local city
councillman who was a member of the hate group arranged for the
singers to visit his campground which he conveniently cleared of
other visitors.Last night 20 armed men made up of over a dozen city police
officers entered the campground, blocked the road into the camp,
and descended on the busses of the singers. Their intent was to
kill them and anyone travelling with them. Due to an unnamed
informant the plan was foiled as the band and their companions
hid in one of the nearly impregnable tour busses.One of the members of the band had a camera running during the
entire incident. This tape runs about 23 minutes and will now
be shown in it's entirety. We want to warn you that it is
disturbing. The voices you hear are those of Westlife security
and others on the bus, one of which is the 6 year old nephew of
Beauty. You will also hear the men outside the bus as they try
to commit their murder.***the tape ran***"The five security guards who armed themselves to protect the
innocent were handcuffed briefly until the bus was secured and
they were verified to be no threat before being released. This
is standard procedure in these kinds of circumstances. You can
see by the video that the rescuing police were very kind even as
the very stressed singers yelled at them for cuffing the security.When it rape preteen archive was sexfree videospreteens over, two of the would be murderers were dead at the
hands of the rescuing police. porno preteens fucking One of the rescuers was wounded
in the arm but was released this morning suffering only a
superficial wound. None of those on the bus were wounded. We
now have Angel with us to issue a statement.Rye stepped into the spotlights of the cameras."On behalf of myself, the band Westlife, Nick Carter who was with
us last night and Corey James who was also with us during this
ordeal, we want to thank the honorable members of the city's
police force who risked their own lives to rescue us. Even
though it is their job to do so, we must thank them. We also
want pics young preteens
to thank our security personnel whose quick actions truly
saved our lives.Rye took a deep breath and swallowed hard as his emotions
threatened him briefly."The concert will go ahead as model preteen jpg scheduled tonight in the Park On
the Lake. We will be joined by Nick Carter as well. When we
discovered earlier that the city's arena had burned and the
concert would be cancelled we decided to stay over an extra day
and sing in the park donating all proceeds to the city to rebuild
the arena. As a group we also made a very large donation to
ensure the arena could be rebuilt. We wish to say that those
donations will not be withdrawn. We do not hold the city or those
who run it responsible for what has happened. Those who are
responsible will be punished by the proper authorities. We hope
that the completed arena will become a monument against hate.Finally we ask that the media and fans be respectful of our wishes.
We are all nude preteen kid terribly frightened by what has happened. At this time
we do not want to conduct interviews with the media. We do not
want the fans to swamp our hotel. We understand that the fans
want to show their support but for now the best way you can do
that is to keep a respectful distance. There will be intense
security tonight at the concert and we ask that you respect that
as well and keep to the designated areas. Thank you Corey.Rye stepped out of the lights and broke down, Mark wrapped him in
his arms as Corey stood in front of the cameras again."I want to thank Angel and Westlife and Nick Carter for their
words and for the concert they will do tonight. I also want
to say that the feelings Angel expressed are held by all of us.
Nobody is to blame for what happened except for those who actually
committed these crimes. But some of you may be indirectly to
blame. Hate breeds hate and so does apathy. When you accept or
ignore hatred it allows it to continue and grow. You might do it
without even realizing it. When a co-worker tells a joke that
makes fun of someone because of their sex, race, ethnicity or
sexual orientation and you laugh or do nothing, you are
reinforcing that it is alright to treat those people differently.
There is a poem that most of you have probably heard but maybe
never taken to heart. I would like to recite it now and add some
of my own words to it.First they came for the communists,
but I didn't speak up because I wasn't a communist.
Then they came for the jews,
but I didn't speak up because I wasn't a jew.
Then they came for the catholics,
but I didn't speak up because I was a protestant.
Then they came for the children,
but I didn't speak up because I am an adult.
Then they came for the women,
but I didn't speak up because I am a man.
Then they came for the gays,
but I didn't speak up because I am straight.
