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Related post: Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 20:52:45 -0800 (PST)
From: rimpigfl
Subject: MARINE HERO 23Disclaimer: This is a story. I didn't live it - even though I wished I
had. It is purely for enjoyment. It's another of my "Marine" stories. Some
guys wonder why I keep writing about Marines. Besides the fact that they
epitomize masculinity to me, beyond the fact that they are just about the
raunchiest guys I've ever known, there is another reason.These brave warriors are often the first defense against any enemy of my
country and my way of life. Throughout the history of this country, the
Marine Corps has produced more, oftentimes unsung, heros than any other
fighting force. And I don't know about you, but contrary to Whitney
Houston's song, my need for a hero has always preteen feet hose
been fulfilled by The Few,
The Proud, The Marines. Semper Fi!I wish to acknowledge two people who's assistance with this story was
invaluable. First of all, Kris, who is a great writer in her own right.AndSecond, but not least, a real Marine and a beautiful man - Rich, who will
always be Jeff to me.MARINE HERO
by RimPig (c) 2004Chapter Twenty Three - Keith's Step-father Pays A PriceI carried Keith to anal pic preteen our room and put him on the bed to let him sleep. I'd
lost count of how many orgasms he'd had but he preteen masterbating pics
was one tired but satisfied
boy! Jeff and I then joined Dad and Rusty in the kitchen where they were
having a cup of coffee."So what do you think we ought to do?" Dad asked."Well, the first thing is we need to get hold of that young lawyer and get
Keith legally put into our care." Rusty said."We also need to take the digital camera and take pictures of the bruises
and welts before they fade. We want evidence of what's been done preteen bitches
to him." I
said."Speaking preteen colombiam models of which," Dad said. "What the fuck are we gonna do about that?""Well, actually, I have an idea. It will take all of us, but I think we can
guarantee that Keith's step-father will not only not oppose him being taken
away and placed in our care - we will probably never hear from him again -
if he even stays in this town." I said.I preteen daughter models outlined my plan to Dad, Rusty and Jeff. Dad was amazed!"Boy, we should have had you in uniform! You've got a real bent for
tactics!" Dad laughed."Thanks, Dad, but three Marines in the family is quite enough!" I laughed."Well, it's soon gonna be three former Marines in the family." Dad said."Why?" homemade preteen vids I asked."Your Dad's been offered an early retirement package that's just too good
to pass up." Rusty said."Not to mention the fact that there's talk that Rusty's unit could get
called up. We've given enough blood to the preteen puffy pics
Corps. It's time for us to spend
the rest of our lives loving each other." Dad said."So when is this going to happen?" I asked."Probably within the next month or so." Dad said."I've got to tell you, I'm glad." I told them. "I'll be glad to have you
both safe and together with us. Not to mention, Keith's going to need all
of our love and care.""Yeah. That's what I figured, too. We won't need to work for a while so I
figure that Rusty and I can take care of Keith." he said."I'm sure he'll love that!" I laughed. "Course, I'd better get you both
some Viagra! You'll need it to keep up with his sex drive!"Dad and Rusty laughed at that, too. We continued to talk for a little
while, Dad telling us he'd call the young, gay lawyer he knew first thing
in the morning."How do you know him, Dad?" I asked."He used to be JAG. Got out because of one of the 'witch-hunts', trying to
track preteen panty model down gays. He refused to be part of it. He's in private practice here
now." preteen lovers photo
Dad said. "Helps a lot of young Marines that get into trouble. And
you know how young Marines can get into trouble!""Yeah! Like molesting young boys on Greyhound buses!" I laughed."Hey! You were eighteen!" Jeff protested, grinning at me. "Besides, I
wouldn't go talking about molesting young boys if I were you!""No, I guess after tonight, none of us can!" I laughed."I'm beginning to wonder just exactly who molested who?!" Rusty said.And we all laughed.Soon after we all went to bed. Jeff and I got on each side of Keith's
sleeping form and put our arms around him and each other. He murmured in