Then they came for me,
but there was nobody left to speak up for me.To all those watching, if you never speak up then some day they
will come for you and there really will be nobody left to speak
for you. I'm Corey James for MTV. Think about what has been
said here today. Goodbye.***CNN later that afternoon***"That was a tape of the live broadcast we saw earlier this morning
by Corey James a new personality on MTV. A truly thought provoking
piece and truly disturbing video. We go now to FBI headquarters
for a statement by the head of the FBI.""Thanks Ralph. We are here now with Walter Meyers of the FBI who
has a statement to read. Go ahead Agent Meyers.""The crime last night committed against the singing group Westlife
and the other members of their entourage has been designated a
hate crime. The organization known as 'The Hand of God' is under
investigation and all known members as well as known supporters
have been detained for questioning.""Thank you Agent Meyers, can you confirm that several Republican
Congressmen and Senators support this group financially and have
been questioned?""At this time I cannot comment on that. We should have a more
detailed report later this week. Thank you," the agent answered."Back to you Ralph.""Despite what we just heard from Agent Meyers we have this tape
taken less than 15 minutes ago at the home of Republican Senator
Lionel Trent. It clearly shows members of the FBI escorting the
congressman to a car in handcuffs. We will keep you up to date
on this developing story,"Rye flicked the remote and the tv went black."I don't want to be a tool for the politicians," Mark said."We won't be. We may have been the catalyst but this will fuel
itself now. If I have to I will use my money to keep us out
of it all," Rye said."Thank God for Spooky. We would all be dead now if it weren't
for him," Mark said."Yeah. And thank God for him now helping us stay sane. When
this is over we are gonna spend a month at the cabin and unwind
away from prying eyes and reporters," Rye promised."Sounds porn tgp preteen
good to me. We can wander around naked and make love
whenever the desire takes us regardless of where we are. But
not just us, I want all our friends there too. We can share
beds and bring extra mattresses but I want us all there," Mark
said."Okay fella," Rye smiled."Someone is gonna wake us up in time for the concert right?"
Mark asked sleepily."Yep. Just sleep my love," Rye said as he stroked Mark's hair
and held him.Mark drifted off into sleep as his beautiful lover held him.- Concert on the Lake -Everyone was on edge as they approached the new venue. A
combination of many emotions, fear and excitement being the two
strongest, had everyone on a hair trigger. If not for Spooky,
Rye believed they would have cancelled the concert."Holy shit look at that," Nicky said as he pointed out the window.Everyone looked out to see the large stage surrounded by fans.
There had to be a quarter million people out there. News cameras
were everywhere. The normal signs that fans held were seen but
many of the signs also had anti-hate slogans on them. As the bus
finally began to move slowly down the road that led to the stage
the crowd became silent and held up their hands to the bus in a
silent gesture of support. Inside the busses everyone choked
back the tears at this display."Look awmy men," Spooky squealed."Wow. Someone somewhere pulled some strings. Was this you
Angel?" Shane asked as everyone realized the stage and backstage
area was indeed surrounded by soldiers in military fatigues,
unarmed soldiers, but big scary looking soldiers."Nope. Never thought of it. My guess is the governor did it
after hearing the news reports. This whole incident is not
gonna look good for the state so any support like this just
helps distance the state as a whole from the hate group," Rye
said.In a very short time the busses had moved japanese preteens schoolgirls
to the backstage area.
Everyone waited inside until the security was set up around the
door to the main bus. A man in uniform approached the bus and
stood waiting respectfully.Ed left the bus first followed by everyone else. The soldier
stood at attention and saluted Ed."Sir. Lieutenant Scotty Drake in charge of military security sir.
Would you like to be briefed sir?" the man said.Ed returned the salute, "Yes Lieutenant, please proceed, and stand
at ease."The Lieutenant stood at ease and began, "On behalf of the 4
military departments stationed here sir we respectfully offer
our assistance for security. The security detail holds members
from our Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines sir.""Whose idea to bring you guys in?" Rye asked from behind Ed."Sir. My understanding is that Commander Jason Fitzsimmons of
the Marines arranged for this sir," the Lieutenant said."Ah now I understand," Ed said and turned to the group and held
up his right arm to show the missing hand, "One of my boys.""Sir, yes sir. You're a hero again sir and it is my understanding
sir that you will be given a medal for bravery for your actions
sir. On a personal note sir, I just wanted to say that everyone
here volunteered for this assignment sir and we support you all
sir," the Lieutenant said. It was what he didn't say that made
everyone smile. All of these men were here to show support for
the relationship between Mark and Rye."Thank you Lieutenant. Carry on," Ed said and saluted once again.
The Lieutenant came to attention again and saluted smartly."Lieutenant," Mark called before the man turned, "After the show
and once you are officially off duty, if you and any other of the
men want autographs or to just say hi, come back to the bus okay."The man blushed and nodded before scurrying away."Mark that was not nice, you should never make a soldier blush,"
Ed said with a wide grin causing everyone to laugh."You think he's gay?" Nick asked."Maybe. It's not our place to ask though. But if I understand
him correctly I believe that all of these guys openly support
Mark and Rye, and that is a statement in itself," Ed said.The original opening act was unable to perform at preteens posing sexy
the concert.