his sleep but didn't wake up. He seemed to know that it was us in bed with
him though. He reached out to vintage preteen nudists touch both of us before quieting down
again. Soon we were all three asleep.The next morning, I woke to the feeling of something hot and preteen panties moddling tight around
my cock. I opened my eyes to see Keith's bubble-butt shoved all the way
down on my hardon as he was slowly sucking on Jeff's cock as Jeff continued
to sleep! But not for long! I started fucking Keith harder and was getting
close when Jeff opened his eyes and saw what was going on. He reached down
and pushed Keith's face further down on his cock as I began to cum in
Keith's hot, tight butt!"Ahh! preteen porn movie
Fuck!" I moaned quietly so I wouldn't wake up the hole house.I pulled my cock from Keith ass and, as I did so, I saw Jeff pulling his
cock from Keith's mouth."Turn over, boy! I want some preteenie sex
of that ass my lover just fucked!" Jeff
growled, his voice rough from just waking up and horniness.Keith eagerly turned over, presenting his just-fucked ass to Jeff who
slammed his hard cock fully into it in one might shove! Keith groaned."Yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me deep! Fuck me HARD!"Jeff proceeded to do exactly that! He began power-fucking the young butt. I
slid down the bed and took Keith's hard cock in my mouth, sucking him deep
into me while Jeff continued to fuck him. It didn't take either one of them
long to shoot their loads."Yeah! Fuck! Fuckin' your butt, boy! Cummin' in your butt!" Jeff cried out
as he dumped his load of morning cum deep in Keith's hungry ass."Ahh! Fuck! Yeah! Fuck me! Suck my cock!" Keith cried out as he unloaded
his sweet teen cum in my mouth!What a fucking breakfast! Pure teen protein!All three of us lay there on the bed, unable to move after that. I think we
even slept again for a few minutes. The next thing I ls preteen nude
heard was the sound of
the alarm clock. We all groaned and got up. Dad and Rusty were already in
the kitchen and had made coffee. Rusty was in the middle of cooking
breakfast, something he was very good at. The breakfast he was making was
huge! Eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, grits, home fries, and to top it all off,
pancakes!"Did we invite the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force for breakfast?" I asked
him."No, just one teenager and your lover who eats like one!" Rusty laughed.Before breakfast was over - there was not a scrap of food left! I looked at
Rusty and he just winked at me."Okay, men! Shower time!" Dad intoned, as he did every morning.This was something new to Keith that we'd forgotten to tell him about. He
looked at me quizzically. I just told him to follow along.Five naked males trooped incest preteen top down to the play room again and all got preteen girls breast in the
shower."Okay, who's turn is it?" Dad asked as we stood there without the water
running."Well, we have a new member of the Shower Squad this morning, Sergeant!
Seems to me he should be properly welcomed into the squad!" Jeff shouted in
good preteen kitty
Marine order!"New member! Front and center!" Dad barked."That's you!" I said to Keith.He walked over russian preteen nn
to where Dad was standing."On your knees, boy!" Dad ordered and Keith complied.We all surrounded him and he quickly figured out what was about to happen
to him."Oh! Fuck! Yeah!" he moaned.Suddenly, four cocks were all spraying him with hot, yellow man-piss from
four different directions at once! The stink of strong, morning piss filled
the air as Keith writhed and murmured in the golden shower. He rubbed the
piss into his skin and then began to use it as lube to jack his dick
with. He leaned over and tasted some from each spout as he continued to
moan."Oh! Fuck! (gulp) Yeah! (gulp) Piss on me! (gulp) Wet me down! (gulp) Make
me your piss boy!(gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp!)" he groaned and drank.When the rain of preteens sexy pic
piss ended, Dad looked down at him."Okay, boy! Your turn!" he said.At this we all got into a line and down on our knees. teens bbs preteens Keith quickly figured
out what his role was and stood up. He took his cock in his hand and began
pissing on each of us preteen models nonenude in turn. Each of us, took a gulp of his strong,
yellow boy-piss as he passed down the line, wetting each of us. He then
went back up the preteen model busty
line again before his piss ran out. He finished in front
of me so I leaned over and took the last of his piss in my mouth and
cleaned off his cock for him.Then we all stood and hugged each other's wet bodies, mixing our piss with
each other and kissing good morning - sharing the taste of each other's
piss. Then we turned on five of the feet nude preteens
six shower heads and began to
shower. Keith noticed the extra shower head."Hey! You guys were ready for me!"he grinned."Shit, we even got room for when you find a lover!" Jeff laughed."Me!?" Keith looked at me, a strange look on his face."Sure. You're going to find somebody someday and fall in love. Just wait
and see." I smiled."And you won't mind?" Keith asked."Remember the house rules?" I asked.Keith thought for a moment."No jealousy?" he asked."That's right. No jealousy. You're lover will be part of the family as
well, if that's what you both want." I said.He got a very thoughtful look on his face but didn't say anything.I drove him to school with me. On the way, I set the rules for him."Okay, as of today, there is a change. You don't sit in class and daydream
anymore. You participate, just like you do in my class. You get good grades
because you're going to have to face a military tribunal with each report
card. So you'd better be sex preteen thai
working hard! We want you to make something of
yourself and we want to be proud of you. And...not to put to fine an edge
on it, we would like to be able to show that living with us has helped you
for the legal fight we may have to put up to keep you." I said. "Besides,
think about the rewards of doing well.""What?" he asked."You're ass fucked and your cock sucked all the time as well as much piss
as you can drink? How about that?" I asked."I will! I'll work hard!" he laughed. "Those kind of rewards I like!""Yeah, I thought you might." I chuckled.Keith became the entire topic of conversation in the faculty lunchroom that
day. All of his teachers remarked on the tremendous change that had come
over Keith seemingly overnight! None of them could figure out what had
done it. russian boy preteens I simply told them that what they were seeing is what I'd been
seeing in my classroom forum ls preteen from Keith all year and let it go at that. But that
night, we had quite a little celebration down in the play room with Keith
getting fucked by Dad while Keith fucked me and preteen sexy modles
sucking both Rusty and Jeff
before they took turns fucking him as well. I was the final fuck of the
night so he got fucked by preteen asian hardcore all four cocks and sucked all four of our asses
as well as sucking on all four of our cocks! He was one, tired, happy boy
when he went to bed, sleeping between Rusty and Dad that night. We
discovered in the morning that he'd treated Dad and Rusty to his method of
waking them up that he'd used on Jeff and me.The following week Jeff, Dad, Rusty and I met with the young gay attorney
at his office downtown. His name was Robert Westman but asked us to call
him Robby. We outlined the situation to him, leaving out the relationship
among us. He listened until we had our say and then asked a few pertinent
questions about Keith and about our ability to provide a home for him."Well, I must say, Keith is one lucky boy! To find such a loving, stable
environment with not one but four parents is quite remarkable. However, I'm
going to tell you from the get-go, forget adoption." Robby said.We all reacted to this so vehemently that Robby held up his hands,
demanding quiet."Please, before you go 'off' all over me, let me explain. Keith is 16 years
old, almost 17. That's young preteen cum not enough time before he turns 18 to put through a
legal adoption. But it won't matter. I have a friend who's a supervisor
with foster care. We will have you all appointed his foster care parents
and you will have almost all the rights of parents anyway, plus the state
will help pay for his care, especially his medical care." Robby said."But we want him as part of our family!" Dad insisted."But he will be! Look, none of you are 'legally' family now except you and
Mike Jr. Does that affect in anyway the situation between you?" he asked.We all looked at each other and shook preteen hymen stories our heads."No." Dad said."It's very simple. For all intents and purposes, Keith will be your
son. All of you. When he nude preteenpictures art turns 18, he's on his own. He can do whatever he