They had a previous engagement and the change in plans had them
in another city by this time. Everyone was backstage in the
tented dressing rooms getting ready when Ed came in."We have a new opening act for you guys. It should go over pretty
well. Apparently we have a couple of other acts that will perform
as well. The concert should start at about 7 and my guess is it
will go to about midnight," Ed said."Geez what are we doing getting dressed now then?" Bryan asked."Well you will need to sing a song with the opening act. Then
Nick and Spooky will sing and you need to sing a song with Nick.
Then the other guests will sing and you need to at least show up
on stage with them if not sing with them," Ed said."Wow who died and made you tour manager," Jay giggled as he
pulled Ed close and gave him a kiss. As he did the Lieutenant
walked in and blushed deeply as he saw the kiss."Sir?" the Lieutenant asked."Yes Lieutenant?" Ed asked never letting go of his Pup."Just wanted to let you know all the performers are in the
backstage area fucking preteens pics
now and the area is secure sir," the Lieutenant
said."Thank you Lieutenant," Ed nodded."Scotty?" Jay said and the soldier turned, "Do you have someone
special in your life?""Pup," Ed cautioned."Yes sir I do sir. Commander Fitzsimmons sends his regards," the
Lieutenant smiled then blushed again then left the tent."Wow," Ed said."Never guessed about Fitzsimmons?" Jay asked."Nope not at all. He was so hot," Ed said and managed to look
embarrassed as Jay playfully poked him in the belly."You mister just keep those thoughts out of your head. You are
my soldier boy," Jay said.Ed smiled and kissed Jay sweetly but Jay was having none of that
and deepened the kiss until Ed moaned."Sir yes sir," Ed whispered dazedly and everyone in the tent
blushed at the pthc preteens bbs obvious love and lust in his voice.- Opening Act -Across the park the monitors flared into life showing the test
pattern. The lights flickered once and everyone's attention
turned to the stage. A lone figure came out and waited for the
thunderous applause to die down."Good evening and welcome to the Concert on the Lake. My name is
Corey James. Are you all excited to be here?" Corey shouted and
the crowd went nuts."Tonight there are over 270,000 of you here to show your love for
some pretty special guys and girls. Westlife and Angel and their
friends were victims of a hate crime last night. Thankfully none
of them were hurt. All proceeds from the concert tonight are
going to the city to rebuild your arena which was burned down two
nights ago. How do you all feel about that?" Corey asked and the
crowd went insane again."Okay before we get this party started we want to remind everyone
to preteen pthc dorki respect the security and your fellow concert goers. Tonight is
gonna be really special with some amazing people coming here to
perform to show their support for the guys. So if you all are
ready let's begin," Corey shouted and left the stage.The curtain began to rise as the first notes to As Long As You
Love Me floated out into the night. The crowd cheered wildly as
The Backstreet Boys stepped forward and began to sing."No shit!" Bryan said from the tent as he heard the singing,
"Where's Spooky he has to go see them."Bryan stood up and raced out of the tent only to see that Spooky
was on stage and performing with the guys. He was mic'd up as
well as was evident when the chorus started and his excited voice
sang along. preteen dirty girls Everyone was soon on the sidelines watching the
Backstreet Boys singing with their nephew."God he must have just about peed himself when he found out,"
Mark said."Actually he started to cry. Happy tears though. Those guys
couldn't stop hugging him enough, he just got 4 more Unca's,"
Corey said.The song ended and the audience cheered as Nick stepped forward
after picking up Spooky."Hey all. Glad you could show up. I guess you all know who we
are but do you know who this little guy is?" Nick asked the
audience.Spooky. Spooky. Spooky.Everyone was a little surprised that the audience seemed to know
who Spooky was but they smiled as the little boy's giggle filled
the night."Okay Spooky they know who you are. Now who's your favourite
band?" Nick asked."BACKSTWEET BOYS!" Spooky cried in delight.The other Backstreet Boys all laughed and preteen female model pointed at Westlife off
stage."Very good Spooky. Okay we get to do one more song then we will
invite your uncles out to sing a song with us. Which song would
you like to sing?" Nick asked."Oh baby can't you see, can't you see," Spooky clapped.Nick smiled and brought the boy back to stand with the rest
of the guys as the music cued up. Spooky was in heaven as the
song played out and he sang and danced along. The cameras often
focused in on the little boy dancing and pic preteen laughing on stage. Often
he did nothing more than jump up and down happily but the smile on
his face was a million watt smile. Soon the song was over."Okay Spooky now it's your turn to be announcer. First why don't
you tell everyone our names and then you can introduce your uncles
okay?" Nick said.Spooky nodded happily and went and stood next to Kevin, "Hi
audience this is Unca Kevin, he's a Backstweet Boy."The audience laughed and everyone said, "Hi Kevin."Spooky beamed as preteen bs