wants to do anyway, whether you adopted him or not." Robby said."What about, well...say something happened to us. We'd want to make sure
that Keith was taken care of." Dad said."Well, in the very, very unlikely event that something happened to all of
you, you each can have a will drawn making Keith the optimal beneficiary. I
can draw those up for you. Then he'd be taken care of and would inherit
your property, just as if he was your son." Robby said."What do you mean about it there not being enough time?" I asked."With adoptions, the state requires that the child be in the prospective
parents home as a foster placement for preteen kid porno at least one year prior to the
adoption petition being filed. Then it takes about a year for all of the
investigations and such until you finally reach a judge. By that time,
Keith would be 18 and you couldn't adopt him anyway. You cannot adopt an
adult." Robby explained."So foster placement is the best we can hope for?" I asked."Yes, and I can arrange it easily for you - cumshot on preteens especially when I show David
these!" Robby said, indicating the photographs that we took of Keith the
morning after he came to live with us of the bruises and welts his
step-father had left on his body."Yeah, we figured somebody would understand if they saw those!" Dad said."They certainly will. There's one other reason for adoption not being a
good route to take. The father's sister. She would have to be found and her
permission granted for the adoption, since she's the only known blood
relative. That could take who knows how long!" Robby said."Yeah. We see what you mean." Dad said. "But how intrusive is the state
going to be into our lives?""Not at all. I'll make sure that David handles the case himself. If Keith
is happy with the placement, there's no problem whatever. He is happy, I
take it?" he asked.We all slut preteens four laughed."Deliriously!" I answered."Well, then, there's no problem! Believe me! The last thing foster care
needs is another teenager they can't place! Too many of those already!"
Robby said."How many?" Dad asked."Hundreds in this county alone. Tens of thousands throughout the state. No,
Keith is a very lucky boy to have you preteen young girl guys willing to take him on!" Robby
said."That many?" Dad said. "What a fucking shame!""Tell you what. It's almost eleven. Why don't you guys go and have lunch
and then come back. By that time, I'll have contacted David and set up an
appointment for you to meet him and get the paperwork rolling. How's that
sound?" he said."Do you want to meet Keith?" I asked."Yes, that would probably be a good idea. Can you bring him back with you?"
Robby asked."Yes, we'll stop by the high school and pick him up." I said. "I can sign
him out as a faculty member.""I've got little preteen lesbians
to hand it to you, Mike. You preteen girls camp took a hell of a chance for this
kid! Whatever made you preteen child portal do it? You could have lost your job over this!"
Robby said."A job is not worth a boy's life. Had he stayed on those streets he'd
probably be dead - or worse - by now." I said simply."Well, you're right there! I'm really in awe of all of you and the
commitment you've made to this boy!" Robby said."He's family. Marine Corps family." Dad said and that explained it all.Dad and Rusty went to our favorite restaurant and Jeff and I dropped by
school to get model preteen naked Keith. I'd called ahead to the office to have him waiting for
us."So where preteen models vids
we going?" Keith asked."We're meeting preteens bikini photo
Dad and Rusty for lunch and then we're going to go and let
the attorney meet you. He's got some questions he wants to ask you." I
said."Like what?" Keith asked suspiciously."Like, do you like living with us. Do you want to stay with us. That kind
of thing." I said."Oh, okay! That's easy - Fuck, yeah! And Fuck, yeah!" he laughed."Well, I hope you answer a little more politely than that!" I said. "That
kind of language is okay in the house or with your friends but when things
are serious like this it's better to show a little decorum.""I will! I'm not dumb!" Keith said."I know you're not. And all your teachers know it now, too!" I smiled."Really?" he asked."Yes, I've heard from everyone of them how well you're doing. I want you to
know how proud we all are of you. That's why we're doing all this for you."
I said."Thanks, Mike." he said and I knew he meant it. "You, too, Jeff.""Hey! Don't look at me! I just like fuckin' your tight little hole!" Jeff
laughed.After lunch we all went back to Robby's office. When he ushered us asian preteen magazine
into his
office there was another young man there. It didn't take me long to figure
out that he and Robby were more than just 'friends'. They underage preteens girls were 'friends'
the way that Jeff and I were friends. I could tell by the looks that went
between them and the way they spoke to each other. Robby introduced him as
David Shearer, the supervisor of local foster care for the state."I'm really glad to meet you all! Robby told me on the phone about this
case and I had preteen blonde model to see for myself! A foster care placement with four parents
- two of whom are active duty Marines is certainly a first!" David grinned
and then turned to Keith, sticking out his hand. "You preteen picture site must be Keith.""Yes, sir." Keith said, shaking the social worker's hand."Well, I've only got a couple of questions to ask. First of all, Keith, you
want to live with these guys?" he asked."Oh, yes, sir!" Keith said enthusiastically."I see. Why?" he asked.That stopped Keith for a moment. I didn't know preteens naked gallery
what he was going to
say. Then he answered quietly."Because I love them - and they love me. They're the first people who've
wanted me since my Dad died in Bosnia." Keith said."I completely understand." David said gently. "And I'm very glad for you,
son, to find someone who does care about you."Keith gave David one of his 100,000 watt smiles."Now, the rest of you. illegal preteen links What about living quarters?" David preteenn sex asked."We own a four bedroom home." Dad answered."Will Keith have his own room." David asked."Yes, he will." Dad answered.Well...that was a debatable question. Keith only wanted to sleep with at
least one of us but preteen asians schoolgirls neither David nor Robby needed to know that."Now the state will supply some remuneration for his care, but what about
your own financial circumstances? Can you afford to take on a boy like
Keith?" David asked."There are four incomes coming into the household. I think we can afford to
feed, cloth and house one teenaged boy." Dad said."Well, with the way they eat, it's a question we have to ask!" David
chuckled."Have you ever seen active duty Marines eat?" Dad asked."No, sir, I can't say as I have." David says."Makes a teenage boy look like he's on a starvation diet." Dad intoned and
David laughed."Okay! I give up! I can't see any problem at all. All that's left is a home
inspection. I have to see the house to make sure it is a safe environment
for the boy. Just a formality. When could I come over and see it?" David
asked."What about right now?" Dad asked."Great! We get this out of the way now and I can issue the foster care
orders in the morning, have them before a judge and Keith is yours tomorrow
afternoon." David said.All of us beamed at the idea that things could move that quickly."Now, as to the step-father. I wish we could press charges but without an
investigation at illegal model preteen the time of the abuse, I'm afraid it wouldn't stand up in
court. However, it doesn't matter to the foster care order. Since he never
adopted Keith, he has no legal standing whatever in the matter." David
said."Good!" Robby said. "I was hoping we could do something to his mangy ass,
but getting Keith away from him is the most important thing.""And, I firmly believe in Karma, Robby." Dad said."What do you mean?" Robby asked."Only that, in this world, it seems that what goes around, comes around."
Dad said inscrutably.Robby looked at Dad funny but let it pass.We all went home and David looked over the house. We showed him the guest
room and told him that this would be Keith's room. And we weren't lying. We
did fully intend to make it a room for Keith. A place for him to study and
to be alone if he needed to. As to where he would sleep - we just figured
that was a family matter and not open to outsider knowledge!The following afternoon we were all in the chambers of a juvenile court
judge who was suitably impressed with two Marine Master Sergeants, their
brass shining and row upon row of service ribbons and medals on their
chests, sitting in his chambers. He signed the order making Keith our
foster child in less than 20 minutes. We all went back to Robby's office to
sign off on the four new wills that he had prepared for us making sure that
if something happened, Keith would be well taken care of. Then we all went
out and celebrated! Keith was a member of the family legally as well as