he moved on, "This is Unca A.J. He has lots of
tattoos but he is not scawy," Again the audience said hi to A.J
and A.J. reached out and tousled the little boys hair."This is Unca Nick. He has a tattoo too, see," Spooky pointed out
Nick's dragon tattoo and Nick suddenly felt relief as he realized
that Spooky could have unintentionally outed him. Again the
audience responded."This is Unca Howie, he smells nice like cimmammum," Spooky said
and the audience laughed as Howie blushed. When Spooky had met
Howie earlier and been given a hug he had commented on Howie's
nice smell."And this is Unca Bwyan but not fwom Westboys fwom Backstweet
Boys," Spooky explained."You did really good Spooky. Now how about you introduce your
other uncles so they can all come out and sing a song together
with us," Nick said."Okay thewe's Unca Wye and Unca Mawk and Unca Nicky and Unca Sane
and Unca Keen and Unca Bwyan," Spooky said as he pointed off stage.The guys all moved to the stage to the cheers of the crowd."Hiya Spooky, are you having fun?" Bryan asked as he scooped the
little boy up into his arms."Yeah I got to sing with the Backstweet Boys did you see?" Spooky
asked."I sure did, you were pretty good," Bryan said."Hey Spooky what do you say we bring out some of our other
friends," Rye said and Spooky nodded."Ladies and Gentlemen we like to sing this song at our concerts
and it has sort of become our theme song. It talks about how we
feel for each other and how we like to live our lives. Tonight
we want to invite our security and our other friends up on stage
with us to sing with us," Rye said and gestured off stage.Soon the entire security detail, Jill and Corey were on stage.
Rye began the song as he always did and soon the entire audience
was singing along to Lean On Me. Everyone who had been at the
campground the night before and faced death at the hands of those
men were on stage with their arms around each other singing. free preteen underwears They
sang the song through twice then spent a lot of time on stage
hugging the others. Finally Corey stepped outdoor nude preteens
forward again and was
holding Spooky."That was pretty special huh Spooky?" he asked of the boy."It was nice but how come evewybody was cwying?" Spooky asked.
Many of those on stage had been overcome with emotion and the
little boy had noticed."After the bad men last night it was just nice to be here on
stage withtheir friends and know that they were safe. They were
happy tears. Now how about we introduce your Uncle Nick to sing
a song just by himself," Corey said."Yeah. I know what song it is," Spooky said happily."Okay you tell them what song Nick is gonna sing," Corey said."I Got You," Spooky clapped. Corey smiled and kissed Spooky on
the cheek as they walked off stage and passed Nick.Nick leaned in to kiss Spooky and then whispered to Corey, "I
hadn't met hairy preteenz you when I wrote this but my soul must have known you
were coming. This song is for you Fuzzy,"Corey gulped as he went and stood with the guys, still preteen model bare holding
Spooky.Nick began to sing and it was easy to tell that he was putting
his entire soul into this song. He did not dance the choreography
but instead danced what he was feeling. It was like his preteen nudist video
could not hold the words in as they belted out into the night. People tell me, boy lover preteen
you stay where you belong
But all my life I've tried
To preteen nude8 prove them wrong
They say I'm looking for
Something that can't be found
They say I'm missing out
And my feet don't touch the ground But there are moments
When you can't deny what's true
Just an ordinary day
Like when I met you It's funny how life can take new meaning
You came and changed what I believe in
The world on the outside's trying to pull me in
But they can't touch me
'Cause I got you
I got you, oh yeah horny preteens thumbs
I want to thank you
For all of the things you've done
And most for choosing me
To be the one It's funny how life can take new meaning
You came and changed what I believe in
The in lingerie preteens world on the outside is trying to pull me in
But they can't touch me
'Cause I got you And it hits me when I reach for you
That I'm afraid you won't be there
Maybe I am in too deep
But I don't care (Where would I belong)
I got you
I want to sample nude preteens prove them wrong
I've got you yeah
You can't deny what's true no
They can't touch me, yeah yeah I got you
I got you
I got you baby You can't deny what's true
No, they can't touch me
'Cause I got youThe crowd was wild during the entire song, especially when Nick would
point to offstage when he sang the words 'I Got You'. Most
thought he was pointing to Spooky and thought it was sweet how
much he obviously loved the little boy. A few thought he was
pointing to one of the Backstreet Boys as his lover, they had
read the Nifty stories, and it just helped heighten the fantasy.
And a very very few thought preteen porn naked
that they had seen a special spark
or glow when Nick had passed Corey. Those special few thought,
and were pretty sure, that Nick and Corey had found something
with each other. It would be a few years before they were proven
right but eventual

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