emotionally! This called for steak dinners and two or three hours in the
playroom when we all got home to what was now truly ALL our home.The next naturist preteen morning, I took Keith to school and we both went to the office to
re-register him as my foster child with a open preteen
copy of the court order giving
me, Dad, Rusty and Jeff legal guardianship of Keith. The principal came out
to talk to me - a little surprised at this turn of events but not at all
unhappy. He'd heard what a brilliant turn-around Keith had made in his
classes and now realized the reason for it. He only asked that if I
intended to adopt preteen magazine nudes any more students to give him a 'head's up' prior to
doing so.That took care of everything but one thing. Keith's step-father.One Friday night, about a week later, we took Keith down into the playroom
and we all ganged up on him, getting him off about six or naked preteen as seven times in
the space of a couple of hours without cumming ourselves. He didn't
understand but didn't have a whole lot to say about it. He finally wore
himself out, which was our plan, and passed out nubile preteen movies asleep on the platform. We
carried him upstairs preteen cartonns
and put him in Jeff and my bed, where he slept most
nights, then we went to preteen free videos Dad and Rusty's room where we all dressed in black
- black shoes, black pants, black long-sleeved knit shirts and black
ski-masks. Those areas of our face that showed were made up with the
camouflage make-up that Marines and Rangers wear so that our faces were
unrecognizable.We drove to Keith's old home and waited. Keith told us nonnudes thumbs preteen it was his
step-father's habit to drink heavily on Friday nights and then to pass out
in front of the TV set, usually around midnight. We sat outside the house,
until mid-night and then snuck into the back yard of the house, pulling on
rubber gloves as we went. The back door was unlocked so we entered. Dad and
Rusty had their service revolvers - 45's and huge! They scared me to be
around them!We found the step-father, exactly as Keith said we would, passed out cold
in front of the TV set, a mostly empty bottle of whisky on a table next preteens art nude to
his chair. Dad went over and pulled the drapes shut so that no one could
see in and then grabbed the step-father by the neck and threw him out of
his chair and onto the floor. The man came to with four figures dressed in
black surrounding him and a 45 caliber weapon pointed directly between his
eyes. He didn't need to know that neither weapon was loaded!"What the fuck!" he managed to get out before Dad backhanded him, hard,
across the face, knocking him sideways to the floor."SHUT THE FUCK UP, ASSHOLE! YOU TALK ONLY WHEN YOU'RE TOLD TO!" Dad
shouted.I could see the look of fear enter the man's eyes."Now, we're all gonna have us fresh girls preteens a little fun." Dad said, new preteen galleries
menacingly. "Well,
it will be fun for us! Get the erotic preteen nude fuck up off the floor!"The man got up."Wha...what do you want...OOF!!"Dad's fist slammed into the man's guts, doubling him over."I told you not to speak unless I told you to!" Dad said, hauling the man
up by the scruff of his neck. "Take off your clothes! I want you naked in
30 seconds!"The man went to say something, then though better of it. Pain was a good
teacher! He quickly divested himself of his pants and 'wife beater' but
when he was down to boxer shorts, preteen thongs he stopped.Dad's arm whipped out again, backhanding hard in the face."ALL OF IT, ASSHOLE!" Dad said.The man quickly stripped off the boxers, now preteen ring
standing naked in front of
us. You could tell that he'd had a good body at one time, but age and too
much booze and no exercise had taken their toll. He had a gut on him but I
did notice a rather sizeable tool, hanging soft between his legs."Okay, asshole. Get down on your knees." Dad ordered, his voice full of
menace.The man complied. At this point, we all took off our pants, exposing our
hard, thick cocks. The man looked at each one of us and nervously licked
his lips! As I had supposed, a fucking closet case! He wanted those cocks
but hated himself for it! And took it out on Keith! Well, he was going to
get all the cock he ever dreamed of tonight!"Okay, asshole. This is real simple. You're gonna suck each one of our cock
and swallow our loads, and, if you have any other ideas, let me change your
mind right now!" Dad said, cocking his weapon and putting the barrel
directly between the guy's eyes. "You do a good job and we might let you
live."All of a sudden, we heard water splashing! We looked down and the guy's
cock was spewing piss all over the floor he was so scared. He was actually
pissing himself!"Start suckin'!" Dad ordered.The guy quickly reached up sexy panty preteens and pulled Dad's hard cock into his mouth. He
started sucking! Not well, but earnestly. At the same time, Rusty started
taking pictures with the digital camera. Great close-ups of the guy sucking
cock. Funny how fear and desire look exactly the same in a photograph!When Rusty had taken three or four pictures, Dad grabbed the guy's head and
began slamming his cock down the guy's throat, face-fucking him - HARD! The
guy was gagging like crazy around Dad's cock but Dad didn't let up for a
moment. He fucked the guys face until he grunted and I saw him pumping load
after load of man-scum right down the assholes throat while he held the
guys face preteen model hotties jammed right into his ripe pubes. Then it was Jeff's turn. He
grabbed the guy and face fucked him as hard ukrainian nymphets preteen
or harder than Dad had. Again,
Rusty took pictures of illegal preteen virgins it all, only showing the step-father's dark nude preteens
face. Then
Jeff shot his load and it was my turn.I'd never had sex with someone to hurt them or to seek revenge but all I
had to do was remember those horrible bruises and welts on Keith's
beautiful body and I slammed my cock down the guy's throat harder and hard
with each slam! I wanted to hurt him! I wanted to fucking choke the
motherfucker to death! Rusty was again capturing it all in digital clarity!The, while Rusty fucked his face, I took the camera and took pictures. By
this time, the guy wasn't choking anymore and, what's more, his fucking
dick had gotten hard! He was enjoying this! I took pictures of his fucking
hardon. I knew teen preteen galery that what was coming, he wouldn't enjoy quite so much! He
thought that if he blew us, that would be the end of it. Little did he know
that this preteen list portal
was only round preteens in thongss one!After he finished with Rusty, Dad pulled him to his feet and pushed him
over the arm of the sofa, bending him over upskirt preteen bbs and making his ass stick
out. Dad kicked his feet apart and had Jeff go to his had and sit on his
back, effectively making him completely helpless. It also smothered any
cries and there were going to be plenty of those!Dad stepped up behind him and pulled his ass cheeks preteen nude toons apart. The man started
squirming, realizing what was about to happen to him, but it was too
late. Dad put his cock at the man's asshole and with one, hard, muscular
snap of his hips, preteen hard ru
buried half his cock up the guys ass with no lube and no
preparation whatever! Even muffled by Jeff's body, the guy's screams were
loud as his ass american preteen pussy was forcibly opened for probably the first time in his
life!With another tremendous shove, Dad's cock was buried to the hilt in the
guy's ass. Dad didn't wait for him to get used to it! He started fucking
immediately - slamming his cock deep, hard and fast into the guy's ravaged
butthole! The guy screamed though most of it. Then Dad came and I got
behind him, shoving my cock all the way into his bleeding asshole with one
lunge. I, too, immediately began preteenz 15 yo fucking hard and fast. This time, the guy
was merely whimpering. With Dad's load up there, the channel was a little
slicker and probably hurt less. I banged his ass until I came and then
Rusty preteen german nudists took his turn.By this time, the guy was moaning but they weren't moans of pain! The guy's
cock was hard again and he was enjoying it!"The fucker's pushing his naturists preteen pics ass sex preteens incest
back at me!" Rusty said.Jeff got off the guy and I grabbed the camera, taking pictures of this
asshole being 'willingly' fucked in the ass. Rusty shot up his hole and
then preteen toon tgp Jeff took his place, ramming his cock all the way into the guy's
asshole. Jeff was the biggest and thickest of any of us and the guy really
reacted to Jeff's brutal fuck, pushing back and moaning while his cock
dripped a continual drool of cock-snot down the arm of the couch.After Jeff came, Dad fucked the guy again while Rusty pulled his head up
and fucked his face. I kept taking pictures of the guy getting dicked from
both ends! Then, when Dad dumped another load in his ass, Rusty moved
around to fuck him, I shoved my cock down his throat and Jeff took over
making pictures. We picture nude preteenage all shot three loads apiece up his ass.Then we pulled him off the couch and threw him in the middle of the
floor. We all stood around him and when he looked up, Dad shoved his cock
in the guys mouth and began pissing down his throat. The guy almost drowned
at first but Dad held his head and eventually the guy started
swallowing. He drank the piss of all four of us while we continued to make
a graphic record of his humiliation.When he'd swallowed the last of our piss, Dad gave him a karate chop across
the neck which put him out like a light. Dad said he'd be out for at preteen art nymph least
2 hours. We all got dressed and left. Since we'd all worn rubber gloves,
there were not fingerprints we'd have to worry about. We doubted that he
was going to report the 'crime' anyway because an hour later, Jeff and I
returned to the house, we left a stack of the photos that we had taken and
left them lying next to him where he was sure to find them.We went back home and an hour later, Dad went out to a nearby pay-phone and
called the guy. He groggily answered. He'd only just come to and must have
thought that it was all an alcohol induced hallucination, until he saw the
stack preteens panties videos of pictures! Dad told him that these were just copies. That he nudist hot preteen
had 72
hours to get out of town and never set foot in it again or these pictures
would go everywhere - including to his place of work!Three days later we checked. The house was bare - nothing! Not a stick of
furniture left. And the guy was never heard of again.We never told Keith what we'd done. We figured that he didn't need to
know. We did however tell him real preteen chat
that his step-father had left town,
completely disappeared and nobody knew where he'd gone. We figured this
would make Keith feel more secure and we were right. The subject of the
step-father never came up again.Were we right to do what we did? I've thought about it for a long time now
and I still believe that we did the right thing. There was no nn preteen lina other way to
get justice for what that asshole had done to Keith. I was proud of our one
'family' military preteens topless pics operation and it's success.Life for the family became pretty normal fairly quickly...well, as normal
as our family is ever going to be! Keith blossomed into a very confident,
outgoing young man, bolstered by the love of his four 'parents'. Well, his
four lovers, fuck-buddies, whatever! There really aren't words for what the
five of us are to preteen first fuck each other.Keith did so well that he graduated high school with honors and won a
scholarship to my alma mater - San Diego Community College. For a
graduation present, the four of us bought him a Mazda Miata, just like mine
- only red!The night of his eighteenth birthday, we had a huge dinner for him and then
we had a short talk with Keith. Basically, we told him that now, as an
adult, he was no longer our 'foster preteen diaper photos
child' and was free to do whatever he
wanted with his bbs preteen nymphet life. He could live with us as long as he wanted image board preteen
but it was
completely up to him. He sat there looking at us, confused."You want me to leave?" he asked."FUCK NO!!!" Dad roared! preteen girl cartoon "Boy! We just want you to boy preteens know what your options
are! We don't want you to ever leave!""Well, good! preteen angeles Because I'm not goin' anywhere! This is my home! You're my
family! You're my lovers, my fuck-buddies, my best friends! I would
probably be dead if it wasn't for you! Besides, who could I get to wreak
revenge preteen top ls for me the way you guys can?!" he smirked.We all looked at him in shock!"Yeah, that's right. I wasn't asleep that night. I followed you guys. When
I saw how you were dressed I figured you were up to something to do with my
step-father. You closed the curtains but you didn't check gallery preteens bbs
the back door!
You left it unlocked. I snuck in and watched the whole thing! I was so
proud of you guys! I wanted to join in, but I figured you wouldn't let
me. This was something that you had to do. But you did it for me and I'll
always be grateful." he said."Well, I'll be fucked!" Dad said."Just what I want for my birthday! Your butt! Let's go down in the playroom
and really have a party!" Keith grinned.The End of innocent preteen porno Chapter Twenty Three of MARINE HERO.If you liked the story, write me at If you'd like to
read more of my stories, I'd be glad to send you a listing of all my
stories on NIFTY (the ONLY place I post them) - just ask for the "story
list".I also have a NOTIFY LIST for readers who want to know when I post
stories. crystal model preteen
If you would like to be on it, just write and request to be added.I now had a "blog" (a web-log) where I put my thoughts about life and
everything else. You can access it at if you did like the story - please consider making a donation to the
NIFTY website to keep it running and FREE!Thanks,RimPig

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